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Camilla Luddington Siblings And Parents Are Always Supportive To Their Family

Camilla and her brothers and sister celebrated her wedding reception together in California
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Camilla Luddington siblings are Amy Luddington, Joey Luddington, and Daniel Luddington. Camilla is the only person in the family in the film industry.

The actress is better known for playing the role of Dr. Josephine Wilson in the world-famous television series Grey's Anatomy. She became a part of Grey's Anatomy in 2012 and has been a recurring actor. 

After graduating high school, she went to Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania but later transferred to the New York Film Academy. She was also a part of a year-long acting training at her university.

After completing film school, Camilla spent most of her years in the United States. Besides Grey's Anatomy, she is notable for being a voice actor in Tomb Raider. 

She has also been featured in TV series like Show Time, Californication, Fashion Police, and many more. In 2018, she also won a Fan Favorite Female Voice Actor award for the Gamers' Choice Award. 

Camilla Has Three Siblings

Camilla Luddington was raised with three siblings Amy Luddington, Joey Luddington, and Daniel Luddington in England. Camilla has two brothers and one sister. 

They were raised with lots of love and support from their parents. While growing up, they had to travel a lot and often went back and forth between England and the United States.

When Camilla was fourteen, the family moved to Texas, and she attended Westwood High School for a year before returning to their home country.

Camilla Father Is An Acting CEO

Camilla father, Martin Luddington, is currently acting CEO at Multplx. The main motive of Multplx is to supply security services in the United Kingdom.

His main job is to set various business strategies and lead company operations. After graduating high school, Martin went to UEA to major in Economics and Marketing. 

Martin shared a picture of him and Camilla at her wedding in his Facebook
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Since the family often visited the United States, he worked at 3M Austin USA as a Head of Projector Systems from January 1997 to December 1999. 

Similarly, he was also a General Sales and Marketing Manager at 3M from January 1980 to December 2001.

After leaving 3M, Martin joined Manutan Group in South East London and became a Managing Director there from February 2008 to September 2017. 

Finally, a year after that, he was appointed acting CEO at Multplx. 

In May 2018, Camilla shared her childhood picture with her dad and appreciated his sense of fashion.

Martin also shared a picture from his daughter's wedding when he was walking her down the aisle. He posted the photo on his Facebook handle.

Camilla Mother Passed Away In 2004

Camilla mother, Mary Luddington, passed away when her kids were young. She mentioned the news of her mom passing away was entirely unexpected to everyone. 

Even though her mom is not here with them anymore, Camilla often posts their pictures together and shows love toward her. 

Camilla shared some pictures with her mother and shared the grief in the caption
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In March 2018, she posted some childhood pictures with Mary and mentioned that she passed away 15 years back. She said how her daughter was born on the day she talked to her mom for the last time. Camilla showed some grief through the caption and was missing her mom. 

In 2015, she posted a picture of her Mom on Mother's Day and wished the same to the passed-away angels.

Camilla Has Two Brother

Camilla Luddington has two brothers named Joe and Daniel Luddington. Joe and Daniel are currently living in the United Kingdom. 

On Sibling's Day in 2021, Camilla shared a picture with Joe and Daniel, but their faces were blurred. In the caption, she wrote, "Finally found a good pic of them."

In December 2019, Camilla spent time with her family and friends at the Malibu Safaris and shared pictures on her Instagram. The family went there around Christmas time and had a fun time as well.

Joe and Camilla were Califonia together in 2018 and he called it his second home
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In 2015, she posted a picture of Joe carrying a pumpkin. They were at a pumpkin patch, and she mentioned that she forced him to carry up to 20 pumpkins with sizes up to 60 lbs. 


Daniel Luddington

Daniel Luddington is a VP of Development at Small Luxury Hotels of the World in the United Kingdom. 

After finishing high school, Daniel went to Bournemouth University, where he majored in Tourism Management from 1996 to 2000. During that time, he did a Cultural Representative Internship at Walt Disney World for a year. 

After he graduated from Bournemouth, he started working as a Sales Team Coach at Kuoni Travel UK from 2000 to 2001. 

Joe posted a family picture in 2015 on his Facebook
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Similarly, from January 2002 to January 2006, he started working as a Group Sales Director at Luxury Hotel Partners. 

In February 2006, he moved to Small Luxury Hotels of the World and worked as Regional Director of Business Development until January 2015. 

Daniel also has a certificate from one of the most prestigious universities in the world. He has two certificates from Cornell University.

He did a course on Digital Marketing Hospitality from 2017 to 2018 and also in Hotel Real Estate Investments and Asset Management in the same year. 

Daniel became the VP at Small Luxury Hotels in 2015 and worked in the same position for the past 8 years. 

Joe Luddington

Joe is currently working as an Operations Manager at Terrapure Environmental in Canada. 


He has been dating a girl named Clara for a long time now. In October 2015, he posted a picture with Camilla, Daniel, and his partner. 

Camilla Has A Younger Sister

Camilla Luddington sister is Amy Luddington. She is a few years younger than Camilla, and they bond closely. 

Unlike Camilla, Amy was naturally blond by birth. In one of her Instagram posts, Camilla posted a picture with Amy and mentioned that her other sibling has blond hair and blue eyes. 

She also mentioned that she did not post her brothers because of her laziness and laughed about it.

Amy  is not quite active on social medias and her Instagram handle is private
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In July 2015, she shared their childhood pictures and mentioned that they followed the 80s and 90s fashion trends most finely. 

The Luddington family were seen together at Camilla's wedding and had a blast at the wedding reception.

Amy is currently working as a Human Resources Communications Manager at Oracle. Her main job is to focus on HR technology and diversity and inclusion.

Camilla Has A Family Of Four

Camilla Luddington got married to her boyfriend Matthew Alan who is an actor. Camilla and Matthew are parents to two kids.

Camilla and Matthew have worked on Grey's Anatomy together as well. In April 2017, she posted a clip from Grey's Anatomy and captioned it "when your real life boyfriend gets cast on Grey's Anatomy." 

The first picture she posted with her boyfriend was in September 2015, when they were at a Japanese restaurant together. 

Camilla shared a picture with her husband and mentioned that they survived their baby's first birthday party
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In May 2017, they spent Matthew's birthday together in Hawaii and shared pictures from the day on her Instagram. Matthew proposed to Camilla on December 31st, 2017, and Camilla shared the good news by posting a photo of her ring. 

The couple finally got married in August 2019 and celebrated their wedding with close friends and family. Their wedding was quite luxurious, and the venue was beautifully decorated. 

Camilla and Matthew got married in Santa Barbara, California
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In one of her Instagram posts, she gave credit to all the people who helped her manage the wedding ceremony and the reception. 

Camilla Children

Camilla Luddington has two children, Matthew and Lucas. Matthew was born before their marriage.

Camilla gave birth to her first child long before marrying Matthew. In February 2017, she announced that she would give birth to a baby girl soon. 

They welcomed their first daughter in April 2017 and named her Hayden. The couple was pleased to hold her, and they raised her well. 

Camilla often posted about her motherhood journey and how she handled it well. Their daughter, Hayden, also attended their wedding, and Camilla posted the family picture on 3rd wedding anniversary. 

The couple welcomed their second child, Lucas, in 2020 and were pleased to share the news with their fans. 

Camilla and Matthew are living happily now with their two kids.