Abby Hornacek Glass Eye, What Happened To Fox News Abby Hornacek Eyes?

Abby Hornacek Glass Eye, What Happened To Fox News Abby Hornacek Eyes?

Abby Hornacek, 25, has been bursting into headlines regarding the glass eye and possible eye injury. The Fox News journalist, Abby has been covering the sports news and reports for quite some time.

In fact, she is a sports journalist. However, some of the NBA fans must recognize her as the daughter of the famous NBA player, Jeff Hornacek.

Jeff was also a coach for a number of teams including a couple in NBA. Some of the names are big ones like Phoenix Suns and New York Knicks.

Despite the fame focal to her father, she has established a settled career of her own. For that matter, her immense love for sports has guided her to be a journalist in the same field.

With growing eagerness among fans about her eye condition, let’s get into the details.

Abby Hornacek reportedly has a Glass Eye

The eye condition, no doubt is the prime attribute to judge someone physically. Abby Hornacek’s glass eye also can catch some attention.

The difference between her left and right eye is thinly visible. As a matter of fact, some of the fans even claim her right eye to have a lens.

Unfortunately, there are not many details on her eye condition on the web for now. However, some outlets claim about Abby’s right eye condition. Probably, that should be some kind of lens.

Abby, however, doesn’t wear glasses, at least on her photos and public appearance. There were rumors back in the days of her being a victim of an eye injury.

That could be true since she was an athlete and despite continuing her career, she forged herself to be a journalist. Now, that’s a possible fact.

A Volleyball Player at college, Abby Hornacek had an Eye Injury

Abby Hornacek doesn’t much chatter about her personal life. A sports journalist and travel blogger, Hornacek was also an athlete, a volleyball player back in the days.

A graduate of the University of Southern California, she used to play in the university volleyball team. However, Abby had to go through some eye injury back in the days.

There are literally no sources having a sneak into the details of the injury as of yet. Therefore, there are also no facts on the cause of Abby’s injury.

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Nevertheless, the injury was a notable one and as a result, she had to change her career path. In an interview, she claimed that she was an athlete since the days she could walk. So, there is no way she gave up a career in volleyball to be a journalist without any issue.

On the other hand, being around her father and other athletes while growing up might have even inspired her to walk into the path. However, Abby Hornacek could do nothing to avoid eye injury that led her to step out of the volleyball game.

How is Fox News Abby Hornacek’s eye condition as of now?

Despite all the eye problems Abby had in the past, it looks like her eye condition is absolutely fine as of now. Recently an active sports journalist, she is often found attending games in NBA and NFL.

On top of that, Abby doesn’t feel shy to face the camera with her gorgeous eyes. An adventure lover and an avid traveler, she also indulges herself in travel blogging.

Therefore, Abby Hornacek’s eyes condition doesn’t look an issue for now. Maybe she underwent the surgery but her better condition is music to the ears for her fans and followers.

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