Is Annamaria Gana Still In Jail? Husband Antonio Gana Murder And Case Timeline

Annamaria Gana Murdered Her Husband And Attempted To Murder Her Son On Mothers Day In 2011 ( Source : Ocregister )

Annamaria Gana is a criminal sentenced to 40 years in jail after murdering her husband in 2011 with a firearm in front of her children.

The tragic tale of how Annamaria murdered her husband, Antonio, on Mother's Day in 2011 is told in Investigation Discovery's Evil Lives Here: Shadows of Death: Mother's Day Murder.

Is Annamaria Gana Still In Jail?

The jury convicted 43-year-old Annamaria of first-degree murder and two counts of attempted murder in April 2013. Additionally, they discovered that she had engaged in the unusual act of killing someone while waiting and the integrity of the separate charges related to using a firearm that resulted in death and severe harm.

Annamaria Gana Is Serving Her Sentence In California Institution for Women in Chino, Riverside County
Annamaria Gana Is Serving Her Sentence In California Institution for Women in Chino, Riverside County ( Source : Ocregister )

The circumstance of murder by lying in wait was eliminated, and Annamaria's first-degree murder conviction was downgraded to second-degree in June 2013. She said she was ashamed of her actions and did all this out of rage and depression. 

Annamaria Gana Murdered Husband Antonio Gana And Tried To Kill Her Sons As Well

On May 8, 2011, Annamaria celebrated mothers day with her children. The family was together and having a great time. She then went to her room to relax. Later, authorities discovered that she had pulled out a gun and fired one round into the ceiling. The kids and Antonio hurried to see what had happened.

Annamaria then opened fire on Antonio, hitting him in the chest. He was the first person to enter the bedroom. Next, Annamaria shot Tony in the arm when she chased the children as they ran. Somehow he managed to get out of the house to dial 911.

Annamaria Gana Photographed With Her Late Husband Antonio Gana And Their Two Sons
Annamaria Gana Photographed With Her Late Husband Antonio Gana And Their Two Sons ( Source : Thecinemaholic )

While she was trying to shoot herself in the head, Alfonso seized the weapon from his mother. The shot only grazed her neck, though. Then Alfonso took the gun and fled outdoors. When police discovered Annamaria with Antonio, she was motionless and focused far away. She admitted to shooting Antonio after being pressed by a deputy sheriff.

Where Is Annamaria Gana Now?

Records show that Annamaria is still detained at the California Institution for Women in Chino, Riverside County. In 2036, she'll be eligible for parole. Her actions were unjustifiable, but she revealed her medical conditions drove her crazy to commit such a horrible crime.

At Annamaria's 2013 trial, the defense argued that she had suffered from delirium, psychosis, and depression due to her cancer treatment. Annamaria needed a double mastectomy after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis in 2010. She was receiving radiation and chemotherapy as part of her treatment.

Additionally, she took medicines to help her with sleeping. Annamaria admitted to the police that their failed business had been the reason for her recent stress. She realized that she had been contemplating suicide for a few weeks and intended to kill her family before taking her own life.

Antonio Potenciano Gana was a retired army veteran who served in the military for almost a decade. Additionally, he held the position of General Manager at the island nation's Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Antonio and Annamaria first crossed paths in 1991 while working in the Philippines.

Tony and Alfonso were the couple's two kids. After Antonio retired, the family relocated to Tustin, California, sometime around 2007. They bought a franchise for a UPS mail center there, serving as their primary income source.