Caleb Fauria, Christian Fauria Son Is Also A Tight End In High School

 Caleb Fauria (right) with his father, Christian Fauria.
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Chrisitan Fauria's son Caleb Fauria is a student and football player. He plays as a tight end at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Caleb Fauria's father, Chrisitan Fauria, is among the most popular football tight end. His dad was drafted with the 39th pick and played seven prestigious seasons with the Seattle Seahawks. Moreover, his dad starred in two Super Bowl championships in 2004 and 2005.

One of the top senior football prospects in Massachusetts is Caleb Fauria. Continue until the end to learn some interesting facts about him.

Who Is Christian Fauria Son Caleb Fauria?

Caleb Fauria is the son of Chrisitan Fauria and his wife, Rhonda Fauria. He has grown into a giant athlete like his father.

Fauria plays football; interestingly, he is a tight end like his father. He also plays for the University of Colorado at Boulder, where his father has recorded 98 passes for 1,458 yards and 12 touchdowns.

Caleb Fauria with his dad, Christian during his Feehan days.
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His father played in the NFL for 13 seasons, winning two Super Bowls with the Patriots in 2004 and 2005 while playing for the Seahawks, Patriots, Redskins, and Panthers.

10 Fast Facts On Christian Fauria Son

Caleb Fauria resides in North Attleborough, Massachusetts. He was born to a family of athletes; most of his family members are footballers. Therefore, his genetics have made him a natural-born footballer, as said his coach Clay Patterson.

Caleb has all the physical tools to be a beast on the field like his father. Below are some interesting facts about him.

1. Caleb Fauria Turned 21 Years Old In 2022

Caleb Fauria was born in Bellevue, Wash, on August 28, 2001. He recently celebrated his 21st birthday.

According to astrology, he belongs to the Virgo sign. People born under these signs are very disciplined and analytical.

He is the son of Rhonda Fauria, the first wife of Chrisitan Fauria. His stepmother is Kim Fauria.

2. Caleb Fauria Is A Freshman 

Fauria is a freshman and football player at the University of Colorado, where his father also started his college career.

He was named to the Pac-12 Academic Honor roll as a redshirt freshman in 2021. The same year, he was also named to the National Football Foundation Colorado Chapter Academic All-Colorado first-team.

Caleb Fauria playing for the University Of Colorado.
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3. He Is A Rising A Tight End

Caleb Fauria is a football-tightened, just like his father. However, his body features have made him versatile.

He can also play as a receiver or an extra blocker on the offensive line in football. Moreover, he is a modern-time footballer. Over 13 other scholarship offers, the Massachusetts native chose the Buffaloes. 

4. Caleb Fauria Is A Giant In Height

Fauria, 21, stands at the gigantic height of 6 feet 5 inches tall. He is an inch taller than his father, Christian, who stands 6 ft 4 inches tall.

Similarly, his body weight is 240 pounds. But, his father, Christian Fauria, was around 250 pounds during his playing career.

5. He Has Played Seven Games This Season

Caleb Fauria has played in seven games this season so far. He has three receptions for 23 yards.

Moreover, the rising footballer's dad had one reception of 15 yards against Minnesota. Before the season, he played in three games.

 Caleb Fauria, right, poses with Colorado head coach Mel Tucker during a visit to Boulder.
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6. Caleb Fauria Is Majoring In Communications

The young footballer is currently majoring in Communication at Colorado. Thus, it is easy to say that he has developed leadership skills.

According to his friends, Caleb is very cooperative in football. In addition, he has good chemistry at the University of Colorado.

7. His Uncles Played Football

Caleb Fauria is the nephew of Lance Fauria, who played as a tight end at Washington. His uncle has been the head coach at Los Angeles Baptist, St. Joseph (Santa Maria), and Montclair Prep. Moreover, he is married to Judy and lives in Northridge.

Likewise, Caleb's younger uncle, Quinn Fauria, played fullback at Northern Arizona.

8. The Tight End Has Three Siblings

Caleb Fauria has four more siblings in his family. Camryn, Kiki, and Riley are his biological sisters. 

He is also close to his cousin, Joseph Fauria, and Alan Heisser, the sons of his uncle, Lance Fauria.

9. His Sister, Camryn, Plays Basketball

Camryn Fauria is a top-scorer and D1 player at Binghamton University. She stands 6 feet tall and plays as a Guard or Forwards.

The young sister of Caleb is also a four-year letter winner at Bishop Feehan. She averaged 18.0 points and 7.0 rebounds and shot 49 per cent from the field during the 2021-22 season.

10. Camryn Fauria Is On Instagram

The Instagram handle of Camryn Fauria is @caleb4ea. His profile has a total of 3,440 followers at the time of writing.

From her pictures, we have discovered that the young footballer likes swimming and diving in his spare time.