Activist: Is Harold Thomas Indigenous? Meet The Man Who Created The Aboriginal Flag

Artist Harold Thomas is in fact an indigenous person who designed and copyrighted the Australian Aboriginal flag and recently sold it to the government.

Harold Thomas is a renowned Australian artist as well as an activist. He is best known for making the Aboriginal flag about 50 years ago.

Thomas created the flag and copyrighted it. But he is currently on the limelight as he has sold the copyright of the flag to the government in millions of dollars.

Harold curated the flag with three important colors: black, red, and yellow. The yellow circle represents the sun, the black stripe symbolizes indigenous people and red depicts their blood and earth.

Thomas made it a symbol of unity and peace and it will continue to remain the same. The flag's copyright has now been officially been bought by the Aussie government.

So, from now onwards, anyone can use the flag and no legal feuds will arise because of it. People can start printing it on clothing, merch, artworks, and so on.

Activist: Is Harold Thomas Indigenous? Age Revealed

Activist Harold Thomas is indigenous since he is a descendant of the Luritja people.

Luritja people originally hail from the northern territory of Australia. They are one of the earliest Aboriginal people and have their own norms and values.

Harold is one of them and he is currently 75 years of age.

He was born in 1947 in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia. Thus, he is an Australian citizen and he lives in Humpty Doo, Darwin. 

Explore Harold Thomas Wikipedia  

As a reputed artist, Harold Thomas is featured on the Wikipedia bio page.

He was taken away from his family as a part of the Stolen Generations. Then, he was brought up in South Australia where he earned a scholarship offer at the South Australian School of Art.

In 1969, Thomas graduated from the university with honors. He rose to fame in 1971 when he made the Aboriginal flag which was made the official fag of Australia in 1995.

Harold took the ownership to himself and restricted anyone else to engrave it in their works. By doing so, he forced the government to purchase the copyright from himself.

Recently, the Australian government bought it in multi-million dollars.

Who Is Harold Thomas Wife? Meet His Children

Harold Thomas seems to be married to a beautiful wife.

However, he has not shared anything about his personal life including marriage. Despite that, he appears as a family man with children.

Thomas is the son of Wombai father and Luritja mother.

He was snatched from his parents when he was 7. After that, he was given to a foster family in South Australia.

Harold has been severely impacted by that incident of his life and it is reflected in his works as well. 

Harold Thomas Net Worth In 2022 Exposed

Artist Harold Thomas has an estimated net worth of around $20M.

He made a huge sum from his artistic career. In addition, he has also won several prize money worth thousands of dollars.

Harold has also received awards like Telstra Art Awards, and Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards.

Further, Thomas recently obtained $20.5M Australian dollars (AUD) by selling the copyright of the Aboriginal flag.