Did Bella Hadid Have An Eye Surgery? Fans Thinks The Model Looks Different In Her Recent Photos

Bella Hadid has not undergone eye surgery

Bella Hadid, whose full name is Isabella Khairiah Hadid, is a popular model from America. She was recognized as Model of the Year in 2016 by fashion and modeling professionals of the industry for

Hadid has worked with many prestigious modeling projects and events, including New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, and Paris Fashion Week. She also shot editorial photos and covers for numerous magazines, including Harper's Bazaar, GQ, W Magazine, Elle, Australia's Vogue, and others.

The acclaimed model has been in the industry since 2012. Ever since she rose to prominence, she has been the subject of persistent rumors and speculation about whether she has undergone plastic surgery and, if so, what area of her face was altered. Hadid recently addressed the matter in an interview with Vogue published in March 2022.

Did Bella Hadid Have Eye Surgery?

The supermodel has done no eye surgery and has not planned to do one as well. Her eyes have been the same since her birth with no cosmetic alteration.

Hadid disclosed in an interview with Vogue in 2022 that the rumors about her eye surgery are entirely untrue. She clarified that her eyes might look altered because, in most of the shoots and events, she used face tapes, a simple trick everyone in the modeling industry utilizes. Using a tape is very different from actually performing eye surgery.

Bella Hadid confessed to have done nose surgery
Bella Hadid confessed to have done nose surgery( Source : glamour )

Besides eye surgery, Bella was rumored to have complete plastic surgery on her face, fillers, botox, injections, and whatnot. She busted all rumors claiming her look is natural and all she has done is rhinoplasty which she regrets now.

Bella also revealed that she suffered from "impostor syndrome" because of detractors who thought (still think) she adjusted to her modeling profession through plastic surgery. She even suffered from mental problems because of all the hate she was getting on the Internet. Later with mental intervention and mindfulness, Bella somewhat came out of the situation, and as of now, she states that she doesn't care about others' opinions of her.

Bella Hadid Has Done Rhinoplasty

The supermodel confessed to Vogue that she cosmetically altered her nose when she was a teenager. But that is it. She has done nothing to other parts of her face.

Bella acknowledged having a nose job when she was 14 years old, three years before she began modeling professionally. She told Vogue, "I wish I had kept the nose of my ancestors," adding that the "adult Bella" would have undoubtedly grown into it. 

Vogue is not the first platform Bella has had talks about her plastic surgery rumors. In 2018 she told InStyle she had never had facial fillers and even strongly asserted that she could scan her face to prove it.

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Before And After Photos Of Bella Hadid

Bella did admit to having rhinoplasty but denied having any other cosmetic operations, such as fillers or an eye lift, on her face. People believed Hadid changed her entire face because of one puffy photo of her as a teenager present on the Internet. She logically explained that no one would look the same as they age. 

Before and after picture of Bella Hadid
Before and after picture of Bella Hadid( Source : theskincareedit )

It is reasonable for a person to have physical and physiological changes as they age. Moreover, transiting from the adolescent period to adulthood brings about drastic changes, which we believe Hadid also went through. But, because Hadid has a persistent presence in the media, people have a lot to say out of curiosity and out of adverse intention.