Amparo Serrano Passed Away At The Age Of 56, Businesswoman And Creator Of Distroller Died In A Domestic Accident

Amparo Serrano iscreator of Distroller and former member of Flans

Amparo Serrano, a creator of the Distroller brand passed away on August 12, 2022, at the age of 56. She was also a former member of Flans. 

Amparo's death cause was a domestic accident and she was hospitalized for three days in Mexico city.

Amparo is a pioneer of the imagination, an entrepreneur, and a Mexican designer. She gained notoriety for her imaginative portrayal of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

She is the proprietor of the Distroller registered trademark and the creator and creative director of the business Amparn SA de CV.

Amparo Serrano enjoys making fun of everyday life, and through her views, many young women, girls, and women of adult age have joined the Distroller community.

Amparo Serrano Death Cause Was Domestic Accident

Amparo Serrano's death was caused by a domestic accident for which she had received an urgent hospitalization. The designer and creator, Amparo, passed away in Mexico City at the age of 56 after three days of medical observation.

Creator of the Distroller brand Amparo Serrano dies at the age of 56
Creator of the Distroller brand Amparo Serrano dies at the age of 56( Source : Forbes )

Camila West Serrano, Amparo's daughter, announced her mother's passing on August 13, 2022, via her Instagram account.

People have been posting Amparo's photo and paying tribute to her on social media.

With collaborations with companies including Scribe, Cartoon Network, and Inditex, the Mexican brand Distroller has been a pioneer in business partnerships.

Amparo Serrano's creativity led to the development of the business Amparin, SA de CV, and the Distroller brand.

Amparo painted gifts by hand for her family and friends, a skill that quickly became in great demand and inspired her to found the company.

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Amparo Serrano Obituary

People are searching for Amparo Serrano's obituary information after learning the devastating news of her death. Her family, however, has not released any information regarding her obituary.

People paying tribute for Amparo Serrano
People paying tribute for Amparo Serrano( Source : Twitter )

Serrano, a strong woman who created popular dolls like the Virgencita Plis and the Chamoy doll, gave rise to an entire universe of imagination, figures, and colors.

She received her diploma from the Universidad Anáhuac México's design program.

Serrano won over the hearts of young girls, ladies, and teenagers with her imaginative and vibrant patterns engraved on a range of goods, including toys, equipment, school supplies, candy, and accessories.

Amparo Serrano Net Worth 

There is no information available online about Amparo Serrano's net worth. Amparo Serrano, however, might have a net worth between $1 million-$3 million since she founded the Distroller brand. This is just speculation regarding her net worth.

Amparo Serrano on the frame
Amparo Serrano on the frame( Source : Bullfrag )

Amparo Serrano believed that everyone possesses an artistic talent and that it is crucial to identify and maximize it.

For this reason, she made the decision to form the Amparo Serrano Foundation, which provides lessons in dance, painting, and music to students in schools across the nation.

Since she started her career in the Flans group, Serrano has always been a member of the entertainment industry.

However, she did not make her debut with the third party because Mildred Villafae sacked her before the project officially launched and because of personal reasons.

Amparo Serrano Family And Husband

Amparo Serrano's mother Amparo Espinosa was a prominent academic who took on the duty of organizing social aid organizations, while her father Julio Serrano Segovia controlled Cementos Anahuac.

David West was her ex-husband who founded Westwood, a music management company in Latin America.

He has worked with many artists, including Reik, OV7, Sin Bandera, Natalia Lafourcade, Reyli Barba, Camila, Jesse & Joy, Matisse, Yuri, and Carlos Rivera.

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