Brady Cunningham is an American fashion designer who is known for her designs and retailing outfit known as Ten Over Six that she co-founded with fellow designer and best friend Kristen Lee. Brady is also famed for being the wife to American actor Jason Schwartzman with whom they got married in 2009. Here we look at some facts about this fashion designer that remain unknown to most of her fans around the world.


Quick facts about Brady Cunningham

Full Name: Brady Cunningham

Born: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Birth Place: Daphne, Alabama

Ethnicity: White

Profession: Fashion Designer

Fashion Houses: Ten Over Six, John Bartlett

Net Worth: Unknown

Marital Status: Married

Spouse: Jason Schwartzman (m. 2009)

Children: 2

1. Brady Cunningham was given a masculine name by her father

If there is one group of people that is hard to understand is our parents, many of their decisions at times just seem out of this world and most of these instances, we happen to be helpless and so cannot fully accept or reject whatever the decision it is that they might have coerced us into accepting. We still love them anyway. A good example is Brady Cunningham’s dad who saw it fist to give his daughter a masculine name if just to make her tough. I can’t say I understand the psychology behind that, I don’t trust me. But that’s just how it is and the reputable fashion designer has had to live with her name.

2. Brady Cunningham’s love for designing came from helping her mom

Being a girl child and not really being the outgoing type that would gladly waddle in a pond of mad, Brady chose a different pastime activity that was very different from what girls her age opted for. Brady used to help her mom with sewing during day time and it’s this exposure to fabric and needles that got her interested in fashion design, and from it was nurtured the kind of passion that has led her to accomplish what she has now.


3. Brady and husband had a wedding week

Many couples tie the knot in ceremonies that leave them with memories of their special day but then what about having a wedding week? Quite a deal, right? This was just the case with Brady Cunningham and Jason Schwartzman who held a wedding week in which family and friends flew in and dined in the most exotic of hotels while awaiting the D-day which was the climax of the whole wedding week. The couple finally tied the knot in 2009 at a ceremony in their backyard.