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Who Is Cecilie Porsdal? Meet Joachim Andersen Girlfriend On Instagram

Cecilie gained huge popularity on social media in a very short span.

The girlfriend of Danish forward Joachim Andersen is the well-known social media personality Cecilie Porsdal.

Cecilie quickly grew to be very well-known on social media.

She enjoys spending time with people because she is a total extrovert. She also enjoys fame and media attention and lives a star's lifestyle. She is also one of her boyfriend's biggest supporters at the same time.

Who Is Cecilie Porsdal? 

In 1996, on November 12, Cecilie was born, so she is 25 years old.

Cecilie is the same age as Joachim Andersen, who also was born on May 31, 1996. Since Cecilie Porsdal was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, she is of Danish descent.

Cecilie Porsdal's zodiac sign is Scorpio, which denotes that she is a very devoted and ambitious individual. The honesty and independence of those born under the sign of Scorpio are well known.


Cecilie Porsdal has a one sibling. She has a younger sister, Alberte Porsdal.

Personal weighs between 55 and 60 kg and stands about 5 ft 6 in (1.67 m) tall (121 lbs - 132 lbs). Blue eyes and golden hair describe Cecilie. She is one of those persons who is naturally beautiful and doesn't require filters.

She doesn't currently have any tattoos on her body.

Denmark was where Cecilie spent the majority of her childhood and early adulthood. So there's a good likelihood she finished school at nearby universities. We are aware that she graduated from high school in her hometown.

Is Cecilie Porsdal Married To Joachim Andersen?

No, Cecilie and Joachim are not married.

Joachim Andersen has been dating the attractive Danish influencer Cecilie Porsdal for a long time. When they were still teenagers in 2015, Joachim and Cecilie began dating.

Joachim and Cecilie started dating when he was still on the Twente team. Since then, they have made great progress and have faced challenges, but they have been able to maintain their love. Cecilie Porsdal traveled everywhere with Joachim Andersen, first to Italy when he joined Sampdoria and later to France after he transferred to Lyon.

Joachim and Cecilie are currently residing in London. Many people think Cecilie Porsdal is Joachim Andersen's wife, but they aren't thinking about making such a significant shift in their lives.

Joachim has numerous Instagram posts featuring Porsdal, 24, and the two. She is his life's love, he claims. He refers to her as the most beautiful girl in the world, and he has only shared one image of her on Instagram.

They must have been dating for a while because he has been posting photos since 2016.

There are no children born to Andersen and Porsdal. They have shared a home for a considerable amount of time. They want some time before such a significant turn because they don't believe they are ready for such a large responsibility.

Cecilie Porsdal Net Worth

The social media sector has experienced rapid expansion in recent years, particularly during the lockdown, which made Cecilie grow in a short period.

Cecilie has figured out how to leverage her fan base to her advantage to make a good living. She works with well-known brands and advertises certain products via avenues that generate a lot of money. Compared to other WAGs' earnings, her current net worth is quite high.

The estimated value of Joachim Andersen's net worth exceeds $3 million. The majority of his riches came from his professional football career. Joachim Andersen makes about £28,000 per week and has an annual income of almost £1,456,000 from Crystal Palace.

Cecilie Porsdal Social Media Presence

On social media, Cecilie Porsdal is highly active.

On Instagram, she has attracted more than 3500 followers. Her writing is very visually appealing and art-focused. She also has an original sense of style. Cecilie Porsdal enjoys traveling, and she and her boyfriend have visited every country worldwide.

The couple has been to numerous cities, including Mykonos, New York, Cannes, and the Maldives. Visit Cecilie Porsdal's Instagram page here; her handle is @cecilieporsdal.

Instagram influencer Cecilie is active there. She works with various products and advertises them on her Instagram feed.