Tyrese Gibson is a Black American singer, songwriter, former fashion model, author, actor, television producer and MTV VJ. Some of his most famous roles include Jody in Baby Boy and as Roman in Fast and the Furious series. He married Samantha Lee in a secret wedding back in February 2017.

Samantha Lee is of Ecuadorian, Jamaican and African-American descent. She has a Masters degree in social work from the University of Georgia and makes six figures. Lee uses her Masters degree to help fight sex and human trafficking. She also advocates for inmates to receive counseling. The two first met through mutual friends in Atlanta and Lee’s first impression of Gibson was that he was attractive but that he was ‘Tyrese.’ They then met up two years later on an honest first date where Tyrese reassured her that he wasn’t just about getting her in bed but that he was actually our to meet someone. The two also shared that they had been celibate for sixty days before getting married. They stated that they were born again Christians and made this decision as a result of their faith.

Gibson noted that he first wanted to keep the news about their Valentine’s Day wedding under wraps but that he ended up posting a slideshow on social media which got the attention of fans. There was a backlash over the fact that Lee wasn’t Black American but this was clarified later. Although he deleted the posts later, he still continued to thank his fans for the congratulatory messages that the couple continued to receive.