Who Is Arek Murawski? Know About The Cast Of Becoming Elizabeth

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Up-and-coming British actor Arek Murawski is seen as part of Somerset's militia in the new series, Becoming Elizabeth. Fans of the show want to know more about the actor, his age, and his ethnicity.

Arek Murawski is a British actor and model who has recently starred in the hit series becoming ElizabethWhich is about an Orphan teenager who gets entangled and the politics of the English Court on her journey to secure the crown.

The model stars in three episodes of the show and has managed to grab the viewers' attention, so let's learn more about the actor.

Becoming Elizabeth: Arek Murawski Wikipedia

Becoming Elizabeth's cast, Arek Murawski is a British model who has played the role of supporting characters in other movies in the past. In the new series, you can see Arek Murawski as a part of Somerset's militia.

Before the series, Arek Murawski has also been a part of the hit series Doctor Who on BBC, and he recently worked on the fourth season of the BBC Doctor Who: The Witchfinders. Although he has never scored a lead role, he is widely appraised for his acting skills and loved for his looks.

The actor started his career as a model for Phoenix casting and later went on to be an actor. He started working as a model with an agency in the Greater Bristol area of the United Kingdom but has worked in New York for many fashion shows.

Apart from his acting Arek Murawski is also an internet celebrity with over 12.6 K followers on Instagram. He recently also appeared as a guest on the MLVC Podcast to talk about his experience with how Madonna bit his finger, which has been one of the reasons he is popular on social media.

Arek Murawski Age

Arek Murawski was born on 4 October 1980 and is 41 years old. The actor is popularly known as Arek M in the modeling industry and is currently working as a model at ELB models.

The actor has been working in the modeling and acting field for over eight years now. In his 42 years of life, he has battled cancer twice and survived both times.

He is based in Europe And has won the hearts of the fans with his dark brown hair, brown eyes, and beard, making him the perfect fit to play in any historical movie.

We would love to see the actor in more shows in the future and in more important roles.

Arek Murawski Ethnicity - Where Is He From?

Arek Murawski is originally from Poland and belongs to the Polish ethnic group. Coming from Central Europe, Alex moved to the Greater Bristol area in the UK to start his career as an actor and model.

The 42-year-old actor is Christian and is seen celebrating Christmas on his Instagram. Also, the actor is openly gay, and it's proudly celebrating Pride month.