Henna is a dye prepared from Mignonette tree also known as henna tree. The word “henna" also refers to temporary body art. Henna has been used to dye nails, fingers, hair and clothes both cotton and wool.  Even Prophet used henna to color his hair and beard. Henna dyes in skin for several days.

The use of henna originated when the people living in desert of India discovered that henna keeps their body cool. After knowing this fact people started making the use of henna more sophisticated and beautiful instead of smearing it on. Since then henna has been used in wedding rituals, festivals and other celebrations throughout the Middle East. Henna is also referred as mehendi.

Henna is used by the to-be-bride in India, Pakistan, Arab and other few Middle East countries, where they celebrate the “mehendi” night, by dancing, singing and having lots of fun. Tradition holds that the deeper the stain is of henna the more your husband will love you. Henna was popular because not only rich but poor could also decorate their body without any expensive stuff like diamonds and gold by the use of henna.

Henna is now, gaining its popularity throughout the world.  Henna tattoo is gainaing popularity also because it is not as complex as making permanent tattoo, the kits or the package to craft henna tattoo is easily available in the beauty stores and market.

Most of the girls prefer henna to tattoo because henna can be removed easily, and it requires low budget than tattoo and also making henna doesn’t hurt. Not only girls but men who are fasinated by temorary body art also use henna tattoo for the purpose of body decoration. In some part of the world men ink henna design as the part of cultural ritual. 


1. How long do henna tattoo last? (Both cute whites and bold browns)

Henna lasts in hair for more than a month but in skin its lasts for several days. As henna is temporary form of tattoo, it lasts between 1-3 weeks.

Unlike the green Henna, white henna is not natural. White henna is made by artificial chemical components like adhesive, powder and gel. White henna tattoo are so stunning and cute, even the simple designs looks good in people’s body but they last only for few days.

2. How to take care of henna tattoo


The wet and fresh henna tattoos are very delicate so special attention should be give while it dries.

Prevent the tattoo from smudging and leave it dry for as much as you can, avoid using water to remove the tattoo instead opt for brushing. Prevent the use of water for few hours, after the Henna is printed on your body.

3. Best way to remove henna tattoo safely.

The easiest way to remove henna tattoo is by the help of baby oil and olive oil.

Step 1: rub the baby oil or olive oil all over the henna design Step

Step 2: let it soak for 3-5 minutes

Step 3: with the help of washcloth rub the henna until it is totally gone.