Big Fendi

Big Fendi

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Big Fendi is a controversial personality as of now. He was recently seen in MTV’s RapFix Live. 

Quick Facts:
Name Big Fendi
Birthday N/A
Gender Male
Height N/A
Nationality N/A
Profession Owner of Dirty Money Records
Instagram @bigfendi
Twitter @bigfendi

Fendi’s was in an interview with Lil Kim alongside Nicki Minaj. Fendi is the person who brought Nicki Minaj to the industry. He signed Nicki after listening to her records available on Myspace. Fendi also introduced her to many rappers inside and out of the industry. However, The partnership broke due to some personal reasons. Sources reveal that Nicki also slapped Fendi once. After that, Nicki left signed a contract with Young Money Entertainment.

10 Facts About Big Fendi 

  1. Big Fendi is one of the talent scouts of the music industry in the hip-pop and Rap genre.
  2. Big Fendi is the owner of Dirty Money Records. According to his twitter handle, he is the CEO of the company.
  3. Being a part of the huge music industry, he is still not as recognized in the industry. 
  4. Big Fendi firstly signed Nicki Minaj with his company Dirty Money Records. However, Nicki Minaj kicked his contract and left him after she was famous.\
  5. Big Fendi’s Instagram handle is private for now. Moreover, He has about 287 thousand of followers.
  6. Big Fendi’s birthday is not on board for now. He is quite a secretive person and doesn’t like to be in the media’s attention.
  7. Recently, He came live in MTV’s radio show named ‘Rapfix Live’. The show grabbed a lot of attention as Nicki Minaj was in the same show alongside her former manager Big Fendi.
  8. Big Fendi is also associated with Lil Wayne’s The ComeUp DVD.
  9. Big Fendi’s relationship status is unavailable for now. Also, his personal life details like family and siblings also not on board.
  10. Lastly, Big Fendi established himself in the industry with his Dirty money Records in the year 1998. And he has launched amazing singers and rappers from his company.

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