Who Is Cassidy Dumbauld? Nick Luna Wife Is Jared Kushner's Aide

Cassidy Dumbauld, wife of Nick Luna

Cassidy Dumbauld is well recognized as the wife of Nick Luna, who served as a personal assistant to the former president of the USA, Donald Trump. Cassidy, like her husband, was also an employee in the white house as she was an aide to Jared Kushner, the then senior advisor to 45th U.S. President Donald Trump.

Luna is currently in the headlines as he virtually appeared before the House select committee investigating the violent riot that occurred on January 6 at the Capitol. The riot was allegedly caused by former President Donald Trump's attempts to rig the election. Luna, one of Trump's close contacts at that time, was brought to testify. 

As Luna is garnering the hot news space, people are growing curious about his wife, Cassidy Dumbauld, a white house official. Here, in this article, let us get to know them.

Who Is Cassidy Dumbauld?

Cassidy Dumbauld is easily recognized by the stature of her husband, Nick Luna, whose full name is Nicholas Luna. Luna was the personal assistant of former President Donald Trump. He was also among the senior White House aides.

Besides being recognized for her husband's reputation, Dumbauld has her own status. She served as an aide to former President Donald Trump's son-in-law and senior advisor in the White House, Jared Kushner. She was also a former deputy assistant to the 46th president of the USA, Biden.

When they married, Luna and Dumbauld were serving their tenures in the White House, presided over by President Donald Trump. They tied knots in early September 2020. 

Cassidy Dumbauld With Her Team
Cassidy Dumbauld With Her Team( Source : Twitter )

Dumbauld is active on Twitter with the username @CassidyDumbauld. She has 1591 followers on the platform.

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How Old Is Cassidy Dumbauld?

While the exact birthdate of Cassidy Dumbauld has not been revealed yet, she is reported to be in her early thirties.

Similarly, her husband, Nick Luna, also doesn't seem too older than her. He probably must be in his early or mid-thirties. However, his work experience remains more mature than his age. 

Luna was among the first of Trump's advisers to be identified as having the Covid 19 virus in October 2020, and that is when he garnered considerable media attention. Furthermore, in December 2020, he was chosen to serve on the United States Holocaust Memorial Council by Trump, and in the same year, he was appointed as Trump's body man. Moreover, Luna was mentioned as one of the few Trump advisers who were willing to continue working for him to the very end in a 2021 The New York Times article.

Cassidy Dumbauld  Husband Nick Luna
Cassidy Dumbauld Husband Nick Luna( Source : Showbizcorner )

Up until 2022, information about the parental life of Luna and Dumbauld hasn't been disclosed yet. They are more likely to still be without a child of their own.

Net Worth Of Cassidy Dumbauld

Dumbauld is reported to earn $158,000 annually, according to the Annual Report to Congress on White House Staff. 

The Annual Report to Congress on White House Staff included 18 pages of employee wages and was presented on June 26, 2020. Additionally, according to the Historical Post, Dumbauld earnings in 2019 were stated to be $106,000 annually, implying she received a significant boost between 2019 and 2020.

Furthermore, according to the same 2020 annual report, Luna's yearly income was quoted to have risen to $183,000, the same as White House Counsel Pat Cipollone. Considering these figures, the couple seems to invite a seven-figure income in their household.