Divorce is never pretty. More often, the parties involved get into ugly fights and words are exchanged before the proceedings are over. You can only imagine how celebrity divorces turn out. Celebrities are always in the public eye and so everything that they do is scrutinized. When celebrity couples split up, there is a lot of speculation when the record isn’t set straight. Further, things can be blown out of proportion and it is harder for celebrities because every move is under a microscopic lens.

Some of the most high profile celebrity divorces that have taken place in 2017 include:

David Schwimmer is an American actor, director, and producer mostly known for his role on Friends. He is married to Zoe Buckman, a British artist, photographer, and producer. The pair has been together for ten years. They met in 2007 during the filming of a romantic comedy Run which was in London. They started dating and Buckman soon relocated to Los Angeles to be with the actor.  The pair tied the knot in June 2010. They have a daughter, Cleo, who is five and a half years old.

The two have been very private about their family and private lives so it is hard to know exactly what has been going on between them. One can only assume that they have been happy. Schwimmer had shared the difficulty that he faced when he first became a celebrity. He found himself hiding from the public since everyone was on his case, a sharp contrast from his habit to observe people as an actor. He did, finally, find the balance but after many of his relationships had suffered.

The couple announced their split in a joint statement. They cited that it was amicable and that all they need are prayers and support for their family. They stated that their daughter’s happiness is most important even during this difficult time and requested for privacy as they figure out the evolution of or the next stage in their relationship. Schwimmer was then photographed days later stepping out for a solo outing without his wedding ring.