When you join the money league, spending is really not an issue and when it comes to being crazy about it, some celebs seem to just go overboard what we may refer to as common sense. Here is a list of 10 craziest celebrity money spenders in the world.


1. Larry Ellison

Ranking among the top billionaires in the world, the CEO of Oracle Corporation has not shied away from being lavish as he spent a reported $600 million on an island in Hawaii christened Lanai. The island also happens to be the biggest in Hawaii.

2. Paul Allen


Microsoft co-founder and Bill Gates right-hand man is no simple fellow when it comes to putting money into lavish use. The computer geek spent an estimated $200 million on a yatch Octopus that is luxurious and runs on a weekly cost of about $38,400. Its features speak for itself as it has helipads, submarines, and shuttle boats.

3. Kim Basinger

Hollywood actress Kim Basinger showed the world how crazy she can be if she decided to be when she forked out $20 million to buy out an entire town called Braselton in northeast Georgia. Her intention was to turn the town into a theme park and to also develop a studio.


4. Victoria Beckham

The first lady of English football when her husband David had a stint at AC Milan once did something that the world still views as more than crazy. She went out one afternoon in Milan and did a shopping spree that amounted to $1.6 million in which she bought 12 Versace shades, Louis Vuitton’s luggage, 5 sofas and a Rolex watch for her love David.

5. Lakshmi Mittal


The famed steel baron in the Asian world would not let his daughter tie the knot I any simple way and as such spent a whooping $60 million on her wedding which included the pre-wedding, reception and honeymoon. I don’t know anyone in the world who wouldn’t want a dad like that in the world. Lakshmi is also the culprit of $100 million spent on a 12 bedroom house in Kensington, London.

6. Beyonce Knowles

Queen B should be taken seriously when it comes to spending as he is in her musical career. The wife of Hip-hop Godfather Jay Z is reported to spend an estimated $100,000 weekly on sparkling golden pair of leggings and has never failed in her purchase of them since she rose to stardom.


7. Roman Abramovich

The owner of Chelsea Football Club is a well known big boy in the money league and when it comes to spending, the Russian is no small deal either. It is reported that the Russian has a fetish for sushi take away on which he spends 40,000 pounds per week to fuel his love for the delicacy.

8. Rihanna


The bad girls herself would not miss from this lavish list as she has been known to have a taste for finer things in life. As so, Rihanna spends $23,000 on styling her hair each and every week. The numerous hairstyles she has can be the reason for this but either way still, she is the bad girl.

9. Owen Wilson

American actor Owen Wilson is also another celeb on this list. Owen has a love skin tanning on which he spends $1,200 per session. He attends three sessions per week and this raises the amount to $3,600 per week, just on skin tanning.


10. Madonna

Madonna has always made it to many lists and it would have been a surprise if she didn’t make it on this one. The songstress drinks and bathes with no other water than blessed Kabbalah holy water. She spends an estimated $10,000 per month on its purchase and delivery to her home.