Although most people don’t use the word intelligence with animals, that somehow is true, because they can’t meet the computational and cognitive power of human brain.

But having said that there are wide varieties of animals who think that they are humans, and it’s pretty common considering that they pose a genotypic trait during their birth.

They mimic humans which are pretty adorable. Here’s our list of animals which think that they are human.


Cat who think that he had no date for the Night

If you think humans only struggle to get a date than here’s the cat which might soothe you.

He had a whole busy day, and now he doesn't have a partner to enjoy with so he is chilling and relishing himself with a bottle of Bud Light and a TV show. Feel bad for this cat but he looks adorable though.

An uptight school teacher

Lawn-mowing jobs are common

Hedgehog on a Roll

Bunny goes for grocery shopping

Dog appreciates Ellen DeGeneres

Bear hailing a cab

Intellectual Huskies who can be a good professor


Cat Hunter

Cat road wrath

Suns cream is no mandatory

Cat in the spa

Straws are for Squirrels too

Angry cat waiting for order

Chess with Rats

A musical rat

A demand of musical instruments from a kid is pretty normal, but what if the demand comes from a rat, well now that is something very exciting.

The rats are known to be excellent with brains but this one is something out of the box. The rat is trying to play the flute with his mouth, looks adorable but he needs to spend hours learning how to play a flute.

Cat trying to repair the bulb

Gymnast Elephant

Cat which thinks they are your secretary

Super chill dogs

Time for shopping

Gotta stay fit

Ironing the cloths

You're full of steak


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