“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but what we give.”- Ben Carson

And who doesn’t get excited when getting a gift and what if that’s the same thing you were waiting for a long time? Explore bloom, right? Though, we know that the best gifts come from the heart, not the store.

But presenting something similar to their nature and taste would be more meaningful. So, here are some cheap and fine gifts for your own toddler or of friends.


Pile Jumpsuit- $14.99


This cute jumpsuit will obviously look cuter in the baby. They won’t get off from cuddling on it night and day for sure. And the most amazing thing is you can buy this warm jersey jumpsuit just only at $14.99, cool no? You will surely not get such great deal anytime soon.

The Three Little Duckies Book & Toys- $20

Bathing isn’t just about rubbing your body but also an entertainment with The Three Little Duckies Book & Toys. You can enchant little baby with this amazing gift and at the reasonable price of just $20. They will never deny bath time again with these cute rubber ducks and plastic book.


Knitted Froggy Puppet- $9

Even with drastic new production of baby toys, nothing can replace the puppets. Easy to get entertained with minimum alert, knitted puppets are still favorite of grownups too. And, no doubt, your kids will surely love this low-tech amusement.

Wooden Name Puzzles- $18.44


Yeah, you sometimes can go for brainy gifts that can promote the learning of kids. Hand-crafted personalized wooden name puzzles can help kids to spell their own name. This magic game can help to build a strong bond between you and kids. As a bonus, those letters come in various non-toxic colors.

Natural Dinosaur Crayons- $8.50

Super cute and super fun, Dinosaur Crayons are handmade natural crayons and eco-friendly too. Those earth grew crayons slither on efficiently to form a wonderful coloring practice for kids. They are all found in natural earth shades and definitely inspire your little artist.


Pokemon Amigurumi- $10

Pokemon is always cool for kids. So, why not surprise them with this great present to that cute Pokemon fan? Those soft toys are available multiple colors and safety eyes for your baby.

Traditional Wooden Rattle- $13.50


I guess no human grow up without shaking the magical rattle. And horse rattle is one of the traditional rattles that has a globe full of peas. Your baby will be pleased by the mild music generated from this lovely toy. They are also perfect for teething child with non-toxic and fine taste.

Baby Angel Wings- $6.95

Who doesn’t like to travel on angel wings? Though we actually can’t we can gift those fairy wings to your little angel and see how adorable they look(love). These wings are made of turkey feathers and can easily bend to fit on the back. Time to take off mama!


Mermaid Glass Dice Set- $11.95

Before giving these beautiful dices as a gift, you will gaze upon how delicately they were made. The mermaid glass polyhedral dice are created with full of creativity and hard work. Your kids will get overwhelmed playing with these translucent incline dices and you will seriously love that feel.

Cute Octopus Plushie- $12


These plush are so cute that you will envy to gift to whom it was supposed to be gifted. They are completely hand sewn with fleece fabric. Stuffed with fine quality silicone polyester, these awesome plushies won’t bunch up if washed. They are perfect to lighten your kid’s heart.

Handmade Sweater-$12.15

Sometimes gifts should be warm as a hot cup of coffee on a chilling day. So, why not go for cozy hand-knitted sweater for your little ones? They are adorable, sweet and of course, nurture lots of love and care in this freezing season.


Posh Floral Blanket- $19.99

Aww, this blanket is great for the new guest of the family. It has a floral cotton print with smooth Minky fabric in and out. This classy baby pink blanket will certainly keep you angel warm. So, mamma embraces the little one in posh.

Children’s Crown- $13.21


And these fantastic handmade crowns are made only for your kings/queens. It is reversible and could be worn at any kind of celebration or without. They do have a vintage floral print that makes them look unique and most advantageous thing is, you can borrow this crown from your kid too. Something like double fun.

Play Fruit Set- $5.95

So simple, so useful! This play set has four fruits; apple, pear, orange, and banana. You can gift it to kids or simply place them in the middle of the dining table. Every fruit is strongly sewed with fine fillings inside.


Sneaker Booties- $10

Don’t worry, if your toddler is far much stylish for boring boots, we have found a thing for you. They are made of pure cotton that will for sure upgrade the looks of your young as well keep their tiny foots very warm. Furthermore, the rainbow shade will lift up their heart with happiness. Incredibly cute booties!

Balls of Ice Cream- $12.20


Soft handmade ice-cream balls are specially made for delicate hands of babies. They are made of pure cotton and will live longer if you treated them with affection. You can also clean those adorable balls with wet clothes rather than washing.

Pillow or Plush Seal- $13.41

Perfect for your little one, pillow or plush seal can be played or just cuddle in. They can be placed in your living or bedroom. For eyes, there is placed button instead of plastic for the safety of your baby. This lovely plush or pillow can also be washed though you can’t remove the cushion. Have a good nap kiddo!


Heating Pad- $16.50

What could be a more precious gift for babies than heating pad? The warmness of heating pad will relieve the stressed muscles of babies. Also, it will help minimizing stomach pain in this cold winter. You can also warm up the baby's bed but make sure you remove the pad before keeping baby in the crib. Your children will just love this amazing gift as their best friend.

Bunny Ice Pack- $5


Boo-boos are worse, however, this embroidered bunny ice pack will help them being worse. Make funny voices of critters while applying it to injured parts, your kid would forget about the pain. Also, there is nothing like eyeballs or pompoms so you don’t have to worry about kids more. The only thing is the bunny get wetter while the pain gets better.

Unicorn Bath Bomb-$8

These sparkling surprise bath bombs are absolutely adorable in the perfect size. Now your kid will no longer hide for bath time with those scented which are also available in various colors. Furthermore, every bath bomb has a toy unicorn inside, yay! it’s time to welcome new family member.


Crochet Turkey Hat- $13.50

Crochet turkey hat is fun to wear and also keeps your kid’s head warm. This head-warmer has cozy ear flaps along with braids and funky pompom on the top of it. Your baby will definitely look adorable during shopping time and another outing. And yes, you can get them in multiple shades and sizes.


Woodland Animal Toys- $10.99


This could be one of the most interesting gifts for your kids. These cute animals are made of printable paper that features butterflies, squirrel, fox, and others. Perfect for decoration of children’s birthday party and other functions. You can also gift them to the kids invited to your celebration, it will feel better than great.

Donuts Fridge Magnet- $8

Magnets are always cool to play, be it, kids or adults, its fun game. And what say if you gift cute donut fridge magnet to your kids. These little magnet looks like an edible donut and very pleasant in appearance. It is made of high-quality resin with around 2 inches of size. Some cool things around to hang out with.


Personalized Blocks- $5.50

Personalized gifts are super-cute. The handmade personalized blocks are an ideal addition to the baby. You can enter some loved message or kid’s name, birth or place to keep those blocks more precious. Those blocks are down-to-earth gifts if you want your kids to remember you until their last days. They are fun and fine at the same time.

Hooded Towel- $20


Hooded towel with various animal forms is super adorable. Undoubtedly, kids will love this towel for cuddling after a bath. Unique and amusing hooded towel is made from 100% cotton in a variety of colors. Would be a wonderful gift for any kids.

Hanging Jellyfish Plush- $15.82

Crocheted jellyfish will be glad to stay with your kids as they are pretty delectable. These colorful handcrafts look great while hanging as well as kid’s mobiles, ideal for decoration. Moreover, you can also get other various crocheted animals to brighten up little hearts.


Cupcake Soap- $4.20

These Christmas tree cupcake soap are best for a gift. Smelling like freshly cut Christmas tree, this soap gives nice moisturized skin. They produce a huge bubble that’s why it’s favorite of kids as well as young. You can just place it in the bathroom for decoration or use to get the soft silky skin. It is a handmade bath soap enriched with coconut oil, palm oil, almond oil, shea butter, sodium hydroxide as well as perfume. Great for a gift and for you.

Finger Puppets- $17


Let’s toss your fingers to entertainment spot for kids. Aww, just imagine how cutely they giggle by seeing those vibrant puppets making a sound in your hand. Babies will get delighted knowing these lovely handmade animals. Every puppet has a sweet tiny tail made of fine felt and cotton. This traditional game is great enjoyment.

Monogrammed Pillow- $10.99

Perfect gifts for your loved ones. Designed very creatively and with lovely prints, your kid will even carry it to the living room after waking up. This pillow could be more sweetheart if you give some special message or print kid's picture on it. Bling-bling pillow!


Planted Fairy Shoes- $8.25

Teach your babies that plants are important for our life since their early days. You can gift them a cute fairy shoes forested with pinkish paper flowers and green dried one. The final touch up of glitter makes these shoes more alive and pleasing. These pair of shoes will appear awesome in nurseries and living room as well.