Aging has never become kind to any of us, and we are getting older every second!

But, when being celebrity requires keeping up with your good-looks and appearance, you might seek to stop the tick-tock of the clock with facelifts, surgery, cosmetic products, and more.

But nobody has the power to turn back time and aging eventually reaches us. With grooming schedule to some pretty Instagram filter, it looks like that some celebrities are succeeding to look young and beautiful.

But whether it was booze, drugs, botched or bad plastic surgeries, stressful professional life or turbulent relationships, if you compare before and now pictures of certain stars; it might shock you.


1. Lindsay Lohan

Gone are the freckle face, smooth cheeks, innocent smile, and wide eyes! Between rampant drug and booze use, Lindsay’s reported cosmetic surgeries have completely deformed her face.

We first noticed Lindsay Lohan, when she appeared in the remake of ‘The Parent Trap’, and we just couldn’t get enough of her. She wasn't only a beautiful young face but was a sought-out actress as well.

But despite giving more blockbusters, Lindsay started going downhill. To cope with tons of problems, she started experiencing different substances as well as ended up getting plastic surgeries.

A few rehab visits, DUI charges & later parole violation kept her appearing on news of wrongdoing. However, she has overcome all those scandals and has presented the newer version of ‘Lindsay Lohan’.

However, the early signs of aging have already caught Lindsay Lohan, including lines and dark circles under her eyes. Needless to say, Lindsay Lohan’s lifestyle leads her to premature aging!

2. Legendary 'Slash'

The 'Gun N Roses' guitarist, Slash has changed at such a speed that it is hard for many of his fans to recognize him. It seems the curly-haired handsome has lost his charm.


With his long perm curly hair, septum piercing, and penchant for a smoking cigarette on stage, Slash’s funky look became iconic in the 1980s.

The ‘Gun N’ Roses’ main guitarist Slash was quite a serious competitor to its front-man when it came to the girls’ craze, but does Slash possess the ladies charm today? Well, sorry ladies, a double chin, and belly fat are far from being hot!

3. Courtney Love

Things have changed visibly for Courtney Love when her choice of plastic surgery drastically failed. And her beauty approach as of today looks to be anything but miscalculation!

Once a beautiful face Courtney Love’s own choice made her look more weathered than she really is. Aging is a natural process, but, attempt to regain youth mostly backfire like the case of Courtney Love.

The former queen of hardcore rock Courtney looked good until her facelift. Now, we can hardly recognize her.

Her natural beauty and good looks are drastically gone with facelifts, nose jobs, breast augmentation and to what looks like fillers- and now she looks practically unrecognizable.

There is a reason to say never meddle with the natural process of aging. The widower of Kurt Cobain, Courtney has publically admitted to getting facelifts as well as nose and confesses she has no regrets.

Speaking of experience, lately, she shared her approach to aging and i.e. ‘Aging gracefully is to let it happen’.

Seems like she regrets some of her action! 


4. Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin is regaining his good-looks and charm as he comes clean following his drug addiction. And it’s never too late rectifying the bad choices!

Like Lindsay Lohan, we first watch Macaulay Culkin when he was just a little kid. He has grown in front of media eyes. He was amongst the successful child celebs in the 80s and early 90s.

However, Macaulay didn’t age like a fine wine. In fact, he looked gaunt and disheveled at the time. He was known to face life-and-death situation as he reportedly battled several drug addiction issues.  

While Macaulay denies all these, he was suspected to spend $6000 per month just for heroin. As we all know, dangerous drugs like heroin can lead you to age horribly.

And Macaulay is the best example of why doing drugs and alcohols are bad. But, it looks like the tide has turned for this troubled celeb as he was photographed far healthier and happier in recent public appearances.  

Back to his best: Macaulay Culkin is trying to rebuild his reputation.

5. Ozzy Osbourne

During the 1970s, singer Ozzy Osbourne had amazing good-looks to match up with his talent. However, it’s hard to accept that it’s the same person in both images below.


Third male celeb on our list to aged wrongly is Ozzy Osbourne. Proof, if needed, just differentiate the before and after pictures of Ozzy Osbourne!

Well, Ozzy is looking pretty aged and shaggy now, but let’s not forgot the golden days when he used to be surrounded by numerous hot babes! Not every man gets to experience that. 

Ozzy Osbourne used to be a heartthrob throughout the 1970s; however, it’s pretty sad to witness how the drugs have affected his aging.  

Worldwide famous for his heavy partying & rock-and-roll way of living, it’s a miracle that he has survived after battling booze, drug and sex addiction for nearly four decades. 

Ozzy’s celebrity status grew as a frontman of heavy metal band ‘Black Sabbath’ and the milestone set by this man is just legendary. Also, let’s not forgot his reality television show ‘The Osbournes’!

6. Meg Ryan

American sweetheart Meg Ryan has been the subject of plastic surgery gone wrong since long-time. And, it turns out to be the fact!

Back when ‘Harry met Sally’ released, blue-eyed beauty, Meg Ryan was named America’s sweetheart. However, these days, Harry might not even recognize her.

My heart saddens, seeing Meg Ryan on this list. The big question is why mess-up a good thing? The Hollywood’s dark truth of remaining youthful isn’t hidden from anyone.

These celebs just look fine until the pressure of limelight and fear of growing old led them to undergo the knife.

Over the years, we have witnessed Meg’s changing looks! We have seen her youthful charm to her drastic facelift, lips augmentation, and Botox.

As a result of Botox in the forehead, her eyes look small and the reshaped nose gives her a complete dramatic look. Somehow, Meg’s attempt to regain her youth by cosmetic producer was a complete disaster.


7. Val Kilmer

Everyone knows Val Kilmer for being that handsome face of ‘Jim Morrison’ in 1991’s ‘The Doors’. But, it’s bit weird to see how aging has been unkind to this formerly handsome man!

Back in the days, Val Kilmer impressed millions with his rugged good looks and amazing performance. There is no denying that he’s still a magnetic performer, but he isn’t going to enjoy the ladies fandom as earlier.

Way back Val was quite a handsome man, but you will probably don’t recognize him for how he looks now. Lately, his face looks pudgy and god knows what’s really going on with his hair.  

Val Kilmer always had that rough and bad-ass look! Somehow, it made him captivating when he was at the height of his career, but the wrinkles and receding hairline is quite unavoidable while he keeps aging.

Val doesn’t look too bad now but with the wrinkles in the making, it’s hard to believe that he was once a steamy action hero. Yes, People change when they age!

8. Britney Spears

Let’s take a trip back to the early 20s when pop-sensation Britney Spears was young and beautiful! Britney’s innocent looks and singing ability made her Princess of Pop.


Back then, Britney Spears was named the sexiest pop star on the planet! She was the ideal to millions of teenager.

But it seems the attention and fame were short-lived for Britney when things started going downhill after the highly published breakup with Justin Timberlake. A series of a dysfunctional relationship includes two unsuccessful marriages.

Britney‘s apparent breakdown in 2007 led her to shockingly bald her hair and beat paparazzi’s car with an umbrella. It also kicked off the rumors that the star was doing crystal meth and heavy drinking, which would eventually rob her beauty.

Since then, the star has been trying to rebuild her career, but her troubled personal life has been taking their toll on her appearance.

In recent years, the former hottie has been photographed looking completely unrecognizable. Britney who isn’t even 40 yet, sadly looks near to being 45!

9. Brigitte Bardot

A doe-eyed babe Brigitte Bardot’s naturally dark blonde hair made her the French sex symbol during the 60s. Fast forward some decades and you wouldn’t trust that it’s the same person.

With her soulful eyes and that adorable teeth gap, Brigitte has raised the pulses around the globe. During the 1950s and 60s, men drooled whenever they watch her in movies like ‘And God Created Woman’ and ‘Contempt’.

Making male swoon and ladies envy with her amazing curves and gorgeous blonde hair, this French star is amongst the most beautiful actress that silver-screen has ever witnessed.

Her iconic look consists of winged eyeliner, bouffant waves, and pale lipstick. This French model and actress is now in her early 80s, and yes, she isn’t like many other celebrities who have gorgeously maintained their youth years after.

In fact, this former bombshell has lost it all- curves and beauty; mainly because of heavy partying and booze. Today, she has gained weight, wrinkles, and her personal choice of not having plastic surgery is evident.

Seems like Brigitte Bardot is embracing the glory of being old all naturally. Currently, she ages 83!


10. Steven Tyler

Looks like the lead vocalist of ‘Aerosmith’, Steven Tyler hasn’t aged gracefully. You can tell that the drugs and booze have done significant damage to his aging!

No one is expected to look awesome in their old days as they were in their 20’s or 30’s. But, for Steven Tyler, all the illegal drugs, liquor and party have surely made him age forward. 

Several lines and wrinkles have appeared on his entire face, including neck and forehead. His wrinkles and white hair have been noticeable, signifying his age.

Renowned throughout the golden age of the 70s, Steven Tyler was the lead vocalist of ‘Aerosmith’, the greatest rock-and-roll bands of all time. Occasionally, Steven has admitted that he was an alcoholic and drug addict.

There is no question that his hard partying and unhealthy lifestyle has made him look older than his age. With visible bags under his eyes, wrinkles and flashy clothes, the former heartthrob lost his charm.

Currently, dating the 29-years old Aimee Ann Preston, seems like ‘Age is nothing but just a number’ for Steven Tyler.

11. Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn’s pretty looks made her a big-screen goddess! And, nearly after 5 decades in Hollywood, she has surely lost her beauty and radiance.


Goldie Hawn surely enticed a lot of men in the 60s because of her innocent look and gorgeous body. She first rose to prominence in the late 60s and had instantly received Emmy Award for her spectacular performance in 1967’s ‘Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In’.

Once a charming face of Goldie is now old! Now aged 72, her cheeks are wrinkled, have heavy eyes bags under her eyes, her thick hair is receding.

Another reason behind her premature aging could possibly be the cosmetic surgery. She is known to be gone through jawline procedure, but, unfortunately, plastic surgery & other cosmetic procedures don’t really last forever.

Oh well, good thing she left is her contribution to the film industry, which shall never be forgotten! Her movies have entertained millions of people for several years.

12. Elsa Patton

Elsa Patton’s obsession to keep her beauty radiant has cost her more than just money. In other words, she just ‘ruined’ her natural beauty with plastic surgery.

Too much of something is never a good thing, mainly when it comes to plastic surgery.  She went through aesthetic procedures like a facelift, liposuction, and admitted receiving numerous Botox injections.   

Sure, plastic surgery can enhance your beauty or in some case can aid the aging process; however, it can also go horribly wrong. Just like Elsa Patton.

Elsa decision of harmless plastic surgery has now left her looking practically unrecognizable. You can go through her pictures to witness how much she’s changed over the years.

Unluckily, for Elsa, every time she went through cosmetic surgery to enhance her beauty, her skin gets a lot worse than what it used to.

Now her face is completely distorted and gets even worse as the growing age. The woman is already in her late 70s, seems her skin can no longer handle all the cosmetic procedures.  


13. Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe just on her late 40s already looks too old for her age! A well-known fashion stylist is also known to come under the knife to aid her premature aging.

While celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe was focusing on making A-list celeb stunning, she was neglecting her own beauty! We wonder is it because of her busy schedule that her face looks tired and pale.

Rachel Zoe has managed to shine stars like Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, and many others; however, the hectic and stressful life has changed her a lot over the years.

Although she always dresses well, looks like it’s time for her to prioritize her appearance even more. Hopefully, she will switch to a balanced and healthier lifestyle.

She should definitely consider getting enough sleep to soothe her mind. Though this will not regain her youth, it could ultimately make her look fresh and bright compared to what she presently looks.

14. Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke seems to have undergone an upper eyelid lift, hair transplant, and facelift. Mickey Rourke was the 80s the bonafide heartthrob!


Actor and boxer Mickey Rourke had it all- from a successful career to good looks. Once he was the Hollywood’s most handsome man.

Mickey has had leading parts in movies & had starred in numerous hit productions, like ‘The Rainmaker’, ‘Man on fire, and others. He was quite a head turner during his younger years.

However, Mickey lost his charm after years of boozing & boxing that badly smashed his face that it required reconstruction surgery to mend the wreckage.

Mickey underwent repeated surgeries, however, it didn’t exactly go as the plan. Today he looks nothing like his old self.

Even if he is aging terribly, somehow, he is dating a beautiful Russian model named Anastassija Makarenko, since 2009.

15. Keith Richards

The rock-band ‘Rolling Stone’ guitarist Keith Richards, 73, maybe the male poster for aging terribly. The reason behind his drastic aging has to be drugs and alcohol.

If you wanna know the damage of years of boozing and drugs, then just have a look at Keith Richards. This renowned guitarist is looking scary more lately!

His entire face and body hold the effects of illegal substance abuse, resulting in wrinkled checks, slack skin, and bony structure.   

Throughout the 60s and 70s, Keith was busted for illicit substance possession and use, and partly the heavy consumption has taken enough share of a toll on this celeb.

With his straggly face, tired skin and significant weight loss, he isn’t looking the same rock-star, he used to be before.


16. Pamela Anderson

The former favorite Baywatch bombshell, known for her red swimsuit, hasn’t aged very well. Amid 90’s sex symbols, Pamela Anderson reigns top.

Playboy Magazine’s sexiest model and 1990’s sex symbol, Pamela Anderson was surely one fine woman! Now that she is fifty, her beauty has been tumble because of wrinkles.

And to your surprise, she actually likes aging. But the question remains, does she look good for her age? She just turned 50 in July and looks like all that hard partying is surely catching up to her.

Her choice of makeup and cosmetic surgery has made her look older than her age.

Looking back, this Canadian hottie single-handedly made ‘Baywatch’ a global sensation, as millions of the male from all around the world sat to watch Pamela’s swimsuit-clad sexy body as she runs across the seashore in slow-motion.

17. Melanie griffith

Another celebrity to age ungracefully is Melanie Griffith. Like many others on the list, the reason behind premature aging is drugs and substance abuse.


Over the years Melanie Griffith has been the subject of cosmetic surgery rumor! She has gone from pink-cheeked beauty to currently lifted, improved, and pulled self.

She may still have that curvaceous body which could be envy by the younger women, but sadly for the 60-year-old actress, she has lost her beauty.

Melanie became addicted to alcohol and drugs, following the failed marriage with Steven Bauer. After several visits to rehabilitation to control her addiction, she is a clean woman now. And, she is living a happy life with her third husband, Antonio Banderas.

Now, she has indulged herself into yoga and another exercise for a healthy lifestyle. However, it was already late because her journey to soberness has taken a toll on her body.

Melanie is in her 60s but her appearance states otherwise!

18. Renne Zellweger

Of course, Renne Zellweger, who is 48, looks totally different than how she looked earlier. Her beauty has changed all over the years.

The A-list actress has been the major subject of scrutiny for her appearance for years now. Famed for her spotless acting ability, her busy lifestyle has undoubtedly played its part.

There has been lots of speculation about whether or not her changing beauty has been the reason for cosmetic surgery or botox. However, the answer is sure that she is older now.

However, it looks like the obsession and pressure of maintaining youth has taken its toll on Renee and she became the tabloids favorite when her face looked completely unrecognizable, sporting distinct tauter.    

It was Renee’s portrayal of a relatable and lovable character named Bridget Jones which rocket her popularity and landed her more hit roles in movies like ‘Cold Mountain’ and ‘Chicago’.  


19. Johnny Depp

From Hollywood heartthrob to portly and paunchy, Johnny Depp has changed beyond recognition. However, former handsome hunk has now lost his charm at 54.

With his intense gaze, sexy cheekbone and stellar acting ability, Johnny Deep was many women’s desire. However, the actor looks different to the man the globe fell in love with during the 90s.

Now 54-year-old, who even made eyeliner look sexy on the male during his stint as Caption Jack Sparrow, is now unrecognizable as he aged.

Having dated a number of gorgeous it-girls like Kate Moss, Winona Ryder, before parenting two children with long-time partner Vanessa Paradise, the star is now married to 31-year-old actress Amber Heard.

It seems like long-term boozing and smoking habit has taken its toll on Johnny’s aging, as he now looks duller and pale.

20. Kate Moss

Shockingly, the high-stress lifestyle has already its toll on Kate Moss aging. She looks noticeably different in the below pictures, looks 50 when she actually is 43.


Kate Moss, was, is, and still remains, the most well-known supermodel in the globe. She rose to prominence in the 90s after getting discovered at the young of 14.

The now 43-year-old escorted the ‘heroin chic’ in the supermodel history and as well popularized waif models at the time.

However, twenty years of hard partying, drinking and smoking have apparently aged the supermodel, who has only celebrated her 43rd birthday.

On top of that, she has also been through the rocky patch in her nuptial to musician Jamie Hince, however, which has taken their toll.