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Case McCoy Wife Jessica Kennemer Was Former Longhorns Cheerleader

Case McCoy Have Been Married To His Wife Jessica Kennemer Who Is A Former Cheerleader At Texas Longhorns
Case McCoy Have Been Married To His Wife Jessica Kennemer Who Is A Former Cheerleader At Texas Longhorns( Source : ryanpricephoto )

The former American football player, Case McCoy, has a wife, Jessica Kennemer. She was a former cheerleader at Texas Longhorns.

McCoy and Kennemer have known each other for many years, and as a result, they have strengthened their relationship even more than usual. Back then, they were considered one of the power couples with ties to competitive sports.

When Case gave banger performances in the field, Jessica used to cheer for her partner from the stand, and their relationship has bloomed since then. They are high school sweethearts who have evolved to become partners for the rest of their lives.

Jessica Kennemer Is A Former Cheerleader At Texas Longhorns

Jessica is the wife of a former college football player Case McCoy, but she hasn't let her husband's image overshadow hers as she has created a name for herself.

She was professionally active as the leading cheerleader for the college football side, Texas Longhorns. Like her partner, she gained her higher education from the Univerity Of Texas. Before that, she completed her high school education at Friendswood High School, and she is a native of  Friendswood, TX.

Jessica Kennemer Is A Native Of Friendswood, Texas, USA
Jessica Kennemer Is A Native Of Friendswood, Texas, USA( Source : texassports )

She is very private when revealing her personal information in public. So, for that reason, she is also not active on social media like other wags. However, she has discussed enough some critical moments of her marital life on the internet, which is loved by the fans and several other people.

Their wedding album is available for the public to view, which reflects their love for each other. They looked pleased to become one essential part of each other's lives, destined to become such for eternity.

Case McCoy And Jessica Kennemer Relationship Timeline

McCoy and Kennemer are college sweethearts who have been around each other's life for more than nine years.

They met at the University Of Texas, where Case competed professionally in college football. However, neither of the couples has revealed the moments of their first encounter. They might have met each other during a college football game and since then have been stuck. 

They are not like another ordinary couple who boast about their lifestyle in front of their fans but like to enjoy their lives quietly, tugged away from unwanted media attention. He joined the university in 2010 and played professionally until 2013.

He was a fourth-year quarterback who had started six games out of 21 appearances. He also holds the school record for the most remarkable streak of consecutive passes to begin a career without an interception.

Case McCoy And Jessica Kennemer Tied Their Knot In 2017
Case McCoy And Jessica Kennemer Tied Their Knot In 2017( Source : ryanpricephoto )

The couple dated for more than five years and finally married in 2017. Their love story is cited as one of the purest forms, and they set an example of being a perfect companion for each other who have helped to sustain their life in peace.

They haven't decided to increase their family as there haven't been updates about the birth of their child since their marriage. The fans eagerly wait for them to drop the news of their child so they can witness the happy family like other famous professional athletes.