Who Is Ashley Sisino? Ryan Kwanten Partner Has Always Been There For Him

Ryan Kwanten
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Ashley Sisino is the wife of the prominent actor Ryan Kwanten. Ashley has always seen acting as an essential component of her life. 

On October 14, 2014, a well-known "True Blood" actor brought his girlfriend to his native Australia for the first time. The couple has finally decided to move their relationship forward.

Ryan Kwanten is the actor who gained prominence as Vinnie Patterson in the Australian soap opera Home and Away from 1997 until 2002.

He has chosen to pursue his engagement with his fiancée because they are said to have an incredible connection.

Who Is Ryan Kwanten's Wife, Ashley Sisino?

Ryan Kwanten and Ashley Sisino first fell in love in 2013, and after a year of dating, they made it official in June 2014.

He's presently dating Ashley, an actress. The two have been dating since 2013, so a wedding may be approaching shortly. Before encountering Sisino, Kwanten had a brief relationship with model and actress Taylor Cole.

Ryan introduced his girlfriend to his hometown
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They have appeared in front of the public many times and have grown close. Throughout their relationship, Ryan has never grown tired of telling Ashley how beautiful she is to him.

But a lengthy interview Ryan conducted before he met Ashley drastically emphasizes how important she is to him. Ashley has been the producer's girlfriend for eight years.

Learn about Sisino And Kwanten's Age Difference

On November 28, 1976, Ryan Kwanten was born in Terrigal, New South Wales, Australia. He is so 46 years old at this time. His future wife, Ashley Sisino, appears to be in her late 30s.

They were raised and educated by their parents, Eddie Kwanten, a worker for NSW Maritime, and Kris Kwanten, a Lifeline op shop coordinator. Eddie is Dutch, and their family is very multicultural.

Each member of his household is successful, including the actor from Glorious. His other brother Lloyd is a sort of doctor, and his brother Mitchell is a profound musician.

How Much Is Ashley Sisino Net Worth?

We have no idea how much is Ashley Sisino's net worth. Ryan Kwanten, an Australian actor, reportedly has a net worth of $6 million, according to Celebritynetworth.

Kwanten, a native of Terrigal and holder of a commerce degree from the University of Sydney, was born in Sydney. Ryan Kwanten plays an intoxicated visitor who finds Simmons' deity in a bathroom alone.

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Early in the 1990s, he began his professional on-camera career working on Australian film and television projects.

2019 will see the release of the second season of Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones on Blumhouse Television and Facebook Watch, with Kwanten as Peter Wolfe, a convict and the estranged father of the show's lead character Elsie, played by Jordan Alexander.

Concepts from a Brothers Grimm fairy tale and actual murder investigations are used in the show.