Dlf Kultur Radio Host Bisrat Negassi Wikipedia and Career In Nutshell

Bisrat Negassi, a fashion designer with her own label Negassi, has not been penned down on Wikipedia.

Bisrat was recently invited to the cultural radio show Deutschlandfunk Kultur to talk about her journey going into designing clothes. 

Bisrat Negassi fled Eritrea and settled in Germany as a child with her family. Through a series of detours, she eventually became a fashion designer and established her own label.

She now creates gathering places for creative people from Africa and Germany through her culture salon.

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Who Is Bisrat Negassi? Dlf Kultur Radio Host Wikipedia Details

Bisrat Negassi, a fashion designer, born in a war-torn country, has yet to be recognized by Wikipedia.

Bisrat Negassi displayed her collection at the UNITED FOR AFRICA charity event in Berlin's St. Elisabeth church, which German Federal President Horst Köhler hosted. Negassi was invited to the opening by the host PUMA.

The FÉDÉRATION FRANAISE DU PRT PORTER and the AltaRomAltaModa invited BISRAT NEGASSI invited her to show her collection during Rome Fashion Week.

Bisrat Negassi and Celine Faizant had the opportunity to display their works in the Rome Auditorium - Parco della Musica.

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What Is The Alter Of Bisrat Negassi?

Bisrat Negassi was born in the early 1970s in the midst of the war raging in her native country, Eritrea, making her age fall somewhere in the early 40s. 

Bisrat was six years old when her parents were forced to make a difficult decision to flee their home country. 

"It was always out of the question for me to study fashion design," says Bisrat Negassi. Today, the fashion designer has her own label, "Negassi." 

Fashion was not initially at the top of her list of career options due to her desire to "give something back" through her work. After graduating from high school, the Hamburg native considered a career in medicine or as a war reporter "to tell the stories that aren't told."

After detours into the hospital and architecture, Negassi eventually ended up in the fashion world, where she interned with well-known designers and lived in Paris for a while. There, she worked with people from 18 different countries.

All of this is detailed in Bisrat Negassi's autobiography "Ich Bin" which will be released on May 9. 

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Insight On Bisrat Negassi familie 

Bisrat Negassi fled Eritrea and settled in Germany as a child with her family. Her parents were activists during the war of independence against the DERG regime. After her father found himself on the death list, her parents immediately decided to leave the country. 

Bisrat has three siblings though she does not talk about them much. 

Negassi's fundamental change in fashion is also due to a special piece of clothing: a floral dress made by her mother while fleeing Sudan. Bisrat Negassi still associates it with much more than a floral fabric.

According to her statement on the radio show Deutschlandfunk Kultur on May 6, she believes that we shape our daily story through fashion. It is also "a mobile shelter" that can "visually and audibly" reflect one's own history for others.

What Is The Net Worth Of Bisrat Negassi? A Look At Her Twitter Bio

The net worth of Bisrat Negassi is not public knowledge, but looking at her success in the fashion industry, she may have amassed a hefty fortune. 

She has written one book, and after 2 years of writing, the book will finally be released on May 9. ICH BIN is a celebration of Hope, Music, Fashion, and, most importantly, Love. 

She wrote the book as a love letter to her parents and all Eritrean parents who have had to flee their homeland. And for her sisters and brothers back in her homeland who died for their independence and freedom.

Bisrat Negassi has not joined Twitter. However, she is available on Instagram under the username @bisratnegassi.