Anita Alvarez Fainting Video and Picture Is Storming On Social Media

Anita Alvarez saved from drowning ( Source : Edition )

Anita Alvarez, the famed Mexican-American swimmer is creating a buzz all over the internet for a sad thing that happened to her. The 26-year-old synchronized swimmer began her swimming career at Kenmore West Senior High School.

She faced a dramatic rescue when she fainted and sank to the bottom of the pool at the world championships in Budapest. Let's read further to know what happened.

Anita Alvarez's Pictures Are Storming On Social Media: What Happened?

At the world championships in Budapest, Anita Alvarez had a blackout and fell to the bottom of the huge pool near the end of her swim competition. 

The woman competing in the final of the woman's solo free event was instantly saved from drowning by her instructor Andrea Fuentes. As Fuentes watched Alvarez hit the bottom, he immediately dove into the water and rescued her.

She received medical assistance next to the pool and regained consciousness before being taken away on a stretcher.

It was not the only time Anita dodged a drowning issue; on June 13 of last year, she collapsed during an Olympic qualification match held in Barcelona. Fuentes saved her then as well.

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How Is Anita Alvarez Doing Now?

Anita Alvarez is fine now. According to her rescuer Fuentes's statement given to the US Artistic Swimming, Alvarez will get a medical evaluation on Thursday before any decision is made about her participating in the next competition happening on Friday.

In the words of Fuentes, "Anita is much better, she is already at her best. It was a good scare, to be honest." The ace swimmer had nothing serious but a little unconscious moment, and the medical staff worked rapidly to revive her.

Anita Alvarez pictured during the swimming competition
Anita Alvarez pictured during the swimming competition ( Source : Publicnewstime )

Despite this incident, Alvarez received 87.63333 points to place seventh in the final. Yukiko Inui of Japan won the competition scoring 95.3667 in a spectacular manner.

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Anita Alvarez's Career Limelight And Achievements

The four-time Olympic medalist, Anita Alvarez is from Amherst, New York. She started her acclaimed swimming career after graduating from Kenmore West Senior High School in 2014.

Alvarez, the synchronized swimmer, is a previous winner of two bronze medals in the 2019 Women's Championship she competed for the United States. The team won the Artistic Swimming Championships.

She had her training for indoor swimming in Western New York before she participated in the 2015 World Championships in Kazar and 2014's Junior World Championship.

Anita Alvarez sank to the bottom of pool
Anita Alvarez sank to the bottom of pool ( Source : News )

The prolific swimmer is also a member of the national swimming team for the USA who participated in the women's summer Olympics in 2016 alongside Maria Koroleva. Likewise, she was chosen for USA Synchro and successfully represented her country at the 2020 Summer Olympics.

The recent news of her getting benumbed and drowning in the pool caught everyone in a panic, fortunately, Alvarez was saved from the danger.

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