Women are known as the soul of beauty and innocence! And every woman is beautiful in her own way.

We all know that real beauty is on the inside, and different people find different things pretty. For some, it can be the outer appearance, while for others it can something like a giggle of a free spirit or a sense of humor.

Either way, with a different nation, come different cultures, and that describes varied kinds of beauty- inside and out.

Here is the list of countries with most beautiful women around the globe.


1. Brazil

Toned, honed, and unfathomably sexy! Three adjectives to describe the beauty of Brazilian women.

There’s one thing that many envies from Brazil, and that’s its quest for a beautiful face and body. Brazil is home to a number of the beautiful and sexiest women in South America.

Most of these beauties have a medium complexion with glowing skins. Seems like the country may have something in the water, and just one walk to Rio beach will prove that nobody defines a bikini like Brazilian women.

The country breeds bombshells like Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosia, and Gisele Bundchen.

Known for their friendly nature and curvaceous body, Brazilian women possess the ‘guitar-shaped body’, instead of thin and lean body type. They have got all the curves in the right place!

Their body is praised worldwide. And after all, who haven’t heard about the Brazilian booty? They are genetically gifted with firm, round, and big booty.

2. Ukraine

Ukraine women have been globally known for their unique beauty. Typical Ukrainian women have an appealing East Slavic appearance.


The Ukraine women surely know how to steal your heart! Ukrainian beauties are just awe-beautiful to look at. The streets of Ukraine are filled with these charming, tall, luscious and sexy women.

They have a white glowing skin, blonde or light brown hair, big eyes, and beautiful big and thick lips. There are many aficionados of Ukrainian beauty around the globe.

Typical Ukrainian female is very famous for their luxurious physique with big breasts, slim waist, and sexy thigh. The huge number of men goes daft because of such a beauty!

Ukrainian women are just unexplainably gorgeous, and the truth that Mila Kunis is from there is also a plus!

3. Venezuela

Venezuela is known as the land of beauties. Ladies from this county have the most ‘Miss Universe’ and ‘Miss World’ crowns than other countries.

The county is blessed with extremely charming, lovely and gorgeous women who amaze the entire world not just with their ravishing beauty but also with determination and intelligence.

Venezuelan women are often quoted as ‘Beauty with Brain’. They have got it all- from pretty face, sexy looks, and long slim body and intelligent mind.

There are some famous and appealing Venezuelan women, who are well-known all around the world; like multi-talented actress Dominika van Santen, Dayana Mendoza, and TV presenter Migbelis Castellanos, among others.


4. Russia

Russian girls are spellbinding beauties. Not only they are beautiful but are also indomitable!

Russian women are known for their captivating beauty all around the globe! Have you seen the sexiest Russian model Irina Shayk? That probably will give an idea of the beauty of the country.

Their flawless skin, voluminous curves, and expressive eyes are desirous and have been a reason of envy for many. Russian women have a mix of eastern and western features in the form of defining high cheekbones, tall and curvaceous bodies with blonde hair.

And when it comes to maintaining skin, Russian women are benefitted from both climate and genetics. Also, there is no denying that Russia is home to astoundingly beautiful and ambitious women.

5. Denmark

Well, what to say about the stunning Danish women? They are straight up attractive, sexy and sophisticated!


Physically Danish women have fair glowing skin, light hair and often blue eyes. Most of the Danish women are tall and well-maintained. Also, Danish women are the poster girl of independence and strong!

Danish women are rocketing in the global film and fashion industry and it’s the time that we admit some of the best-looking women in Europe. In fact, their expressive eyes and fuller lips make them stand out from others.

Supermodel like Josephine Skriver, Caroline Brasch Nielsen, Nina Agdal and Helena Christensen has made name for themselves by walking the runway for Victoria’s Secret.

Regardless to say, Danish women’s beautiful face and body features make them the hottest of all!

6. Colombia

Everyone is aware of the Colombian beauty! They are amongst the glamorous and sexiest creatures on the planet.

Colombian girls are flirty, sporty, tanned and give off a natural beach vibe! Seems like beauty and fitness are in their blood.

When we hear ‘Colombian women’ we automatically think of a girl with olive skin, dark/black hair and perfect body. They are naturally tanned, as Sofia Vergara so aptly flaunts. Again, exotic and beautiful!

So, let there be no doubt that Colombia is home to numerous of world’s hottest women. Their friendly nature, calm, and 24/7 partying attitude make them even more desirable.


7. Italy

That distinct accent and their penchant for fashion give Italian women an exotic appearance! They are quite elegant and social.

Italy is hugely known for its food and wine, and of course, the sexiest Italian women! It is an undisputable fact that Italian women are known for their beauty and talent

Commendably, some beautiful personalities of this country have maintained their repute years after years. From Celebs like Monica Bellucci to Sofia Loren, Italian women carry an international recognition as one of the stunners in the world.

So unarguably, it can be said that no country produces ‘hotties and beauties’ like Italy.

8. Netherlands

They are flawless, beautiful, tall, open minded, often blond and absolutely everywhere! And, they also have an impeccable sense of style.


Everyone has heard of the beautiful country Netherlands and its famous city Amsterdam. However, there is one more thing that is known for its draw in the Netherlands and i.e. the gorgeous Dutch girls.  

The Dutch women are liberal and express their liberation in many ways, from hairstyles, clothing, and attitude. They are very opinionative and honest.    

No wonder the film and fashion industry are flooded with beautiful Dutch personalities. Models like Doutzen Kroes and Lara Stone are the shining ornaments of fashion whereas actress like Famke Janssen and Nina Foch are celebrated actress.

9. Canada

Canadian women are some of the nicest people around, which has its own kind of beauty! They are super cool and down-to-earth.

Canadian women normally have an average height with a wide shoulder and narrow hip which makes them look thin. They have a pink or pale skin color, contoured cheekbones, fuller lips and bright eyes.

For this reason, the appearance of Canadian women is quite expressive and bold. The beauty of these women will surely give you goosebumps.

Canada might be cold, but it’s definitely home to numerous hot women in the entertainment business. Rachel McAdams, Marina Laswick, and Cobie Smulders are the few to names!


10. Australia

Australia is very popular and famous for its people, especially the ladies. They are quite amusing, friendly and unpretentious.

The Australian women apart from being intellectual and educated are glamorous and stunning at the very same time. Numerous of a talented and charming artist of Australia have earned global recognition.   

Australian women are mostly blonde with defining figure, which they generally flaunt in swimsuits. They are worldwide famous for their appealing personality and haunting beauty.

And seems like living by the beach has its perk, as hottie like Miranda Kerr will definitely testify! 

11. Argentina

Argentinian women have their own kind of attractiveness, which is instantly noticeable but hard to pin down. They are just unique!


There is something quite exquisite and alluring that Argentina has to offer! And in this lengthy list of the best thing, Argentinian women and their heavenly beauty and dauntless personality will always get the top mention.

The Argentine women owe it all- from the luminous skin, perfect bright eyes to toned body figure. Argentinian girls are creating waves globally through their talents and beauty.

Well-known women like Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (ex-president of Argentina), Hollywood star Mia Maestro and famous theater actress Soledad Fandino, are few of celebrated women of Argentina.


12. U.S.A

American girls are quite a head turner! They can make a world come to its knees with their beauty and sheer elegance.

The United States of America has the best of all wonderful things, be its places, cars or gorgeous women.  Celebrated pop stars, actress, TV presenter, and sports personalities, resides here.

Some beautiful American women like Jennifer Aniston, Megan Fox, Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe, and Madonna have captured the hearts of many!

American thrives on multiculturalism. The country has a mix of varied religions, races, cultures, and ethnicities. That’s why American women have their own kind of beauty! But native American women are a snow-white girl with blonde hair.


13. India

This multi-cultural and multi-racial country has produced several beautiful female faces in the world. Usually, they have the shiniest hair and glowing skin.

India is one of the diverse countries in the world, and the core of beauty lies in diversity. All we mean is there’s more than one face of beauty!

Indian women are best known for their dusky complexion, beautiful eyes, dark black shiny hair, graceful demeanor, and of course, their feminine and modest etiquette.

Indian women penchant for wearing sari, bangles, henna, and bindi has caught global attention. They look traditional yet seductive.

Some of the Indian beauties have created their mark in the international arena as well. These ladies have made their contribution and have excelled in their fields from fashion, cinema to sports and music.

High profile personalities like Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, and Aishwarya Rai are some of the renowned women of India.These women are the deadly combination of wit, brain, and beauty!

14. United Kingdom

The one thing that rings in our head when we look at English women is ‘elegant’! They’re charismatic, earthy and well-mannered.


United Kingdom today has a very diverse population which is why English women come in all shapes, size, and color. English women accent and their sense of fashion are found attractive by foreigners.

English women have a fairly typical appearance with a beautiful long face, sloping chin, pointed nose, thin lips and tall height. By nature, the English women are quite confident, really ambitious and even independent.

Some personalities like Kate Winslet, Naomi Watts, Kiera Knightly, and Cheryl Cole, among other, have mesmerized the world with their beauty!

15. Philippines

Philippine women exude so much charm and appeal! They have an exotic beauty and sociability.

Unarguably, Philippine women are amongst the most attractive women in the world. One of the most evident manifestations is through the international beauty pageants that they dominated for a long time.     

The Philippines have the crown for every major international beauty pageant. And in 2013, the country completed the Big four titles of Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Earth and Miss World.

Philippine women shine because they are quite open-minded and always smiling! They are quite unique, as they are the cocktail of few varied types of races.

In general, they have brownish tone, oval or round face, with smooth skin and shiny hair. Majority of them have average height with a slim figure.


16. Sweden

Yes, Swedish women are drop-dead gorgeous! They redefine beauty by taking it beyond looks.

Swedish women are liberated and beautiful in every sense! In fact, the beauty of Swedish women has been at the center of male attraction for over the ages.

Swedish girls are stereotyped to be blonde; however, there are brunettes as well. The greater number of hot and charming babes found in Sweden have pale milky skin, light-colored eyes, thin noses, square jawlines and usually are lean and tall.

Sexy body curves, glossy lips and captivating personality of Sweden girls are best appreciated by men, especially by the foreigner. Stunning Swedish girls carry themselves like ‘divas’.

Global personalities like Elsa Hosk, Alicia Vikander, Ann-Margret Olsson, and Malin Maria Akerman, has been charming the world with their beauty and talent.

17. Serbia

Perfect figure, sexy bodies, and penetrating eyes, Serbian women leave the world speechless! In fact, they are considered as the most beautiful women in Europe.


Serbian women present the best combination of Mediterranean and Slavic heredity. It seems the beautiful Serbian women have hit the genetic jackpot.

The women of every age in Serbia are a hot mess; probably because, they exhibit confident and boldness in their appearance.

Serbian women are stereotyped to brunette, tall, leggy thin, and have thick silky hair. Most of the Serbian girls have skin tone between beige and fair. In general, they possess curvy hips with a round bottom and fuller lips.

Serbian women have been famous for their striking female beauty and sexuality. Their top-notch beauty, straight-forward personality, and the attitude with which they carry themselves will just blow your mind.

And when you look them, they are no less than any sexy models!

18. Nepal

Gorgeous mountains, hills, Himalaya and Nepali girls will definitely wow you! And that is few thing which makes this country beautiful.

Nepal is one of the impoverished countries in the world, but you wouldn’t suspect it after seeing the beautiful smiles and faces of girls and women.

It’s fact that most voyagers are drawn here due to the Himalayans, hills and natural treasure, yet the people are even more majestic.

Due to country multiculturalism, the Nepalese women are quite different from one another. They differ from dark-skinned beauty to fair-skinned, slanting eyes to European eyes, chopped feature to expressive feature.

The dressing sense of typical Nepalese women has been found exotic by the foreigner. Their everyday wears include saris, kurta salwar, and younger girls are commonly clad in jeans and t-shirts. Gorgeous Nepalese women enhance their beauty with Kajol and a pair of earrings.

However, the domination of western culture can be seen in urban areas, as girls love to attend party, nightclubs and are quite frank in nature.


19. Bulgaria

If you want to see a perfect combination of bold and beautiful, visit Bulgaria! Women of Bulgaria are very beautiful, active and cheerful.

If we are talking about the beautiful women from all around the world, it wouldn’t be wrong to mention that Bulgarian women are most attractive and beautiful.

With their captivating looks, gorgeous hair, the beautiful Bulgarian women receive tons of admirers. Generally, Bulgarian women or girls have mysterious and exotic looks.

They have an appealing figure with naturally blemish free glowing skin. Typically they are feminist and take pride in their appearance. They gracefully flaunt their curvaceous body in tight fitted clothes.

Bulgaria female celebs especially actresses and models are some of the stunners that country boasts of. Undoubtedly, these women like Nikoleta Bojinova Lozanova and Silvia Dimitrova have a great role model when it comes to repressing their country in international arena.

20. Turkey

It is a fact that females in turkey have glowing skin and beautiful face! And they are also popular for their humility and etiquette.


Ladies from this country possess a mixture of Middle Eastern and European cultures. Due to which, the people boast a number of cultural backgrounds and facial features.   

Turkish women are photogenic with an alluring figure and carry themselves with grandeur like the queens and kings. If you have any doubt, simply follow the Turkish soaps operas on television to witness it.

Note: Beauty defers from person to person. There is no accurate measure of beauty. This article is by no means a testament to beauty, but a small guideline of what beauty looks like from all over the globe. All women are beautiful by defaults!