Who Are Ayo Edebiri Parents? Fans Suggest Her Dad Mom Belongs To Barbados and Nigerian Origin

Ayo Edebiri for a photoshoot

Ayo Edebiri's parents are of Nigerian and Barbadian ethnicity. How many qualities does she get from them?

Edebiri is a multitalented American comedian, actor, voice actress, and producer. You may have heard her voice in Netflix's hit series Big Mouth as the character of Missy.

The New York graduate actually studied to become a teacher. However, she later realized her passion for comedy and began her journey to become a comedic star.

Today, she has already starred in TV shows like Dickinson, The Bear, and The Premise. 

Ayo Edebiri Parents Have A Barbados and Nigerian Origin

Ayo Edebiri's parents are from Barbados and Nigeria.

Edebiri was born on the 3rd of October, 1995. She is a Boston native and grew up in this city. However, Ayo Edebiri has her ethnic background rooted away in the United States. 

The comedian's parents moved to the country from parts of the world. In fact, Ayo Edebiri's father is Nigerian, and her mother hails from the Caribbean island of Barbados. 

As the daughter of immigrant parents, Ayo is well aware of their struggle. She is very close to her family and regards them as her real inspiration. 

Her IG feed is filled with frequent posts about her mom and dad. And she never fails to add humor to her each caption. Apparently, Ayo inherits her personality and humor from her father. In a father's day post, she posted a throwback photo with her father and captioned it, "happy father's day to my favorite heroic African. I stole my personality from him, and that is the tea!!!!". 

Ayo Edebiri Religious and Ethnic Background 

Ayo Edebiri proudly embraces her black ethnic background.

Being African-American is her identity. In an IG post, she even captioned, "I love being black. I love black people. I love my friends. I love my family. I love being black." With her beautiful curly afro, beautiful porcelain skin, and fun personality, one can easily distinguish her from the crowd of comedians. 

Besides her heritage, Edebiri also grew up very religious. Her family is very conservative, and they strictly follow Pentecostal values. 

During an old interview with Forbes, the 26 years old stated, "I grew up very Pentecostal. I think there's some sort of puritanical self-flagellation that I am very good at doing and probably will continue to be good at for the rest of my life."

However, she hasn't disclosed if she still follows the religion as an adult.

Where are Ayo Edebiri Parents Now?

Ayo Edebiri's parents are still with their daughter and support her career as a comedian.

Despite having a famous child, Mr. and Mrs. Edebiri prefer to remain behind the camera. They are often present in the audience seat during their daughter's soldout performances. 

Recently, Ayo even made an appearance on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah. She was invited to promote her new Hulu series, The Bear.

Besides, Edebiri is also the co-host of Iconography. Produced by Forever Dog, she runs the show along with Olivia Craighead.