Hollywood is the hub of attractiveness. In fact, regular people compare themselves to celebrities when it comes to body and weight goals. Unfortunately, not every celebrity is able to keep up with the standards. Some end up losing control of their body forms while others chose to rebel against these standards.

What is considered fat in Hollywood could actually be regular. Women have to be extra skinny while men have to be chiseled with muscles and no belly. Gaining 10 pounds or more is blown out of proportion. Any higher gains are considered a disaster and point of discussion. Over the years, some celebrities have gained not just ten but up to 100 pounds, which is a lot! Some have gained a slightly lower amount but still enough for people to notice. These famous people include:

The whole world remembers Janet Jackson’s famous nip-slip. In fact, it was broadcast live and became the talk of the town for a long time. Many more celebrities have experienced similar wardrobe accidents but Janet’s seems to have taken the cake as it was at the highly-publicized and watched Super Bowl. During that time, Janet Jackson was rocking a great body and this was thanks to Tony Martinez who is a celebrity trainer.

Fast forward to 2017 and Janet cannot be listed among the hottest women in Hollywood as she has gained quite a few pounds. It is understandable since she recently gave birth at 50 years old so her body may not be as quick to adjust to changes. Younger mothers are able to shed off the weight faster than their older counterparts. However, Janet has not given up. She addressed her fans on a video acknowledging her weight gain and promising to do something about it before she goes back on her world tour. Perhaps separating from her husband three months after the baby was born also took a toll on her.