It may seem out of the norm for many of the celebs to invest in a venture that seems not to relate with their profession of either acting, singing or sporting activities. Here we look at some top celeb names that have been prominent in the tech investment scene but which most of us may not be aware of.


1. Justin Timberlake- My Space

American pop singer, Justin Timberlake is not only a creator of good music but also is concerned about its deliver to the fans and as thus was among the top investors who put their money and faith into MySpace app. His intention was to make artists have a channel through which their music could penetrate the market and sure he has made it.

2. Bono- FaceBook


Rock star and U2 lead singer Bono through his venture capital firm Elevation Partners invested a $90 million stake in FaceBook for a 1.5% share stake in the company. At the time the company went public his stake was valued at $1.5 billion.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio- Mobli

The famous American actor DiCaprio has been known to be a serial investor and among his most recent investments is a photo sharing app, Mobli which just like Instagram allows its users to share moments with each other.


4. Kim Kardashian-

Queen of all socialites, her highness Mrs. West decide to add an amazing feature to hr already an expansive variety of investments by buying a stake in shoe vendoring online market Her celebrity status has helped the firm grow and is catching a lot of big waves in the tech industry as one of its kind online shoe boutiques.

5. Ashton Kutcher- Skype


American Hollywood acting sensation Ashton Kutcher has not been left behind in the tech investment scene as he is also among the investors in video chatting app Skype that was bought by giant company Microsoft.

6. Curt Schilling- 38 Studios

Former MLB star Curt Schilling is not only passionate about baseball and politics for which he roots for the Republic wing, but he is also very much into tech investments as can be seen in his investment in 38 Studios, a video gaming company that specializes in the development of video games.


7. Jessica Alba- Honest Company

Jessica Alba had a heart for eco-friendly baby cleaning products and her need for them created the idea of a tech company that could provide the same to mothers that might need them like she did and thus the Honest Company was formed. It focuses on tech that is eco-friendly and promotes healthy baby products.

8. Jermaine Dupri- Global 14


With the rise of technology and more so social media, Jermaine Dupri sought to have a customized kind of social media created that would enable people create groups and chats that would eventually result in an exchange of cultures and ideas and thus with the concept in mind, he decided to invest his own money in Global 14.

9. Russell Simpson- Global Grind

Russell Simpson had the idea of bringing on board many celeb bloggers of the Hip-hop industry on one platform and when the idea of Global Grind was presented to him, nothing would hold behind his want to invest in the idea.


10. MC Hammer- WireDoo

American rapper and entertainer MC Hammer after several investment sprees finally settled on tech investment idea that he believed would be a game changer and in the web search engines. WireDoo has been tipped to be a top search engine once launched.

11. Lady Gaga- BackPlane


Pop music star Lady Gaga though silent on her maneuvers shocked many when she was revealed as one of the investors on social platform BackPlane that aims to unite all celebs on one platform to enable them discuss matters that pertain to their professional work while at the same time being there to support and mentor each other.

12. Jay Z- Duracell Powermat

American rapper Jay Z has not been left behind either as he is mentioned as an investor the Duracell Powermat division for which he is also a spokesperson.


13. Will Smith- Viddy

American actor, Will Smith’s love for filming and videos is also seen in his investor motive in the video sharing app Viddy for which he is an investor.

14. Will Ferrell- Funny or Die


This video streaming platform has brought us some of the funniest ever known comedy skits and videos. So successful was the venture that HBO decided to buy a 10% stake in the company.

15. Edward Norton- Crowdrise

Edward Norton has sought to invest his money in a tech venture that allows entrepreneurs source for funding for their businesses through crowd funding techniques.