'911 Call' Where Is Aj Lewis Hutto In 2022? Age & Adrianna Hutto Brother Documentary

AJ Lewis Hutto giving testimony on court

Every time we revisit the tragedy, the situation of AJ Lewis Hutto and his sister Adrianna Hutto is still distressing. In 2022, he lives with his adopted family and has a beautiful life.

Who could ever forget the young kid who broke down in court while recounting the story of his mother, killed his sibling and was sentenced to a lifetime in prison.

The court then decided to take a small boy's testimony and the evidence he provided thoughtfully and sentenced his mother to life in prison for first-degree murder. 

When Adrianna's half-brother A.J., who was six years old at the time, informed authorities that he had seen his mother "slam" Adrianna in the pool as a form of corporal punishment, At first, it was assumed that the death was an accident.

Where Is Aj Lewis Hutto In 2022?

Adrianna Hutto's brother, AJ Hutto, must have finished high school at this point and is presumed to have enrolled in college. He also lives with his adoptive family.

The young youngster saw the horrific event firsthand when he was six. A.J. witnessed his mother, Amanda Lewis, scolding and drowning Adrianna, her older sister, which led to her demise.

Although Hutto, who is believed to be in his 20s or early 30s, has not been located, it is assumed that he is still residing in Florida, where he was born and lived with his family up until the age of six. His mother, Amanda Lewis, is incarcerated in Lowell Correctional Institution and won't leave for the remainder of her sentence.

On August 8, 2007, when the mother discovered her daughter unconscious in the family's pool, she phoned the police. She was detained and accused of killing her 7-year-old daughter Adrianna one month later.

Murder of Adrianna Hutto Documentary

American girl Adrianna Elaine Hutto, age 7, lived in Esto, Florida. Adrianna's mother, Amanda E. Lewis, called 911 on August 8, 2007, claiming to have discovered her daughter unresponsive in the family's pool.

Emergency responders took Adrianna to the adjacent hospital Bay Medical, where she was declared dead about an hour later. When Adrianna's half-brother A.J., then six years old, told authorities that he had seen his mother "slam" Adrianna in the pool as a form of corporal punishment, the death was no longer considered an accident.

Adrianna was found to have ADHD throughout the examination, and Lewis admitted that while, at first, she had a hard time connecting with her daughter, her love for Adrianna had developed with time.

Investigators discovered that Adrianna and A.J. didn't appear to have any toys in the home. Lewis responded that the toys had been removed for a week as a form of discipline and that they were kept in a shed. Investigators searched the shed and found no toys or any indication that any had been there, as they had expected.

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AJ Hutto Mother Amanda Lewis Case Update

In March 2008, Amanda Lewis received a life sentence without the possibility of release. Her son AJ Hutto was an eyewitness to his sister's death as he reported Adrianna receiving a "punishment" from Lewis for applying window cleaner to the wrong spot.

A.J. recalled the event and demonstrated it in court via a sketch, claiming to have witnessed his mother killing his sister. Adrianna died too awful, according to A.J.'s account of his mother shoving her arms around her face.

Lewis, meanwhile, stands by her assertion that Adrianna fell into the wading pool and that she had not killed her daughter.

She also asserts that she is telling the truth while A.J. is not and that she will always love A.J.

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