5 Facts About Biff Poggi Wife Amy Poggi And Their Children

Biff Poggi joined as a coach at Michigan in July 2021.
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Biff Poggi received immense support from his wife and children throughout his coaching career. He lives in a family of seven members.

Poggi is the former associate head coach of St. Frances Academy. He is one of the most prominent figures to turn the St. Frances Academy into a high school football powerhouse.

The head coach has won 13 Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association Conference A championships in 19 seasons at Gilman. He recently left the Baltimore Catholic school to rejoin Jim Harbaugh's staff at the University of Michigan in 2021. 

In 2020, the football coach was part of the HBO documentary series 'The Cost of Winning,' produced by Pro Football Hall of Famer Michael Strahan. After the series, many fans witnessed Poggi's big heart and passion for football.

Biff Poggi's tenacity has received positive feedback from the general public after seeing his dedication to the work. We've included information about his wife and married life below to tell you more about Biff Poggi's personal life.

Who Is Biff Poggi?

Biff Poggi is an American football coach. He is the former assistant head coach of St. Frances Academy.

Before heading to coaching, the football coach played football with Dan Marino, a retired football quarterback, at Pitt, before heading off to pursue a prosperous career as a Hedge Fund manager.

Biff Poggi is also a former footballer, and a retired investment banker.
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After 19 years, Biff Poggi left St. Frances Academy and its football team in 2016 to take a position as the associate head football coach at the University of Michigan. He helped the school win 13 state championships and place No. 13 in the 2015 USA TODAY High School Sports Super 25 rankings. His remarkable 135-43 career record was as the team's head coach.

Poggi was also part of the HBO documentary series 'The Cost of Winning,' where his contribution to school football has been described.

As per the documentary, Poggi even invested his own money, about USD 2.5 million, to build the school's youth academy. 

5 Facts About Biff Poggi's Wife & Children 

The success of Biff Poggi is all due to receiving an immense amount of support from his wife and children. 

Helping others was among the most crucial lessons Biff Poggi instilled in his family. He has assisted numerous people throughout his life, including young athletes who needed housing. Here are some interesting facts about his family members.

1. Biff Poggi Is Married To Amy Poggi 

Football coach Biff Poggi has been happily married to his wife, Amy Poggi, for over three decades. They met at Duke University. 

With his wife, Biff has endowed the Poggi Pediatric Orthopaedic Research Scholar Award to extend his interest in teaching and mentorship.

The Poggi Family.
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2. Biff Poggi & His Wife Have Five Children

Biff Poggi and his wife, Amy Poggi, are the parents of four children. They share three sons and two daughters.

Big Poggi with his children.
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Henry, Sam, and Jim Poggi are the sons of Biff Poggi and Amy Poggi. The name of their daughters is Mellie and Marry Poggi.

Biff Poggi has coached all his children, and as a result, they played for some of the top collegiate teams.

3. His Son, Henry, Is A Big Fullback

Biff Poggi's son, Henry, is 6 feet 4 inches tall. He is a big 257 pounds football fullback.

Sam, Biff Poggi's other son, was also a collegiate football player. He moved to play collegiate football at Duke University and the University of Michigan, respectively. As of now, he is following in his father's footsteps as a football coach.

Gilman coach Biff Poggi, center, is pictured with two of his three sons, Henry, left, and Sam, right.
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Sam also served as one of the defensive lines coaches at Gilman School, a famous boys' school in Maryland, where he coached his brother Henry Poggi and Melvin Keihn, a friend of Henry. Sam also gained a lot of coaching and social skills knowledge from his father.

4. Meet Biff Poggi Son Jim Poggi

Jim Poggi was one of Maryland's top high school football prospects when he played at Gilman School (Baltimore), as mentioned in this ESPN article from 2009. He had scholarship offers from more than 20 prestigious institutions.

Henry Poggi (left) and family (from left): Jim, Melvin Keihn, sister Mellie, sister-in-law Alyssa, brother Sam, mother Amy, sister Mary, father Biff.
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Jim finally enrolled at the University of Iowa. He then played collegiate football for the school's football team for four years.

5. Biff Poggi's Daughter Mellie Is A Sophomore

Poggi's eldest daughter, Mellie, is 19 years old. While his youngest daughter, Marry, turned 14 this year.

Per her Instagram, Mellie is studying at the UMD Medical School in Baltimore. Her sister, Marry, started school at UM last year.