AFL Dayne Zorko Cheating On Ex Wife Kalinda Salla & New Partner

The Brisbane Lions player, Dayne Zorko

Catching up with current news, Dayne Zorko has been referred to as "Fake Tough Guy." Zorko plays with the Brisbane Lions in the Australian Football League as a professional Australian rules player.

He was chosen for the 2017 All-Australian team and has won five Merrett-Murray Medals. Moreover, in 2016 and 2017, he led the Lions in goaltending. While the Lions player has summoned all these to his record, his recent deed has brought his name down.

The alleged verbal sled causing young Dee Harry Petty to cry is upon Dayne, and AFL has stated to look upon it. Due to his act, people have commented that they are embarrassed to be a Lions supporter. Keep reading to know in detail.

AFL Dayne Zorko Cheating On Ex Wife 

Kalinda Salla is the ex-girlfriend of Dayne Zorko, and the couple ended their five-year romance in 2019. Salla talked extensively regarding their breakup, as it happened when Brisbane Lions footballer's unexpected picture surfaced on the Internet at that time.

The 30-year-old midfielder momentarily deleted his social media accounts after his wife hacked his Instagram. He soon divorced Kalinda, the Brisbane pharmacist and the mother of his three-year-old son Louis.


She expressed her gratitude in the Instagram post's caption for discovering his passcode, which allowed her to comprehend his lack of concern about leaving her.

Salla, 25, confirmed uploading a picture of Dayne nodding off on the couch in his underwear for the first time with a message that alluded to their separation. That very image was taken down the day it was posted.
Sally later stated that she had no remorse about uploading that picture of Zorko, even though she later took it down. Within a month, the couple separated, and she left their Brisbane home as she received negative publicity surrounding her failed relationship.

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Details On Kalinda Salla And New Partner

It has been reported that Kalinda Salla is now together with her fiance Joel Miranda; however, she has not been in much of a spotlight following her break-up with Dayne.

Zorko's name has been tainted as he is said to have insulted Harrison Petty, the Melbourne player, during the third quarter in the Australian Football League. Petty broke down in tears when Dayne and he engaged in a filthy face-off.

The news was made into the national press. Internet users are extremely mad at Zorko by referring to him as someone who has the courage to cheat on his wife and attack his fellow players.

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Dayne Zorko: Who Is He Dating Now? His Wife Or Girlfriend

After splitting with Kalinda, Zorko has been reportedly dating his glamorous girlfriend, Talia de Marco. The couple was evidently together until December 2021; however, they have not made any recent appearance.

Zorko has been attempting to maintain his private life since his fiasco with his ex, Kalinda Salla. Even though several sources refer to Salla as his wife, the two never wed. They together have a son named Louis Zorko.


In 2020, Dayne admitted that he hopes his son will play football, and he would do anything to watch Louis play AFL, representing his nation. 

The Lions represented added that several hundred additional children would be participating in the game by the time his child finishes school and begins playing.

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