Meet MMA Fighter Bruno Cappelozza On Instagram, His All Records And Bio Details

American mixed martial artist Bruno Capppelozza is most known for winning the heavyweight championship. The athlete has established himself as one of the most remarkable opponents in the preventing league following his victories in numerous championships played worldwide.

By working as a coach for Corinthians Paulista, a Brazilian sports organization, he began his career as a qualified athlete.

About his early years, hardly much is known. He is a native of Sao Paolo’s Jau neighborhood.

He had his fundamental education at Tolentino Miraglia Doutor, followed by his supplementary education at Faculdades Integradas de Jau.He began his career as a professional competitor by training with the Brazilian sports team Corinthians Paulista. His early phases have not received much attention. However, he appears to have started guarding against Joao Paulo Perera at the Predator Fight Club. He began to support and win cases after suffering his first defeat in the conflict with Marcelo Cruz.

Who Is Bruno Cappelozza?

A heavyweight competitor in the Professional Fighters League (PFL), Bruno Cappelozza is a professional mixed martial artist. On April 28, 2022, the boxer most recently faced Stuart Austin. A popular MMA fighter known for winning the heavyweight belt is Bruno Capppelozza from the United States.


With his victories in numerous international fighting championships, he has established himself as one of the most renowned fighters. The athlete was born on May 2, 1989, in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Bruno Cappelozza has 32 years of experience.

He began his career as a professional athlete by instructing with Corinthians Paulista, a Brazilian sports organization. In the Predator Fight Club, he appears to have started fighting Joao Paulo Perera, though. After suffering his first defeat in the fight with Marcelo Cruz, he started to get better and start winning contests.


The athlete charged into the fight with some early low kicks, landing a powerful right in return. The battle soon entered the clinch, where Bruno used trips to get a few quick takedowns. Soon after, he moved into mount and threw a barrage of punches to win by first-round TKO and score six points for the PFL 2022 season.

Up to this point, Cappelozza has a stellar 15 professional victories and five losses. On October 27, 2021, he previously engaged in combat with Ante Delija. Bruno received a unanimous decision victory. The competitor won the PFL heavyweight title in October by a decision victory over Ande Delija in a 25-minute contest at PFL 10.

Who Is Bruno Cappelozza’s Wife?

Jessica Siqueira Cappelozza, who began as Bruno Cappelozza’s girlfriend but eventually became his wife, and they are happy together.


It is unknown that the pair has a son and that Cappelozza spends a lot of time with them when he isn’t practicing for the championships, even though the couple doesn’t share many details about their personal lives. Recently, his family moved to Brazil, but the fighter is unable to see them because of his skilled obligations.

Who Are Bruno Cappelozza’s Parents?

There is no information about Bruno’s mother and father, but as per the source, during Bruno’s match, he learned that his cherished father, Joao Roberto Cappelozza, had passed away when a gifted athlete won the PFL heavyweight title by decision over Ande Delija in a 25-minute match at PFL 10.

Bruno Cappelozza’s Income

By winning the PFL heavyweight championship and the $1 million prize, Cappelozza (14-5) made a significant step toward his goal of becoming a boss. 

His exact net worth has not, however, been disclosed. With his consecutive victories up until this point, he may be making a sizable pay per game. 

In addition to serving as the heavyweight champion with a remarkable winning record, Bruno also offers numerous sponsorship and endorsement opportunities from various sports-related brands. Bruno has a huge net worth because his victories have shown that he is unbeatable.

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