“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but what we give.”- Ben Carson

And who doesn’t get excited when getting a gift and what if that’s the same thing you were waiting for a long time? Explore bloom, right? Though, we know that the best gifts come from the heart, not the store.

But presenting something similar to their nature and taste would be more meaningful. So, here are some cheap and fine gifts for your own toddler or of friends.


Pile Jumpsuit- $14.99

The Three Little Duckies Book & Toys- $20

Knitted Froggy Puppet- $9

Wooden Name Puzzles- $18.44

Natural Dinosaur Crayons- $8.50

Pokemon Amigurumi- $10

Traditional Wooden Rattle- $13.50

Baby Angel Wings- $6.95

Mermaid Glass Dice Set- $11.95

Cute Octopus Plushie- $12

Handmade Sweater-$12.15

Posh Floral Blanket- $19.99

Children’s Crown- $13.21

Play Fruit Set- $5.95

Sneaker Booties- $10

Balls of Ice Cream- $12.20

Pillow or Plush Seal- $13.41

Heating Pad- $16.50

Bunny Ice Pack- $5

Unicorn Bath Bomb-$8

Crochet Turkey Hat- $13.50

Woodland Animal Toys- $10.99

Donuts Fridge Magnet- $8

Personalized Blocks- $5.50

Hooded Towel- $20

Hanging Jellyfish Plush- $15.82

Cupcake Soap- $4.20

Finger Puppets- $17

Monogrammed Pillow- $10.99

Planted Fairy Shoes- $8.25


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