American author Jenna Black also known by her pen name, as Jennifer Barlow is a famed writer who is represented by the Irene Goodman Literacy Agency. She is known throughout the USA as a result of her authoring but more so because of her marriage to Tyler Joseph, the lead singer of Rock group Twenty Pilots. Here we look at some unknown facts about this amazing and beautiful author.


Quick facts about Jenna Black

Full Name: Jennifer Black

Born: 12th June 1993

Age: 24 years

Birth Place: Brat, Florida

Religion: Christian

Profession: Author

Notable Works: Sirensong, Nightstruck and Dark Descendant

Years Active: 2001-present

Net Worth: Unknown

Marital Status: Married

Spouse: Tyler Joseph (m. 2015)

Children: None

1. Jenna Black had aspirations of becoming a Primatologist

Long before Jenna Black had made a name for herself among the greats of the writing world, she had thought of a different world all together. Jenna Black attended the Duke University from which she graduated with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Anthropology and French. By then she had her career well figured out and she aspired to be a primatologist but eventually ended up writing technical documentation. It is while doing the technical documentations that Jenna started thinking seriously about writing as a full-fledged career for her. This she made the decision and decided that writing will do for her as it came naturally and since then it’s been no looking back for the young author.

2. Jenna Black and Tyler Joseph met through a high school friend

While vacationing in her in-laws home in Ohio, this is when Tyler Joseph and Jenna Black first met. It so happens that Tyler Joseph and Jenna’s brother-in- law were former schoolmates and therefore, Tyler knew him well and would not let this chance slip through his hands. Therefore, he made his moves at Jenna through his former school mate and the two became friends for some time before they finally started dating and eventually got married in 2015.

3. Jenna Black has a liking for donuts and travelling

Jenna Black, though as beautiful as any possible measure of beauty would place her, has been able to maintain her simplicity. Tyler Joseph has mentioned that his wife is a big fan of donuts and he is forced to get her some on a daily basis if just to keep her happy. Jenna has also been said to be a fan of traveling which really is a great advantage for Tyler because his musical career at times necessitates that he be on tour for long periods. Therefore, instead of leaving her behind, he travels with his wife whom he has said is very supportive of his career.

4. Jenna Black took Twitter by storm

Jenna Black and her then fiancée Tyler Joseph took Twitter by storm through the Vine videos that the couple used to post from time to time. This was some time before their wedding in March 2015 and it served well for them as fans around the world were able to keep tabs on the couple’s relationship and upcoming wedding.

5. Jenna Black is a philanthropist

Apart from just being a Christian and a regular Church goer, Jenna Black lives the talk by engaging in philanthropic activities in the congregation. She has been known to volunteer at many charity programs in and around Ohio, where she lives with her husband Tyler Joseph. She is also the member of a Church in Ohio, although the name of the Church is not known.



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