'Blu Of Earth' Girlfriend Charlotte Brereton And Aaron Rodgers Relationship Timeline

The rumored couple: Blu of Earth, Charlotte (left), Charlotte and Aaron (right) ( Source : Nypost )

The quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers, has a reputation for having a life that deviates from normal. He has been the center of attention during the offseason this year. Well, he has once again summoned people's interest with his love affair.

Following his separation from Shailene Woodley, he is reported to have found a new companion to add colors to his life, and her name is "Blu of Earth." 

Having set quite a record for thriving love life, the fans lost their cool after Shailene Woodley's relationship with him was made public on social media. They were again upset when they recently split up. 

It looks like Rodgers has moved on, and that with a witch. Yes, you heard it right! Keep reading to learn the details.

'Blu Of Earth' Charlotte Brereton And Aaron Rodgers Relationship Timeline

After calling off his engagement to Woodley, Rodgers is now dating Charlotte Brereton; nevertheless, the lady is famously known by the name "Blu of Earth."

The rumors spiked after these two individuals were seen together with a group of individuals. After that, social media users started working to speculate that Rodgers and Blu of Earth were dating.

Ms. Earth currently has 92.4K followers and is very active on Instagram. She already has 1121 posts on her account. Aaron's supposed girlfriend is also a podcast host as she runs The Deja Blu. Furthermore, she is also the co-founder of florescence.earth.

Aaron Rodgers and Blu of Earth are rumored to be dating each other
Aaron Rodgers and Blu of Earth are rumored to be dating each other ( Source : Nccrea )

While setting her podcast's Instagram page, the woman wrote: "A clean reservoir of consciousness from which souls thirsty for purity, relief, and love can drink."

Likewise, the Instagram page of florescence.earth reads, "A Modern Mystery School for Women to reclaim the magical, radically authentic, wise, wild, unapologetic you." She has mentioned the link for the course on this Instagram account.

While on her personal Instagram, she posts fragments from her podcast, occasionally showing off her guitar and singing skills.

Charlotte Breton Age Gap With Packers QB

According to rumors, Blu of Earth is identified as a witch and a healer. Keeping par with The SECRETS of A True Medicine Woman, the host called Ms. Earth "a real-life witch of the good kind."

Blu of Earth was previously in a relationship with Andre Duqum. The couple dated for 2.5 years and announced their breakup in a joint Instagram post in May. After being together for almost three years, the couple claimed there wasn't just a single reason they separated.

There is no precise information about her age yet; however, it has been assumed that she was born in the 1990s, making her early thirties in 2022. 

The new girlfriend of Aaron Rodgers is reported to be a witch
The new girlfriend of Aaron Rodgers is reported to be a witch ( Source : Sportsmockery )

Undoubtedly, she has a religious background, and she follows her faith. Her official website also states that she began her life's journey at a British Boarding school. She is reported to be graduated from a prestigious university.

As her name has been joined with Aaron Rodgers, a swarm of information will be revealed about her in the coming days. This year has been a roller coaster for Aaron's professional and personal development. Nevertheless, the reigning NFL MVP has returned to his original starting position.

The four-time NFL MVP frequently draws attention with stories about his personal life. Since he started in 2008, Rodgers has become well-known for his distinctive touchdown celebration, which he and his teammates have dubbed the "Championship Belt."

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