Aging has never become kind to any of us, and we are getting older every second!

But, when being celebrity requires keeping up with your good-looks and appearance, you might seek to stop the tick-tock of the clock with facelifts, surgery, cosmetic products, and more.

But nobody has the power to turn back time and aging eventually reaches us. With grooming schedule to some pretty Instagram filter, it looks like that some celebrities are succeeding to look young and beautiful.

But whether it was booze, drugs, botched or bad plastic surgeries, stressful professional life or turbulent relationships, if you compare before and now pictures of certain stars; it might shock you.

1. Lindsay Lohan

Gone are the freckle face, smooth cheeks, innocent smile, and wide eyes! Between rampant drug and booze use, Lindsay’s reported cosmetic surgeries have completely deformed her face.

We first noticed Lindsay Lohan, when she appeared in the remake of ‘The Parent Trap’, and we just couldn’t get enough of her. She wasn't only a beautiful young face but was a sought-out actress as well.

But despite giving more blockbusters, Lindsay started going downhill. To cope with tons of problems, she started experiencing different substances as well as ended up getting plastic surgeries.

A few rehab visits, DUI charges & later parole violation kept her appearing on news of wrongdoing. However, she has overcome all those scandals and has presented the newer version of ‘Lindsay Lohan’.

However, the early signs of aging have already caught Lindsay Lohan, including lines and dark circles under her eyes. Needless to say, Lindsay Lohan’s lifestyle leads her to premature aging!