Although most people don’t use the word intelligence with animals, that somehow is true, because they can’t meet the computational and cognitive power of human brain.

But having said that there are wide varieties of animals who think that they are humans, and it’s pretty common considering that they pose a genotypic trait during their birth.

They mimic humans which are pretty adorable. Here’s our list of animals which think that they are human.


1. Cat who think that he had no date for the Night

If you think humans only struggle to get a date than here’s the cat which might soothe you.

He had a whole busy day, and now he doesn't have a partner to enjoy with so he is chilling and relishing himself with a bottle of Bud Light and a TV show. Feel bad for this cat but he looks adorable though.

2. An uptight school teacher


Not many rabbits in the world show up in an avatar of uptight schoolteachers, but this particular bunny in the northern United States seems like she is enjoying being uptight.

With that delicate purple sweater and intense facial expressions, she is close enough to be a school teacher. Although I doubt whether she is the in charge of kids or vice-versa.

3. Lawn-mowing jobs are common

Although it’s common for dogs to mow the grass but looking at this picture you can barely stop the smile.

I mean the garden had a thick grass and this dog did the job in style. Anyway, he looks regal, he’s amusing and above all, he’s getting the job done.


4. Hedgehog on a Roll

Dad bought me a skateboard and here I’m learning to ride, perhaps this is why the hedgehog is pushing it hard.

His legs are too short to reach the ground and even his skateboard is way too big for him, but he’s trying to get there. Respect is the word for this Hedgehog.

5. Bunny goes for grocery shopping


When he learned that people are not going to get him food, the bunny went for a shopping on his own.

The little one took some veggies and carrots for the dinner and talk about his mini shopping cart, that’s way too gorgeous and lovely.

6. Dog appreciates Ellen DeGeneres

It looks like this dog admires and adores Ellen DeGeneres, and despite having a problem with the eyesight, he wants to read the book.

And no matter what he wants to get the book done. So, I don’t think anyone is going to have a problem with it.


7. Bear hailing a cab

Not every day we see these bears that hail the cabs, but they are quite common in areas with limited public transportation.

And even though they look terrifying and dreadful but, they are no harm to humans. They ride in the cabs and don’t you even think they’ll pay you

8. Intellectual Huskies who can be a good professor


Even the humans are not as intelligent and meticulous as huskies. Often seen in reading rooms or alcoves with their fury nose hidden in the book, huskies do all the human things.

And this exact husky looks like he’s going to earn his doctoral thesis but sadly he can’t gain it to the satisfaction.

9. Lunchtime

Mom told lunch will be late so, the boys, bear and his canine companion are upset.

But in case why don’t they go for a pizza or any other meal that will be delivered in less than an hour. 

Well, it’ll be a win-win situation for both mom and the boys.


10. Cat Hunter

Cat the mighty is dressed as a huntsman. This super-cat has now come to rescue the humans from the bad dogs.

The pic is absolutely hilarious, but the job is not a one to laugh at. It’s clearly dangerous and injurious to his life.  

11. Cat road wrath


The cat looks like one of the New York drivers, a hand ready to blow the horn and open mouth almost ready to yell. But I don’t get it, was he getting late for the interview or was he about to miss his dinner date.

I mean who drive so recklessly. Anyway, it’s quite funny considering he is just a cute animal who has act like a human.

12. Suns cream is no mandatory

Take an idea or two from this cat on how to enjoy your vacation. The gorgeous deep blue ocean, the squawking and chirping seagulls, everything is just perfect for this vacation, until the cat falls asleep.

And it feels great to see the pic where the cat is taking a sunbath after all he doesn't need a suns cream.


13. Cat in the spa

A day in the spa can be soothing not just for human but for the animals too. And this cat sure knows how to relax and chill out the best. He just got his hair washed and now he is getting his nail trimmed.

And yeah he is seriously getting a royal treatment here. But let him know that spa is a human thing of course after he is done with relaxing.

14. Straws are for Squirrels too


One peanut butter smoothie please: well that’s the favorite order of this squirrel. And don’t you worry because he knows how to tuck into the treat with the help of the straw, obviously after spending hours to learn how to use the straw?

And before giving it a go, the squirrel whiffs the drink just like every other human. Funny isn’t it.

15. Angry cat waiting for order

Looking this empty plate, I’m sure you can tell what the problem is. This cat is waiting for his order since very long, but there is no sign of meals anywhere near his table.

So if you don’t want to end up with the scratches all over your body get the dish out as soon as possible.


16. Chess with Rats

Rats have always known to be an intelligent and brilliant problem solver. They learn how to open the cage door and many other exceptional works that you thought only humans are able to perform.

But have you ever thought a game of chess with the rats? I wonder who’ll end up as a winner.

17. A musical rat


A demand of musical instruments from a kid is pretty normal, but what if the demand comes from a rat, well now that is something very exciting.

The rats are known to be excellent with brains but this one is something out of the box. The rat is trying to play the flute with his mouth, looks adorable but he needs to spend hours learning how to play a flute.

18. Cat trying to repair the bulb

How many cats try to help his human friend? Apparently no one. But this cat is helping his friend with the lights.

He is up on the ladder just like the other human and looking the way how the bulbs are done, he’s also trying to get it replaced. But we doubt if he can really succeed on this one.


19. Gymnast Elephant

Have you ever witness elephant doing a headstand? The elephant is capable of doing a lot of brave things. But in this scenario, we pray that the elephant will not flip over the guy and break the bones of this poor guy.

20. Cat which thinks they are your secretary


The air of proficiency and skill makes the cat fit to look after the house and humans. But you cannot easily trust them with things like kids and food.

It makes you believe that he is looking after the kids but who knows he may be after your delicious dish. Keep a close eye on your cat.

21. Super chill dogs

When you don’t have schools and homework, watching television is the best option for humans, not animals.

But this pup didn’t realize that television is a human thing, he is sitting on the couch with a remote in the hand. Looks like he’s the head of the family who doesn't have to fight for the remote.


22. Time for shopping

Not every day you hear a deer in the grocery store. And that’s because deer are no humans, but this one has to be very brave to enter a grocery store.

But why isn’t he pulling a shopping cart to put all the grocery items, also he’ll have a hard time checking out. I mean who’s going to settle the bill for him.

23. Gotta stay fit


Mowing the lawn was one thing but the dog on a trade mill is a whole new thing. This one is trying to stay fit and there is nothing wrong with that.

In fact, it’s good that even animals are trying to live a healthy life. Just imagine human and dog together in the trade mill, but who’ll fail it.

24. Ironing the cloths

Household activities can be annoying at times well most of the times. But wouldn’t it be very convenient if your pooch companion does it for you, not the whole of it but a piece of a work like ironing.

Just make sure you train them and see what wonder they do.


25. You're full of steak

For people, steak is one of the most delicious meal but looks like this dog is not happy with the steak.

Or maybe he’s already eaten his heart out that he now wants to nap. However, it’s funny the way he has used the knife and fork.