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Alex French Tik Tok Age: How Old/Tall is Alex French, Height, Boyfriend, Wiki
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A 16-year-old, Alex French is best known for her TikTok videos.

In the like manner, in a very short span of time, she has been able to collect more than 2 million followers in her Tiktok account. As well as that, the total likes in her account reach up to 44.8 million.

Previously, she was in a controversy for using offensive words over the group chat. However, the rumors prove to be fake and faux.

TikTok Star Alex French Tik Tok Age & Wiki

A beautiful and funny American Tiktok personality, Alex is 16 years old as of 2019.

In fact, she was born on 2003, March 19 in Texas. Besides, there are no much further details on her educational and family background.

Nevertheless, she has a very close attachment to her pet dog Annie. As a matter of fact, she has opened a separate fan page account for her dog. Thus, this shows that she is an animal lover and loves being around her dog.

Importantly, Alex French started Tiktok just a few months back and today she is known all around the world for her dance and acts over the app.

How Tall is Alex? Her Height and Weight

Alex French is approximately 5 feet 5 inches tall. Likewise, she has an average weight of 55 Kg which is 121 lbs.

Looking at her appearance, she has blonde long hair and white skin tone. Her Instagram account with 223 Thousand followers, shows how much people love her and her videos.

In the like manner, she frequently posts her images over the Instagram account. Besides Instagram and Tiktok she is also active on her Snapchat with a user name @ alexfrenchhh.

As an overall personality, she is a funny, bubbly and beautiful TikTok star.

Is Beautiful Alex Dating someone as of 2019?

Many of Alex French’s fans find it hard to believe that she is not dating anyone at the moment.

As of 2019, Alex is a single personality. Also, she has not dropped a single hint on her boyfriend and partner.

Digging into her social media profiles, there is no luck in finding out about her partner. Thus, it is pretty much sure that she is not dating anyone and is enjoying and focused on what she does.

Alex is good at what she is doing at the moment and maybe more career-focused rather than engaging in any sorts of affairs and relationships. Besides that, she is just 16 and too young to understand the sentiments and affection.

Possibly in the future, she might be dating someone and might make the news public.

Net worth of Famous TikTok Star, Alex French

Regarding the earnings and net worth of Alex, it is still under review.

Until today, she herself has not really disclosed the brand endorsement she has done or will be doing in the future. Because of this, it is hard to predict her exact net worth.

Nevertheless, her popularity and huge fan followings might have bought her endorsements from various brands. She is likely to earn a significant amount of money from her huge fan base.

However, it still remains under the sheets about her earnings. A Texas-born star is sure to grow more in the coming days and earn a huge amount of money from her work.