Bolingbrook WeatherTech Shooting: Who Is Charles C Mcknight Jr? Co-workers Died & Injured After Robbing By An Employee

Charles C Mcknight Jr Mugshot

Charles C Mcknight Jr has been identified as the suspect in the Bolingbrook WeatherTech Shooting Incident.

Charles C Mcknight Jr has been charged with first-degree murder after reportedly fatally shooting one guy and badly injuring two others.

The culprit escaped when police arrived, but was apprehended later that morning, according to authorities. Charles C. McKnight Jr., 27, was recognized.

Who Is Charles C Mcknight Jr?

Charles C Mcknight Jr. is the man accused of murder in suburban Illinois after reportedly killing one employee and injuring two others at the auto parts business.

According to investigators, he was assigned to the auto part agency earlier this month.

Employees encountered Charles C. McKnight Saturday morning at the WeatherTech factory in Bolingbrook after he "supposedly robbed two coworkers, snatching a watch and a wallet at gunpoint."

McKnight was apprehended without incident. According to authorities, a firearm was discovered after the arrest. The proceeds of the heist were also discovered on McKnight's person, according to police.

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Details About Central Hightower Weathertech Shooting

The incident happened about 6:25 a.m., after the nighttime shift had ended, when the 27-year-old, Charles, was accosted by colleagues who accused him of robbing two coworkers.

He allegedly demanded a watch and a wallet at gunpoint. Just before 6:30 a.m., police were summoned to the area at 1 WeatherTech Way and Remington Boulevard.

According to the police statement, officers swiftly discovered that the gunman had escaped on foot.

According to Rompa's statement, Bolingbrook police spotted McKnight in the rear of a property on the 500 block of Larkspur Lane with the assistance of other officers, K-9 units, and drone technology just before 9:30 a.m.

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