Was Cara Delevingne Cheating With Amber Heard? New Elevator Video Emerges

Cara Delevingne recent picture

On social media, photos purporting to depict Amber Heard and Cara Delevingne kissing in an elevator have gone viral.

The infamous elevator that almost certainly caused Amber Heard to lose her case against Johnny Depp has been resurfaced on the internet.

The ECB elevator, where Amber Heard was videotaped with both Elon Musk and James Franco, is known as the ECB elevator. Amber Heard is caught making out with a mysterious woman this time.

Was Cara Delevingne Cheating With Amber Heard? New Elevator Video Emerges

Looking at the proof from Popcorned Planet, we can see the woman having an affair with Amber Heard. Those brows are famous worldwide, and the woman appears to be none other than Cara Delevigne.

This is the same woman accused of having a threesome with Amber Heard and Elon Musk, which all parties denied.


The images show two ladies standing in an elevator in the Eastern Columbia Building in downtown Los Angeles. According to Signore, heard and Depp rented a penthouse during their ill-fated relationship.

On his YouTube show Popcorned Planet on Tuesday, Andy Signore bragged about exclusive photographs of Heard and Delevingne kissing and embracing.

Was Cara Delevingne In Relationship With Amber Heard?

One of Amber Heard's friends admitted to the court during the first trial in the United Kingdom that the actress had cheated on Johnny Depp with Cara Delevigne. Until recently, there had been no evidence made public concerning this. Andy Signore, a film journalist, posted these photographs online; he appears to be the first to see them, and they are rather revealing.

Andy asked a woman who lived in the same building to confirm that this was the identical elevator from the footage with Musk and Franco. That woman also acknowledged that the woman resembles Cara; however, Signore did not specify a chronological frame for the photographs.

These photographs will undoubtedly flood the Internet throughout the week; Amber Heard has been caught red-handed again. As she tries to keep the topic going with interviews and a new book deal, more proof of her adultery accumulates. The photographs don't deceive, even if the station doesn't confirm Cara Delevigne is the second woman.

There are also allegations of another video of Heard with Cara and Musk in the same elevator, but those will be tough to obtain. You'll be the first to know if we get our hands on them.

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Facts From Cara Delevingne Relationship Timeline

Cara Delevingne had captivated our hearts the way Isabelle takes Daryn's in Life in a Year when she first appeared on the scene as a model. We aren't the only ones who are smitten with those brows; the model-turned-actress has broken hearts on both sides of the Atlantic since her public debut.

When asked about her sexuality, the actress told Variety's cover story that she is pansexual and has feelings for both men and women.

In a cover story for Cosmopolitan in June 2021, she discussed her breakup with actress Ashley Benson in April 2020, revealing that the pandemic lockdown impacted their two-year relationship. 

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