Who Is Actress Vatsala Mohan? More On Her Husband And Family Life

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Actress Vatsala Mohan is an Indian actress, working predominantly in the Kannada movie industry.

Vatsala Mohan works as an actress. Vatsala has primarily worked in Kannada and has experience with other languages. She is known for movies like Angulimala, Director's Special, and Mummy Save Me.

Besides being an actress, she is also a professor. She is associated with Surana College, where the actress was able to build a strong bonding among students.

Who Is Actress Vatsala Mohan? Wikipedia Biography

Actress Vatsala Mohan is an Indian actress born in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. She still resides in India. Surana College's pupils are more like a cinematic family.

Vatsala is an artist, anchor, and actress in addition to being a professor. Vatsala, who cares deeply about her students, brags about them in whichever profession they succeed.

According to Vatsala, two of their students have just become Sakhat Famous. She also worked in a horror movie. Vatsala played a pivotal part.

The story, screenplay, and dialogues for the horror-thriller film were written by director Dinesh Babu Aware. This is his 50th picture as a filmmaker. She doesn't have her official Wikipedia page.

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Meet Vatsala Mohan Husband And Family

Vatsala Mohan, the actress was born to her parents on January 1, 1970. The 52 years old actress has not shared much about her early childhood, parents, and siblings.

According to filmibeat.com, her previous film to hit the theatres was Cutting Shop in the year 2022. Her married life is also under the shade, but she seemed to be married and living with her husband and family.

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More On Vatsala Mohan, Wife Of Director Mohan

There is not much information available on the web on Vatsala Mohan. Since she is an actress and got Mohan on her name, it has been thought as she is the wife of director Mohan.

It is normal in the Indian entertainment industry that many directors to get married to actresses. She also worked in an orphanage.

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