Who Is Alina Villasante? 5 Facts On Peace Love World Founder

Alina Villasante

Let's explore the facts of Alina Villasante, who founded Peace Love World. Her passion for fashion inspired her to launch her clothing line in 2009.

Alina works as a designer and visionary for her lifestyle company. She also promotes loving others and encourages them to be their best selves.

Who Is Alina Villasante?

Alina Villasante does not have a Wikipedia article. However, her Peace love website contains a brief biography of her.

She formerly worked in the aviation industry before founding her lifestyle firm. After working in the aviation industry for 17 years, Alina discovered her calling in the fashion industry.


Villasante seems to be between 45 and 55 years old. Unfortunately, only the designer's actual birthday, January 6th, was discovered.

She was born in Cuba and reared in Atlanta and New York. At the age of 18, she and her parents subsequently relocated to Maimai.

5 Facts On Peace Love World Founder

Peace Love World was established in the city at the age of 18 and moved there at the age of 20.

Alina has been hosting Love Parties and annual get-togethers when she invites her favourite women for a night of companionship.

Her jewellery, pyjamas, and T-shirt designs all include the words "peace, love, and happiness." The apparel line owned by Peace Love World, LLC and created by designer Alina Villasante is called Peace Love World.

It is a family-owned business with its main office in New York City. Its main office is located in Doral, a Miami neighbourhood.

Alina Villasante's Peace Love World is all about enjoying an opulent lifestyle because of her dedication to bringing pleasure, peace, and love to everyone she meets.

Is Alina Villasante Married?

Branko or Bronco is the partner or husband of Alina Villsante. She and her boyfriend have been together for more than ten years.

In addition to her boyfriend, Christopher Villasante, Frankie Villasante and Mia Villasante are all members of Alina's family.


Villsante has a verified account and can be found on Instagram as @peacelovealina. Her social media engagement is substantial, considering that she has uploaded more than 2000 times to the IG platform.

At the time of this publication, she had 36.8k followers on her Instagram account, where she shared personal and business-related content.

Find Alina Villasante Net Worth And Salary

Alina Villasante's actual net worth and salary aren't made public.

The Miami-based designer Alina started her firm from her home 12 years ago, and in a short period, her brand expanded into a multi-million dollar enterprise.

Some A-list celebrities, like Pharrell, Jennifer Lopez, Ellen DeGeneres, and Oprah, love the casual wear produced by her firm Peace Love World, making it one of their go-to brands for clothes.

She and her daughter made their apparel company renowned worldwide with a clear vision and encouraging words.

Alina and her daughter collaborated every day to establish their empire-building brand. As a result, her daughter will carry on her legacy and continue to channel her energy via original concepts and distinct imaginative objectives when she is gone.

Since its goal is to convey peace, love, and happiness wherever and whenever possible, her brand Peace Love World offers a profound and uplifting message.