Who Is Brooke Hammerling? Family Details About The Founder Of New New Thing

Brooke Hammerling is an entrepreneur from the United States.

Brooke Hammerling is an entrepreneur who serves as the founder of The New New Thing and partitions her time between New York and Los Angeles.

An alma mater of Rollins College, Hammerling founded Brew Media Relations in 2005 and sold it to London-based PR firm Freuds before starting her new venture.

Entrepreneur: Who Are Brooke Hammerling Parents?

Brooke Hammerling was born to her beloved parents, who left her side when she was young; she has shared many precious pictures of them on social media.

Margaret Doolittle Lesser Hammerling is her beautiful mom; she passed away in 1997, and the 10th of April 2022 marked her 25th death anniversary.

A childhood picture of Brooke with her beloved parents.
A childhood picture of Brooke with her beloved parents.( Source : Instagram )

Likewise, her dad had an unexpected death in 1998, and the 1st of January 2022 marked his 24th death anniversary. The entrepreneur must have had a tough time growing up without her parents' love.

Furthermore, Brooke locked up most of her memories with them, but she has recently been able to look back on the pictures from the past and cherish them while sharing them on her Instagram. We feel incredibly sorry for the loss Hammerling had to suffer, and hopefully, she will be able to overcome the grief gradually.

Brooke Hammerling Age And Wikipedia

Brooke is a 48 years old entrepreneur born in 1974, and she makes a toast to commemorate her birthday on the 30th of April under the astrological sign Taurus.

Hammerling serves as the founder of The New New Thing.
Hammerling serves as the founder of The New New Thing.( Source : Thenewnewthing )

The entrepreneur is the founder of The New New Thing, a strategic communications advisory firm working with companies on high-level strategy, clever storytelling, and developing solid relationships.

Likewise, she also serves as a writer and podcaster at Pop Culture Mondays, which airs every Monday and Thursday, available on Apple podcasts. Furthermore, she was previously the founder of Brew Media Relations and served as the VP of Media Relations at Zeno.

Brooke Hammerling Husband And Family

Hammerling hasn't disclosed if she is married to her husband, but she refers to Ian M and Ian Shive as her family; she has made many posts on Instagram with them.

The founder of The New New Thing seems to have a good bonding with people as he has made several posts with her friends and colleagues on the social networking site. However, she hasn't revealed a single picture of her walking down the aisle with her significant other.

Brooke shared this picture on Instagram with the caption 'La mia famiglia (My family) ❤️❤️❤️.'
Brooke shared this picture on Instagram with the caption 'La mia famiglia (My family) ❤️❤️❤️.'( Source : Instagram )

Moreover, Brooke is a dog person and gets along with babies well; she often spends time with her nephew and niece but hasn't shared if she has a kid. Thus, we presume that she hasn't tied the knot with her lover yet, maybe because she might not have been able to overcome the trauma of losing her parents at a young age, or she has kept her marital status a secret. 

Brooke Hammerling Net Worth In 2022

Brooke might have a net worth of at least $1 million as she founded Brew Media Relations before launching The New New Thing in 2020.

She shaped Brew PR for almost 15 years before selling it to London-based PR firm Freudsin in 2016; she started the pioneering media relations agency in 2005. Likewise, the entrepreneur has over two decades of experience helping the most successful tech entrepreneurs shape their communications strategies.

Furthermore, she was the director of MobShop from May 1998 to December 2001 and has worked as a media relations consultant for Oracle corporate, Electronic Arts corporate, Xfire, and Fractal Edge, as per her LinkedIn profile. Thus, Hammerling must have pilled up sound finances in her bank account throughout her career.

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