1. 1. Britney Spears- Mini Cooper

Britney Spears has been able cause buzz all over the years through her lavish lifestyle but this does not seem to reflect in the princess of pop choice of car. The pop singer opts to drive a Mini Cooper which helps her keep a low profile and stay away from the glaring eye off the paparazzi. We can say she saves on fuel costs too.

2. 2. Justin Timberlake- Volkswagen Jetta


Justin Timberlake is just the king of simplicity and this could be the very reason why we don’t hear much about him from the media circles or paparazzi. JT is the proud owner of a Volkswagen Jetta which only recently was voted the most eco-friendly automobile. Could it be that he is against air pollution? That we do not know, all that we know is that JT doesn’t drive a flashy car.

3. 3. Leonardo DiCaprio- Toyota Prius Hybrid

Being an environmental activist, it’s no much surprise that the Titanic star opts to drive a Toyota Prius Hybrid which was once regarded a stay at home mom kind of car that should notable driven by the males. But DiCaprio defies all this, not because he doesn’t have the money or another car but simply because he chooses to.


4. 4. Pope Francis- Renault 4

The Head of the Catholic Church was gifted a Renault 4 by a Catholic faithful and the Pontiff has shown how grateful he is for the gift as he has been seen driving the car through the Vatican severally with a smile plastered on his face. Simplicity seems to just win over the heart of one of the most powerful many in the world.

5. 5. Jennifer Lawrence- Volkswagen Eos


Actress Jennifer Lawrence does not get carried away by the fast lane kind of life that is lived by fellow celebs and has settled for a Volkswagen Eos as her preferred means of locomotion. She has been spotted severally by fans in the car and it normally takes a keen eye to even notice that it's her.

6. 6. Ingvar Kamprad- Volvo 240

Although he may be a billionaire, veteran business man Ingvar has maintained that simple life that simply speaks of peace. He does not drive in any flashy car but has maintained a low profile in driving a Volvo 240 that ceased to be produced ages ago, but his seems to be in perfect condition.


7. 7. Mel Gibson- Toyota Cressida

The Mad Max actor though he may be famous and with a net worth of well over $400 million has not displayed any kind of flashy lifestyle that is typical of fellow A-list celebrities, He drives a Toyota Cressida which is sure to be fuel efficient and acts as a buffer for any paparazzi that may seek to intrude his privacy.

8. 8. Azim Preji- Toyota Corolla


Billionaires seem to have a special kind of gifting when it comes to living as simple life and Azim Preji just confirms this since even with a net worth of well over $16.5 billion, he drives in a Toyota corolla.

9. 9. Daniel Radcliffe- Fiat Grande Punto

The Harry Potter star is the best form of a unique celeb because even though his tender age may tempt him to lead a lavish life style, he has not given into it and has maintained his cool by driving a simple Fiat Grande Punto.


10. 10. Clint Eastwood- GMC Typhoon

To close the list we have Clint Eastwood. The Hollywood actor has survived the pressure along Hollywood roads by driving a simple GMC Typhoon produced by General Motors.