Agathe Lambret Age and Wikipedia, Facts On BFMTV Reporter

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Political Journalist Agathe Lambret was born in Paris, France, in the early 1990s, making her age somewhere in the early 30s. 

On Tuesday, April 12, 2022, in the afternoon, the BFMTV channel, including the political journalist, Agathe Lambret, was caught in the act of spreading false information about president-candidate Emmanuel Macron.

The news organization Ouillade chastised the BFMTV channel and Agathe Lambret, claiming that it is past time to remind the media, which claims to be "Information" rather than "Opinion," of certain ethical rules.

Agathe Lambret only has three social media accounts: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, with Twitter being her preferred platform for sharing news and opinions on various topics.

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BFMTV: Agathe Lambret Age - How Old Is Journalist? 

According to some sources, Agathe Lambret was born on October 17, 1991, in Paris, France, making her 30 years of age. She currently lives in the Greater Paris Metropolitan Region. 

She is skilled in social networks, digital media, New media, Television, and Journalism. She has honed these skills while working for over nine years as a political reporter at BFMTV.

BFMTV, France's first continuous information network, brings all the latest news in real-time, with 18 hours of live programming each day and direct feeds from all over the world where the news calls for it. BFMTV is also known for its debates and significant news reports. 

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Agathe Lambret Wikipedia And Origin Details

Agathe Lambret is not listed on Wikipedia despite working for BFMTV for twelve years as a political journalist. Her origin is Paris, France, as she was born and raised there.

Agathe earned her Master's degree in business law from the Université Panthéon Assas (Paris II), the first French legal university. She then applied to study journalism at the Centre de formation des journalists in 2010 and graduated in 2012.

After completing her education, she was hired as a reporter at BFMTV, where she has worked since October 2012. She can be regularly seen on TNT channel 15 and at

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Agathe Lambret Partner And Family Biographie

At the moment, Agathe Lambret does not appear to have a partner. In June 2014, however, Agathe changed her profile picture to one of herself with the handsome Ludo Pauchant. At the time, the two were standing quite close together.

She has, however, changed her profile picture several times since then, and Ludo does not make an appearance again. 

No information regarding Agathe's family has been made public, and nothing is known. It cannot be said if she has siblings or cousins or who her parents are at this point in time.