Hollywood is the hub of attractiveness. In fact, regular people compare themselves to celebrities when it comes to body and weight goals. Unfortunately, not every celebrity is able to keep up with the standards. Some end up losing control of their body forms while others chose to rebel against these standards.

What is considered fat in Hollywood could actually be regular. Women have to be extra skinny while men have to be chiseled with muscles and no belly. Gaining 10 pounds or more is blown out of proportion. Any higher gains are considered a disaster and point of discussion. Over the years, some celebrities have gained not just ten but up to 100 pounds, which is a lot! Some have gained a slightly lower amount but still enough for people to notice. These famous people include:


1. Janet Jackson

The whole world remembers Janet Jackson’s famous nip-slip. In fact, it was broadcast live and became the talk of the town for a long time. Many more celebrities have experienced similar wardrobe accidents but Janet’s seems to have taken the cake as it was at the highly-publicized and watched Super Bowl. During that time, Janet Jackson was rocking a great body and this was thanks to Tony Martinez who is a celebrity trainer.

Fast forward to 2017 and Janet cannot be listed among the hottest women in Hollywood as she has gained quite a few pounds. It is understandable since she recently gave birth at 50 years old so her body may not be as quick to adjust to changes. Younger mothers are able to shed off the weight faster than their older counterparts. However, Janet has not given up. She addressed her fans on a video acknowledging her weight gain and promising to do something about it before she goes back on her world tour. Perhaps separating from her husband three months after the baby was born also took a toll on her.

2. Britney Spears


Britney Spears had one of the most coveted bodies in the 90’s when her career was soaring high. Unfortunately, she went down a wrong path that led her to broken marriages, trouble with the law and stints in rehab. During this time, she let herself go and gained a lot of weight. For some time, this was the norm and most people quickly forgot how hot and toned Britney once was. She then went ahead and got two sons which also led to further weight gain. Years after her second son was born, she linked up with celebrity trainer Tony Martinez to get in shape for a show in Vegas. After this, she was able to lose most of that weight and is now toned and extremely skinny. In fact, she currently has one of the greatest beach bodies in Hollywood.

Despite losing control of her life and gaining more than 100lbs, Britney Spears still got back on her feet and is now as sexy as ever.

3. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has always had a covetable body. You can always see her in videos or performances with short little numbers that accentuate her curves and make her look even more dashing. While she held this reputation for the longest time, it threatened to change when she got pregnant. She gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy which was also difficult. Being pregnant with twins is no joke. After all, you are eating for three!

After her dramatic weight gain, she lost about 70 pounds after giving birth. However, she gained all this back when she split from ex-husband Nick Cannon. She has kept the weight on for quite some time and even had fans worried as her little numbers on stage no longer looked as attractive or appropriate. However, she has managed to lose some of the weight in 2017 through a strict diet which she refers to as the bleak diet because it is devoid of anything tasty.


4. Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley has never been super skinny but she has always had a great body. She did, however, fall off the wagon for some time. 2013 through to 2014 marked a period in her life where she gained so much weight that everyone noticed. Her bulk up was so drastic over just a few months. She attributes this to her lackluster attitude about her diet. In her words, she ate anything and everything she wanted from Halloween all through to Valentine’s. Her biggest weakness was linguini and clams.

However, she realized that this was a step in the wrong direction and committed to regulating her diet. She realized that she had to be accountable about what she ate and this helped her lose up to 50 pounds. The fact that she put on her running shoes also helped. She is back to a smaller and nicer figure. One of her confessions is that she does not go to the gym since she finds it boring and instead opts for fun things such as dancing.

5. Matthew Perry


Matthew Perry rose to fame through his role on Friends. Back then, he was skinny, funny and his fans loved him. Fast forward to later years and he has battled with drug addiction which forced him to go to rehab for recovery. During this time he gained a lot of weight which had fans worried because of his health as well.

After rehab, Perry has had weight fluctuations: gains and losses which have been drastic and dramatic. His most recent gain, about 40 pounds, has people worried that he could be falling off the wagon again. He constantly smokes and does not seem to give a hoot about his health and weight. The only way he seems to lose weight is when he is in rehab or due to health problems such as pancreatitis, in 2000 which led to a 20-pound loss. In general, his weight is a giant swinging pendulum that we cannot keep track of.

6. Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is one of the world’s best boxers. In his hey days, he was the champion and had a body to match. Female fans ogled his muscle and fit form. However, this did not last long after his retirement. At one point, he lost control of his health and body. During this time, Tyson had so many run-ins with the law, scandals with women, drug abuse, and rehab which greatly contributed to his form.

In 2012, Tyson decided that he was tired of that kind of lifestyle. All the weight he had gained and all the trouble he had been in sobered him up. He took on a vegan diet, following the likes of Bill Clinton and Alec Baldwin. His newly-found plant-based lifestyle was crucial not only for weight loss but for his health as well. By 2013 he had lost up to 100 pounds which was quite impressive. He now looks much better although not as good as he looked as an active boxer.


7. Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn, now in his 40’s, is at an age where he needs to take better care of himself and his health. He is popular because of all the comedic stunts he has pulled in numerous movies leaving the audience in stitches. The fans love him. However, this did not stop him from getting heat about his dramatic weight gain.

While he has never been small, Vaughn was considerably lighter in the 90’s. He weighed about 216 pounds which was healthy for his height, 6 feet 5 inches.  As he continued to gain fame, he added some weight which reached an all-time high when he was well over 100 pounds more than what he used to weigh. He attributed this to the fact that his wife had a baby and he had an injury. During that time, he also took on bad habits such as snacking which led to his drastic weight gain. Since then, however, he had worked hard and lost about 25 pounds. If he keeps at it, he might even lose more and get back to the Vince Vaughn we used to know.

8. Christina Aguilera


Christina Aguilera has had a long history of yo-yo-ing weight. During her earlier years, Aguilera was a typically skinny girl whose body drove men crazy. As years progressed, she gained and lost some weight in equal measure. During the filming of Burlesque, Aguilera lost so much weight that she started getting concerned. At one point, she admits that she got tired of being a skinny white girl.

She packed on more than 60 pounds in a few months, got babies and was latest seen spotting curves and thicker than she was earlier on in her career. However, this has not been a major concern for her, especially post giving birth. In fact, she encourages mothers to take care of themselves as well as getting back into shape and ‘bringing the sexy back’ should not be highest on the priority list alongside taking care of a family. Aguilera has lost some weight although she is not yet back to her previous form. It is highly doubtful that she ever will.

9. Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson has been every size, according to a recent interview. This is largely true. She was once a skinny, blonde pop star who made ripples through her music and shapely figure as well. She then transformed into a bigger version after gaining a significant amount of weight. She gave birth to two children, three years apart, which contributed to her drastic weight gain. She has been the butt of fat jokes for a while now.

One embarrassing moment in 2016 where she was captured in a photo, failing to hide her tummy even raised speculations that she was pregnant again. However, Simpson has taken charge of the situation and lost a significant amount of weight over the past year. She may not be back to her old form but this one is good enough. She admits that her weight fluctuation has enabled her to relate with people better through her fashion line which has items of clothing in all sizes.


10. Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe is no stranger to gaining and losing weight for movie roles. He has been in the film industry for a while now and knows what it takes to be successful. Some roles require a bigger body while some demand a buff and chiseled one. From his famous roles in films such as The Gladiator, Crowe had women drooling over his physique which was ripped. However, he has been spotted with a dad-‘bod’ lately, complete with a giant belly to match.

Crowe admits that he did pack on a significant number of pounds in 2016 but that was only because he was filming the movie Nice Guys alongside Ryan Gosling and wanted to be a complete juxtaposition body-wise. He weighed about 270 pounds at the time. Now he is working hard to claw his way back to fitness and has lost 50 pounds so far, which is commendable.