Cammi and Jordan Tirico: Mike Tirico Children With Wife Debbie

Mike Tirico and his wife, Debbie, have a son and a daughter named Jordan and Cammi Tirico. ( Source : Golfweek )

Mike Tirico is a proud father to his son, Jordan, and daughter, Cammi Tirico. 

Tirico is one of the most accomplished sportscasters. He has become the voice of American sports for the last twenty-five years. He has called many sports in his career, including the NBA, NFL, NHL, college football, basketball, golf, tennis, and  Fifa World Cup.

Tirico is currently the play-by-play announcer on NBC's Sunday Night Football. He has been working for NBC sports since 2016. Before this, he worked with ESPN for almost 25 years. Tirico made his NBC debut during the 2016 Open Championship coverage and has since hosted the network's primary golf programming.

Before knowing him as an acclaimed sports journalist, we must understand that he is a family man. Continue to learn more about him.

Mike Tirico Has Two Lovely Children

Mike Tirico is the devoted father of his two children, Cammi and Jordan Tirico. His children have already grown to be young adults.

Tirico and his wife have raised their children to be good human beings. They also have their children succeed in their respective careers.

Meet Mike Tirico's Daughter: Cammi Tirico 

Tirico's daughter, Cammi Tirico, attended Skyline High School. She stayed there for four years and was an eagle.

Cammi was successful in learning to fly independently at Skyline and has since left the nest, free to follow her passions and aspirations and set a course for a successful future.

Mike with his son Jordan, daughter Cammi, wife Debbie, and his pet dog.
Mike with his son Jordan, daughter Cammi, wife Debbie, and his pet dog. ( Source : the-sun )

She studied journalism and global health during her first year at Northwestern University. After this, Cammi moved to Chicago. The daughter of Mike Tirico has graduated with a 4.0 GPA.

Throughout her four years at Skyline, Tirico's daughter received eleven varsity letters. In addition, Cammi took full advantage of everything the high school had to offer, including being the editor of The Communicator High School news magazine and being a member of Skyline DECA.

Cammi has also worked as a YMCA coach and advisor in the past.

Meet Mike Tirico's Son: Jordan Tirico 

Tirico's son, Jordan Tirico, is an athlete. He has played soccer at Skyline High School and served as the team captain.

Jordan left his athlete career some years ago. After this, he attended Stanford University.

An old family picture of Mike with his son, daughter, and wife.
An old family picture of Mike with his son, daughter, and wife. ( Source : featuredbiography )

According to his LinkedIn profile, he will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts and Political Science degree in 2023.

Jordan has found himself comfortable in his writing career. He is a tutor at the Hume Center for Writing and Speaking at Stanford University. Before this, he worked as an assistant researcher at Stanford University.

Jordan also had short tenures at the Summer in the City, Subway, Palmer Rey PLLC, Passwork, and Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation.

Jordan and Cammi Tirico's Age Difference

Cammi Tirico is the eldest child of Mike Tirico. She is currently in her thirties.

Similarly, we assume that Cammi's younger brother, Jordan Tirico is in his twenties. Also, their father, Mike himself, is in his early fifties.

Mike Tirico Is Happily Married With His Wife, Debbie

Mike Tirico's wife, Debbie Tirico, is a native of Michigan. She wedded the famous sportscaster thirty years ago.

Many may recognize Mike for his ten-year run as an announcer on ESPN's Monday Night Football; however, fans are less aware of his wife's contribution to his life.

Mike and his wife, Debbie pictured at a party.
Mike and his wife, Debbie pictured at a party. ( Source : playerswiki )

Debbie and Mike met way before Mike's run in the media. They both went to Syracuse University, and they were both sports fans. Debbie, a student-athlete, was chosen as Syracuse University's women's basketball team's tri-captain in 1989.

Debbie, however, pursued her career in a different field. She graduated with her Bachelor's degree in finance and eventually earned her MBA from the Stern School of Business. Since the 1990s, the two have remained entrenched in Ann Arbor, Michigan, despite the travel requirements of Mike's hectic job and reputation.

Tirico, his wife, and his family have been living in Ann Arbor, Michigan, since 1999. 

More About Mike Tirico's Family Life

Mike Tirico was born in New York City on December 13, 1966. He attended Bayside High School and was raised in Queens.

Tirico's parents Maria, and Donald Tirico, were separated when he was only four years old. After the incident, Mike lost contact with his father's family side. He is also the only child of his parents.

Tirico was raised by a single mother. His parents separated when he was only four years old.
Tirico was raised by a single mother. His parents separated when he was only four years old. ( Source : sportingnews )

Tirico says that most people assume that he is of African ethnicity race. However, he has seen images of his father, his father's mother, and his father's sister, which led him to understand that he is a mixed ethnic race.

In 2017, Tirico became the story of the New York Times which discussed his African-American lineage.

The Tirico's Net Worth In 2022

Mike Tirico has a net worth of USD 14 million, as stated on the Celebrity Net Worth .

His yearly salary is around USD 6 million, which he earns from different sources. The bleacher report has kept Tirico the seventh highest earning broadcaster in sports. Similarly, according to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, Tirico's annual remuneration is $10.5 million.

Tirico is among the richest sports journalist in the world.
Tirico is among the richest sports journalist in the world. ( Source : sportscasting )

Since 2016, he has served for NBC Sports. He has hosted coverage of the Olympics, the Indianapolis 500, golf, the Stanley Cup, the Triple Crown races, and Football Night in America throughout his time with the network.

Tirico is known for his ten-year tenure from 2006 to 2015 as an NFL play-by-play commentator for ESPN's Monday Night Football.

The sportscaster has also contributed to the NFL, NHL, Olympics, golf, and horse racing, among other sports. He will officially take over for Al Michaels as Sunday Night Football's play-by-play announcer beginning with the 2022 NFL season.