You can never get enough of this big wonder-world, the more you travel the less it is. In order to help you come together with your 2018 travel list, we have compiled 20 must visit European cities. 

From the Italy and Germany to England and France, European countries are filled with vibrant cities best known for architecture, museums, infrastructure, nightlife, and restaurants, so decision to pick one for travel can be difficult.

So simply, go through this article to know your destination more because Europe is waiting for you desperately. Bon Voyage!


1. Rome

Rome is the can’t-miss places on your travel to Europe. The vista of historic sites and aroma of fresh Italian cuisines are two of those magical things about Rome.

The Vatican City, St. Peter’s Basilica is the significant places for any traveler to tour in Italy’s capital.

Rome is also popular for its history that goes back to the years of Hadrian, Julius Caesar, and Octavian, among others. Lingering are structures like the Roman Forum, number of churches, the Pantheon, and other ancient gems.

Moreover, its momentous history is the focus for numerous voyagers. Even an art enthusiast will surely enchant the art house at the Vatican Museums, and the food lovers will relish the delicious Italian cuisine. 

The City of Seven Hills, Rome, has a mild Mediterranean weather that gives energetic yet calm mood to roam the romantic streets.

2. Venice

Venice is very enchanting! Yes, that may sound cliche, but once you visit this city build on water for yourself, indeed you will agree.


Once you reach the Santa Lucia train station, the incredible Grand Canal will soon enchant you. You will feel like sailing over the canvas when cursing through Grand Canal.

Considered to be the essential street of Venice, the 2-mile-long Grand Canal is amid the highly photographed and most popular tourist attraction.

This canal-clad town’s main attraction is its lovely atmosphere; however, you will explore a few diversions, too. The city will give you several historical insights and you can also visit the islands like Lido.

The classical music and artful lifestyle of Venice will make you envy with the people residing there. And if you dribble for world-class labels, Piazza San Marco stands there for you.

3. Madrid

The capital city of Spain, Madrid offers you audacity that no other city in the world can. The enticing culinary and ancient museums welcome every traveler in exclusively.

Madrid has all the basics of quintessential vacation destination in Europe.

From active nightlife, luxury hotels, delicious Spanish food to stunning architecture and world-class museums, this city is full of entertainment and vibrant atmosphere that keeps you enchanted all the time.

Madrid is for voyagers interested in painting, architectures, but it’s also, for those seeking for an unhurried quality time. You can enjoy the chilled and bubbly environment, gazing blue sky and rays at roadways coffee bar sipping vermouth.


4. Barcelona

Barcelona has both the authentic history and the wildest people. Form the colorful scene to the romantic alleys, this stunning city by the sea seems to draw all types of travelers.

Barcelona’s varied collection of structural design makes the town stand out! And when you feel tired of exploring architecture, relax on the beach eating local mouth-watering cuisines.

From the beachside discos to various sacred churches, the city welcomes all types of visitors, including the cultural lovers, the partier, and the couples, to adventure variety of things.

Plus, this city has the most romantic climate, but summer hits Barcelona most. Also, it the home to one of the most admired football club i.e. Barcelona. And, don’t forget to miss the eclectic shopping & exquisite wine tasting.

5. Paris

The City of Light and romance attracts millions of tourists each year with its memorable ambiance. And, of course, the art collection, divine cuisines, and fashion earn some of the credit as well.


A trip to Paris is filled with monuments, great museums, and numerous holy churches. Being one the most visited cities; Paris always enchants its tourists with its liveliness and unique aroma.

Voyagers should make some time for chilling at sidewalk cafes drinking beer and enjoying drawn-out food with fine wine at night.

Moreover, the precious artwork and towering Eiffel Tower will make it hard to leave this France’s capital city. And if you’re looking for a quality and romantic vacation with your beloved ones, without delay, set off for Paris!

6. Marseille

With a lively urban energy and busy harbor, Marseille draws travelers looking for bona fide experience. This cosmopolitan town is France’s oldest & 2nd largest, that has much to offer.

From the cultural diversity and olden history to moving seaside scenery, the city’s multiculturalism and livelihood make Marseille an awe-inspiring place.

Anywhere in Marseille, travelers are close to the chill blue waters; while wandering around an old street with a great view, or feeling the fresh sea breeze.

Currently, the city is all set to sway the heart of tourists with its renewed and renovated architecture monuments. With the massive urban renewal, the city has plenty of top-notch hotels, art shop, classy restaurants, and lavish shopping stores.

And most importantly, don’t forget to get a drive from I’Estaque to Les Goudes, you will thank us later! 


7. Lisbon

Western Europe’s one of the fascinating cities, Lisbon could be your next escape gateways for 2018. What we guarantee is you will be thrilled with Europe’s finest museums, cultural centers, and galleries.

Among Lisbon’s increasing attraction, indoor aquarium and sophisticated dining scene are much-loved. Affordable prices, glorious architecture, inherent traditions, & thoroughly modern style have made Lisbon into a top best traveling destination.

Lisbon has earned a reputation as one of the finest places on the continent for live music, varied from jazz to rock and classical, with numerous event being golf in the city. Seems like a must visit place for music lover and party-freak.

The sun-kissed city on the seven vertical hills has diverse things to enchant from heavy architecture to chic shop and art galleries.

If you are seriously looking to surrender yourself to an amiable city, give a shot for Lisbon.

8. Amsterdam

Don’t believe everything that you hear about Amsterdam. There is more to this Netherlands city than its Red Light District area and the infamous coffee shop culture.


With its dynamic atmosphere, beautiful bridges and canal, Amsterdam boasts its prettiness. Also known as ‘Venice of North’ because of those striking canal, the city possesses great architecture & has over 1,500 bridges.

At Amsterdam, you can spend the day riding cycle along the stylish streets, prior to exploring notable museums, like the Van Gogh Museum. Also, affordable hotels and friendly locals will make your vacation easier.

Like other cities, you don’t need to wait an accurate season to go Amsterdam, just pack your bag and fly anytime you want to be dancing and exploring one the world’s great orchestras. 

9. Berlin

Like America loves New York, England admire London and France adores Paris, similarly, Germany proudly claims Berlin.

The combination of delight and gravel, Berlin is capable to hypnotize everyone with its vivacious civilization as well as progressive architecture. 

Berlin is overflowed with fabulous culinary, wild parties, and concrete past. The capital city is more like a 3D movie of ancient culture and historical bookmarks.

And what is Las Vegas, Berlin is forever young celebrating hardcore parties 365 days filled with fancy drinks and dancing numbers. Your boredom will disappear with this multicultural and beautiful city.

The jamming all day-night at bars/coffee shops and beautifully decorated walls/street will amuse you with the soothing experience. 


10. Dubrovnik

With its sublime scene and blue waters of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik is an integral walled city. The city will give you hunch of Venice with its artistic lifestyle and literary history.

The main attraction is the charming old city packed with sacred churches and beautiful infrastructure. Normally, people visit Dubrovnik for relaxation, no to trade.

Dubrovnik is an ancient city admired by royalty, ambassadors, and intellectuals. Hence, the city used to be the home of numerous remarkable poets and artists.

The city is a craft of glamorous architecture and sculptural detail along with Baroque churches, fountains and foreign ports. The museums, monasteries and outstanding pedestrians are a great way to deal with leisure to any visitors.

11. Budapest

Budapest is more than just being the political capital of Hungary. It’s also the cultural and commercial market.


Whether you’re looking for cuisines, museums, shopping center, a multitude of all is promises in Budapest.  Also, the prices are fairly affordable that you won’t have to think twice; you can just indulge in all of them. 

From the rich Jewish tradition to multifaceted cuisines, places like the Buda Castle Quarter make this city more appealing and delightful.

While the old-fashioned cafes, fin-de-siecle facades, and thermal baths gracefully sweep you off your feet. The architectural worth and ‘wow’ landscape of Budapest makes it known as ‘Paris of the East’.

In one word, Budapest is itself a ‘museum’ that will offer you something tempting at every turn!

12. Prague

Get ready to step into a fairy tale with a travel to Prague. The gothic-like architecture draws tourists of all ages!

A bustling and glamorous town, Prague now draws more visitors than ever. Today’s top attraction includes the historic Prague Castle and popular Charles Bridge.

The town’s love of music is quite contagious. And, you will also acknowledge Prague’s affordability as compared to other appealing Europe’s destinations.

The landscape of green river connected with granite bridges isn’t only a wonderful reality but also an opportunity to explore.

And if you want to explore the sensuality of Prague more, travel around at night with a beer, it will be a memory for a lifetime.


13. Copenhagen

The Danish capital’s compact dimension is the perfect place to discover on two feet! Because most of Copenhagen’s popular sights and attraction are within walking distance.

The three most known attractions are likely the Little Mermaid’s statue, 100-year old Tivoli Garden and a free town of Christiania. But, the city has a lot more to offer!

With the ancient history that dates back to 1043, Copenhagen is filled with historic landmarks, old museums, sights and significant buildings.

It also offers mix of cultural attraction, fine interiors and architecture, Islamic and European art collections and a booming fashion vision that has launched successful designers internationally

14. Dublin

The Irish capital, Dublin, is filled with the traces of tumultuous past history. Like many others modern towns, Dublin a melting pot of different cultures.


Dublin is best known for its customary music and dance, multifaceted traditions, folklore and fine literature. Visitors will be getting a lifetime experience of the traditional alongside modern on their visit to Dublin.   

You will cherish the traces of Viking from the 9th century and medieval fortress makes you realize that the city is an open museum for every traveler.

You can enjoy each sip of drink cherishing the enchanting music in never-changing habitual pubs. Also, go with flow gazing music and art galleries.  All you are supposed to do is roll up and watch what exactly Dublin has to offer you.

15. Vienna

This storied town is well-known for its monarch and music. History remains at the heart of Vienna both figuratively and literally!

A city that seduces and charms with its majestic history and architectural; is Vienna. With Imperial Chapel, Spanish Riding School, Hofburg Palace and other gothic monuments, the city looks so beautiful.

Vienna is also a great destination to spend some money, with numerous bookstores competing for business besides Haute Couture. Further, there are also a number of attractions for children, including the best zoo and amusement park.


16. Reykjavik

Home to nearly half of Iceland’s inhabitants, Reykjavik is the great destination in Europe for a break! It’s a beautiful city with Icelandic culture and lifestyle.

Reykjavik provides a treasured backdrop to explore in! From the thermal showers and hot spring to the Icelandic Phallological Museum, there’s something for everybody.

Whether you want to take thermal baths admiring the mountain, or get lost in nature, or just drive through roads forged from lava, you will garner enough things to make you awestruck for days.

Interestingly, people of Reykjavik have a strong sense of myth, with numerous believing in elves.

The unpredictable weather of Reykjavik makes the day more adventurous to stroll over Tjornin pond, Einar Jonsson Museum, and lovely parks. You can also join the local in the pool or in the exquisite beach.

17. Bruges

One of Europe’s best decorated medieval towns, Burges is pretty and romantic! Bruges must have to be every tourist’s dream.


With gilded architecture, vivid tunnel art, stay-a-white cafes, canals, and bridges, Bruges is a joyful sightseeing travel destination.

Anyone walking through the streets or taking a boat trip on the canals can immediately fall under its spell. Essential viewing at Bruges should include the Basilica of the Holy Blood, Town Hall, and Liberty of Bruges, among others.

The never-lasting crowd of tourist, especially during summer, gives you fascinating buzz of liveliness. And the collection of museums will definitely turn your leisure visit into a productive one.

18. Athens

Athens was made for architecture adherents and history buffs. The city is recognized for its monuments and archaeology.

Athens is a sprawling town built among seven historic hills and delimited by notable mountains. A history that backs more than 3,000 years, Athens is hugely known as the cradle of Western evolution and the birthplace of democracy.

This bustling and captivating city also serves as the great European getaway for travel guru. The city’s laid-back lifestyles, nightlife, and tasty cuisines attract the masses from all around the world.  


19. Saint Petersburg

The history of Russia’s imperial capital, St. Petersburg never fails to amaze! St. Petersburg is an ultimate treasure trove of art and culture.

No trip to St. Petersburg is complete without a tour to the globally known Hermitage museum, which contains the masterpieces by Picasso and Leonardo da Vinci. You can spend hours in Hermitage museum, witnessing everything from Egyptian mummies to Picassos.

Undoubtedly, the city is the canvas of utter splendor and history of Russia that won’t stop to stun you with its revolutionary fortitude.   

The charm of this city is always enticing whereas the summers are extra adventurous to fly to this outstanding destination.

20. London

There is no denying on excelling beauty and luminosity of London’s beauty and its street. Also, the city is a melting pot of diverse cultures and opulent cuisine.


At London, you will find the Tate Modern and historic Tower of London, both considered a must-see. The city is wrapped with music venues and record shops- you can just relive the classic music inspire down the years.

While Londoners may still praise the taste of tea, they now have some Starbucks here and there. Shakespeare’s sonnets are still being expressed by some actors!

 The range of bars, nightclubs, restaurants, theaters, performance arts, sports, and other events is just astounding. However, London’s costly hotels can make budget voyagers cringe.