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Why Is Seb Choudhury Leaving BBC Points West? Is Presenter Sick?

Seb Choudhury poster
Seb Choudhury poster

Seb Choudhury is the presenter of Inside Out West which shows on BBC One and is now leaving BBC point west after 17 years working there.

Seb began his career as a newspaper reporter before switching to radio in the late 1990s. He has since worked at BBC 5live and other regional radio stations across the UK.

He signed a three-month contract with Points West in 2005, and he has since never left. He is excited to provide regional stories that matter to Bristol and the West Country as Inside Out West's new host.

Why Is Seb Choudhury Leaving BBC Points West?

Seb Choudhury, who has worked for the BBC for 17 years, revealed on Twitter that he is leaving the company. He lacks an explanation for his departure, but it appears as if he went on good terms because there was nothing terrible in his tweet.

In the Westcountry, he is a well-known face to BBC viewers. He is a regular face on the main 6.30 and 10 o'clock news, viewed by hundreds of thousands of people every night, as one of the significant presenters on BBC Points West.

Sabet is a skilled journalist who has contributed to shows like BBC Breakfast, The One Show, Springwatch, BBC News Channel, and BBC World. He covered numerous of the most important current news stories.

In the late 1990s, he began working for regional newspapers in Gloucestershire before transitioning to freelance reporting for national publications and neighborhood radio stations. He had his first experience with radio when working at BBC Radio Gloucestershire.

Seb Choudhury Biography

Seb Choudhury is a well-known television personality in the area. Seb, a BBC current affairs presenter, specializes in investigative reporting for Inside Out West and appears on Points West, the region's premier news program.

Less-known is how his parents, his father, a surgeon, and his mother, a television host, gave up a prosperous life in Bangladesh to seek new chances for their family. Additionally, they gambled on the Cotswolds.

Before moving on to freelance reporting for significant magazines and local radio stations, Sabet started working for regional newspapers in Gloucestershire in the late 1990s. While employed by BBC Radio Gloucestershire, he gained his first radio-related experience.

After then, he began regularly hosting features. This began Sabet's career as a producer and reporter at 5Live. First On Up All Night, then The Breakfast Show.

Seb Choudhury Net Worth In 2022

The website's net worth post estimates Seb Choudhury's net worth at $3 million. While working as a reporter for BBC Points West, covering tales ranging from heinous crimes to haunted houses, Sabet made his significant television debut in 2005.

He is leaving BBC in the direction of a better future. As was already mentioned, he hasn't explained why he is leaving or where he is going. In essence, he was letting everyone know. The journalist will undoubtedly reveal it when he feels like it because, aside from that, it is personal.

Although we can speculate about his afterlife, nothing is currently confirmed.

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