Amity Rockwell, Chris Tolley, Colin Strickland And Kaitlin Armstrong In Connection To Mo Wilson

A vicious love triangle: Colin Strickland(left) Kaitlin Armstrong(middle) and Mo Wilson(right) were said to be in a love triangle prior to Kaitlin shooting Wilson on May 11
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The part-time yoga teacher, Kaitlin Armstrong, murdered Mo Wilson on May 11 after she believed that Mo was having an affair with her boyfriend, Colin Strickland.

Armstrong, age 34, was apprehended in Costa Rica, on June 30, after being on the run for 43 days. Kailin had fatally shot Mo at her home in Austin, Texas, with the gun that her boyfriend Strickland had bought for self-defense. 

Amity Rockwell, 29, a household name in cycling, was a close friend of Mo Wilson and had briefly dated Colin Strickland in 2018. The relationship didn't end on the best of terms, and the cyclist tried her best to steer her friend away from Strickland.

Chris Tolley, a close friend of Colin Strickland and a part-time cyclist and social media star, did say that his friend's reputation when it came to dating wasn't the best, as he had broken the hearts of many in the past.

Why Did Kaitlin Armstrong Kill Mo Wilson?

The real-estate agent Kaitlin Armstrong took the life of Mo Wilson on May 11, 2022.

Kaitlin Armstrong, who is unrelated to the cyclist legend Lance Armstrong, fatally shot Mo Wilson at her home in Austin, Texas.

An unemotional and unsympathetic person can only return to their normal routine after killing someone. Kailin Armstrong did just that. After taking the life of a young lady who had her whole career ahead of her, Armstrong quietly went back to her home, acting as if nothing had happened.

Kailin Armstrong, mugshot released by the U.S Department of Justice after she was apprehended from Costa Rica after 43 days
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But what was the reason for Kaitlin Armstrong to murder the cyclist with whom she had previously never even conversed properly? Kaitlin believed Mo was getting close to her boyfriend and the biggest star of gravel racing, Colin Strickland.

Kaitlin and Colin were living together and had recently begun renovating their home. The real-estate agent and a part-time yoga teacher, Kaitlin, was questioned a day after Wilson's demise.

Kaitlin told the detectives in her investigation that her boyfriend had returned home and talked about a woman from the cycling community passing away. And though she seemed suspicious in her overall manner in front of the police, they couldn't detain her because of an invalid warrant.

A Wanted poster released by the US Marshals after Kaitlin Armstrong fled from the US after her interrogation
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After the police let her go, Armstrong was last pictured on May 18, one day after an 'arrest warrant was issued. She then disappeared, and only after 43 days were the police able to 'arrest the fugitive yoga teacher in Costa Rica. 

Sources reported that Kaitlin had undergone plastic surgery to escape the US Marshal. She was 'arrested at a hostel on Santa Teresa Beach in Provincia de Puntarenas and was deported to the US to face first-degree murder charges.

Colin Strickland, Mo Wilson And Kaitlin Armstrong Love Triangle

Colin Strickland, Mo Wilson, and Kaitlin Armstrong were reported to be in a love triangle. At least, that is what Kailin thought, which led her to murder the American off-road racing rising star.

Colin Strickland is a household name in gravel racing. Some say the 36-year-old is the biggest star the gravel racing has yet produced. Strickland and Wilson were said to have been getting close with each other as Wilson was prepping for her upcoming race in Texas.

Colin Strickland (center) was in a love triangle with Mo Wilson(left) and Kaitlin Armstrong(right)
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Strickland picked Wilson up on his BMW motorcycle, and the two went swimming at a local outdoor pool and dropped her back to her friend's apartment, mid-evening, where she was staying at the time.

And Kaitlin Armstrong, who seemed to be possessive about her boyfriend, was secretly using the cycling app Strava to track the pair's movements. During the investigation, Strickland denied dating Mo.

But he did say that he was romantically involved with her in 2021 while he and Armstrong were on a break. At the time, Armstrong was also seeing other men. 

What Did Chris Tolley Have To Say About Colin Strickland And Mo Wilson Relationship?

Chris Tolley, a long-time friend of Colin Strickland, is a part-time cyclist and has a job in tech. The 33-year-old has known Colin since 2015, and they have often trained together.

Tolley also has a YouTube page where he uploads GoPro race footage with his commentary in the background. When asked about Colin Strickland's romantic life, Tolley said he had been an imperfect boyfriend.

Chris Tolley poses in front of the MPEC after winning the Hotter'N Hell men' pro overall omnium title
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In an interview with the New Yorker, Tolley said, "I think a lot of girls felt burned by him. They think it’s going to be something, and then it’s not."

In the same interview, Colin described Armstrong as a beautiful lady but a little intense and, unlike Colin, very, very competent with money. Tolley first met Mo in October 2021 while Armstrong and Wilson were a thing.

Tolley did feel a bit shocked seeing Colin Strickland bring an attractive woman with him who was not his girlfriend to a public event. 

Amity Rockwell Connection To Mo Wilson Murder

Amity Rockwell, the American cyclist, had briefly dated Colin Strickland in 2018. And as she said in an interview with the New Yorker, it was an unhappy one. 

Rockwell wasn't kind in choosing her words for Strickland in the interview. She described the 36-year-old to be intensively manipulative and loved belittling people around him, and he also told her she was nowhere skinny enough.

Amity Rockwell pictured before the race event at the 2020 Easton Overland Gravel Team
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The two first met with each other after she signed a deal with the Meteor, the same sponsor as Colin, and after the end of the 2018 season, when he chose not to renew her deal, he told her she would not find success.

Amity met Mo in 2021, and the two quickly became best pals. Rockwell even said that she believed Wilson to be a better cyclist than her. Colin Strickland, Amity Rockwell, and Mo Wilson rode in a Big Sugar race together on October 23 last year.

Rockwell said she had tried her best to keep Wilson away from Strickland as she didn't think he was the right man for her and told about all his manipulative ways. But alas, Wilson didn't listen to her friend and kept her relationship with Strickland going.