Shepherd is one of the most talented guitarists of his generation. With five Grammy nominations, two Billboard Music Awards, a pair of Orville H. Gibson Awards, two Blues Music Awards and the Blues Foundation's Keeping The Blues Alive award under his belt, he is a definite musical force to reckon with. 


Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s Quick facts

 Name: Kenny Wayne Brobst 

Age: 40

Date of Birth: June 12,  1977 

Place of Birth: Shreveport, Louisiana 

Spouse: Hannah Gibson 


Occupation: Musician, Songwriter


7 interesting facts about Kenny Wayne Shepherd

1. Growing up as Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana, Shepherd is a self-taught guitar player and does not read music. Shepherd got his first "guitar" when he was three or four. His grandmother would buy him a series of plastic guitars with S&H Green Stamps.

2. Kenny Wayne Shepherd; The family man

Shepherd married Hannah Gibson, daughter of Mel Gibson, in September 2006 and they have three children. When he’s not doing music, he focuses on trying to be a good husband and a good father. When asked about his children’s influence, he credits them for inspiring things in him, musically speaking, and for giving him a new purpose for making music and doing what he does.

3. Blues is the root of all music

Shepherd’s interest in the blues was sparked because his father was a blues fan. Shepherd reckons the Blues is the root of all great music. Why? Because almost every genre of music can be traced back to the blues. It has influenced and developed different kinds of music hence the power of good music. Despite it being an over one hundred-year-old genre, it is still relevant.

4. Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s Weapon of choice; The Guitar

The Guitar became his obsession when he saw Stevie Ray Vaughan play when he was seven years old. Meeting him had a huge impact on him and from then onwards, all he wanted was to play the guitar. He is known for playing his signature Fender Stratocaster. To him, it is more flexible of an instrument as it has more tonal possibilities.

5. Kenny Wayne Shepherd; 24 years of Blues Music

Shepherd signed his first record deal at only 16 years of age. At only 20, he released the single "Blue on Black" on his album “Trouble is..." which sold more than half a million copies. He has gone on to produce eight albums in total. He has grown and matured and incorporated what he has learned into what he does. He has learned when it's important to play less, and also when a few notes are really all that is required.

6. The Rides

In 2013, Shepherd, Stephen Stills, and Barry Goldberg formed The Rides. They reunited in 2015 for a second release, "Pierced Arrow". They have announced a 2017 ‘Pierced Arrow Tour’ with tickets available for sale on their websites.

7. Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s love of cars

Shepherd is a passionate car collector and enthusiast. On his social media platform, he posts his playful "cars and guitars" series. He collects, restores, and customizes from the 60’s and 70’s. He also does cross-country road trips. KWS who is gearing up for the Pierced Arrow tour has two things to say to the aspiring guitar player; First of all, be good at anything you need to practice, so yes, practice. Secondly, it is a business so be interested in the business aspect of it.



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