Why Has Serena Williams Got Black Tape On Her Face? Tattoo Mark Or Plaster Surgery

Serena Williams

Serena Williams, a renowned tennis champion, is back in the lineup. There was speculation that the 23-time Grand Slam winner may retire after a 12-month injury break.

The US player, though, competed last week at the Eastbourne International and will play at Wimbledon this week as a wildcard. ]

The American tennis pro, who had won a wildcard admission in the women's singles, also had black tape covering her face as she prepared to compete in the Wimbledon tennis event.

Many people are speculating whether she has face tattoos. Why Has Serena Williams Got Black Tape On Her Face?

Why Has Serena Williams Got Black Tape On Her Face? 

Serena Williams got a black tape on her face to reduce the pressure and pain caused by her sinus problem. The tape is intended to reduce pressure and pain-related illnesses.

In the sporting world, kinesiology taping is used to treat a variety of ailments and as a preventative strategy.


In 2007, Serena Williams previously discussed having the condition. She said "I’m a sinus sufferer. Playing tennis or pretty much doing anything every day is not easy when you have sinuses.

"You feel a lot of pressure, congestion, and pain, and training for grand’s not easy.”

Sinusitis is one of several uncomfortable disorders that can result in headaches, soreness and stiffness in the cheek area, and even a diminished sense of smell.

Williams also offered advice on how to manage sinus issues, including utilizing a natural saline spray multiple times per day to keep sinuses moist, getting enough of rest, working out outside to improve circulation, and maintaining clear passages.

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What Does Serena Williams Wear On Her Face: Tattoo Mark Or Plaster Surgery

Serena Williams was spotted covering her face with black tape or plasters during her most recent match.

Many people were speculating about whether she had plastic surgery or had a tattoo on her face. This was done because she has sinus issues, and wearing them relieves pressure and pain.

Williams offered some advice on how to handle nasal issues. She advised It's important not to use too much ice in your beverage, to help you avoid some of the trouble. That might sometimes cause you to become blocked up and feel a lot of pressure.

Williams took a year off from tennis after slipping and hurting her hamstring during the competition.

Serena Williams Health Update: Is She Sick?

Serena Williams slipped on the wet grass court and suffered a leg injury during their first-round encounter at Wimbledon in 2021. Aliaksandra Sasnovich was able to move on because Williams retired from the game.

Many people were also left wondering if Williams would ever be able to participate in another major tournament. In the opening round of Wimbledon 2021 against Aliaksandra Sasnovich, Williams trips on a slick surface.

Due to the injury, she is compelled to leave the game. As of 2022, Serena Williams is in good health as she competes against Harmony Tan on Centre Court on Tuesday, June 28 in the third and decisive match.

Throughout her career, Williams has made Wimbledon her playground, winning the Venus Rosewater Dish seven times. She and Steffi Graf share the second-most Wimbledon singles titles in her career, just two behind Martina Navritilova, who holds the record with nine victories.

Williams last won Wimbledon in 2016, defeating Germany's Angelique Kerber in the championship match in straight sets.

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