You can never get enough of this big wonder-world, the more you travel the less it is. In order to help you come together with your 2018 travel list, we have compiled 20 must visit European cities. 

From the Italy and Germany to England and France, European countries are filled with vibrant cities best known for architecture, museums, infrastructure, nightlife, and restaurants, so decision to pick one for travel can be difficult.

So simply, go through this article to know your destination more because Europe is waiting for you desperately. Bon Voyage!

1. Rome

Rome is the can’t-miss places on your travel to Europe. The vista of historic sites and aroma of fresh Italian cuisines are two of those magical things about Rome.

The Vatican City, St. Peter’s Basilica is the significant places for any traveler to tour in Italy’s capital.

Rome is also popular for its history that goes back to the years of Hadrian, Julius Caesar, and Octavian, among others. Lingering are structures like the Roman Forum, number of churches, the Pantheon, and other ancient gems.

Moreover, its momentous history is the focus for numerous voyagers. Even an art enthusiast will surely enchant the art house at the Vatican Museums, and the food lovers will relish the delicious Italian cuisine. 

The City of Seven Hills, Rome, has a mild Mediterranean weather that gives energetic yet calm mood to roam the romantic streets.