Has Actor Vijayakanth Passed Away? Death News Amid Health Scar

Credit: The Hans India ( Source : Thehansindia )

Tamil actor Vijayakanth is rumored to be dead according to several sources on the internet. But it looks like his death news is a hoax. 

Known for his predominant roles in Tamil cinema, Vijayakanth has transformed into a politician who is much loved by people. He served as the Leader of the Opposition in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly for five years. 

During the time, a lot of people were influenced by his work. The actor's political life started unconsciously when he starred in movies where he would be a patriotic do-gooder for his community. And in reality, too, Vijayakanth never got out of his portrayals. 

Has Vijayakanth Passed Away? Death News And Illness

No, Vijayakanth has not passed away. 

Although there are rumors about him being unwell for the past few weeks, the Tamil Nadu politician is not dead. Unfortunately, we don't have any details regarding his illness at the moment. 

However, a month ago, he was hospitalized in Chennai after he showed symptoms of coronavirus. But the politician was tested negative for coronavirus but he was still at the hospital. 

The rumors of his death are surfacing on social media due to a Youtube video by a channel named "DD Info." The channel has also posted videos implying that several other actors like Prakash Raj and Dhanush Raja have died as well. 

But these rumors are untrue and we urge you not to believe everything you see on the internet. You, however, can report such stuff so such misinformation won't get shared again. 

Vijayakanth Age And Wife: Where Is His Family in 2022?

Vijayakanth is currently 69 years of age. 

Moreover, the actor currently resides with his longtime wife, Premalatha Vijayakanth. The couple tied the knot in 1990 and they have been together ever since. Also, they share two children, Shanmuga Pandian, and Vijay Prabhakar Alagarswami. 

The actor has been very close to his family over the years. He has made several appearances with them both as an actor and a politician. 

Patriotic Actor Vijayakanth Wikipedia Bio And More

Vijayakanth is also known as Captian Vijayakanth because of his ability to lead. 

Also, the politician got the name from his most famous film, Captain Prabhakar. The 1991 film has been dubbed in Hindi and Telugu languages as well. 

In over 30 years of his acting career, the actor never played in a movie other than Tamil. He is one of the very few Tamil actors who have exclusively played only in Tamil language movies. 

Let's not believe in the fake news circling his death. The actor seems to be alive but we can't say anything about the seriousness of his illness until now.