Did Charlotte Dujardin And Dean Golding Split? Engaged Boyfriend Of British Equestrian And Their Relation Today

Charlotte Dujardin and Dean Golding in 2022
Charlotte Dujardin and Dean Golding in 2022( Source : instagram )

Charlotte Dujardin And Dean Golding's relationship got the famous spotlight in 2017 when the latter proposed to the champion equestrian on screen. Are they still together?

Charlotte Dujardin is a British dressage rider, equestrian, and writer. She is a multiple World and Olympic champion, and many describe her as one of the best dressage riders of her generation. 

Britain's most decorated Olympian, Dujardin's personal life hasn't been as fluent as her professional one. She went through a "wreckage" when her boyfriend from young age split with her. But the couple is known for repeatedly breaking and patching their relationship. 

Did Charlotte Dujardin And Dean Golding Split Or Still Together?

Charlotte Dujardin And Dean Golding are together again and expecting their first child.  

The couple had been dating each other for almost 13 years until her Dean left while she was lighting the Christmas lights in Newent. As soon as the couple returned from the festive celebrations in the market town, Dean Golding packed his bags and left home.

As mentioned by Charlotte in her memoir, the separation hit her, unlike anything. She cried for days and nights and also became a victim of depression. 

But it wasn't to last long as Dujardin and her boyfriend patched up in 2016, just before the Rio Olympics. When the dressage rider won the gold medal in the Olympics, Golding proposed to her with a handmade sign saying, "Can we get married now?"

The relationship continued for three years until the couple decided to break up again in 2019. But they patched up again. They were engaged twice but never married each other. 

Dean Golding's on-screen proposal to Charlotte Dujardin
Dean Golding's on-screen proposal to Charlotte Dujardin( Source : co )

Who Is Charlotte Dujardin's Current Partner? Husband And Children 

Charlotte Dujardin is engaged to her longtime partner, Dean Golding. 

Moreover, the champion equestrian is not married until now. So, the rumors about her having a husband are false. But the news about her pregnancy is accurate. 

Charlotte announced that she was pregnant on her social media accounts. 

"In early 2023, Dean will be expecting our first child and our hearts are already full of more love than we thought possible," she wrote on Instagram. 

"A new chapter in our journey will begin, one that we have always hoped for, and we cannot wait to welcome our little girl to the world." the olympian added, confirming that they will have a daughter. 

Charlotte Dujardin And Dean Golding in 2017
Charlotte Dujardin And Dean Golding in 2017( Source : co )

What Is Charlotte Dujardin's Net Worth In 2022? Career Earnings And Salary

Per Express, Charlotte Dujardin has an approximate net worth of over $30 million. 

Dujardin is one of the greatest British athletes in history and has won six Olympic medals for her country. Three of those six gold medals and the feat make her the most decorated female olympian of all time. 

Besides, Charlotte has also won five golds, two silvers, and two bronzes in the European Championships. The dressage rider's trophy cabinet is also ecstatic with two world cup champion medals. 

Furthermore, Dujardin released her autobiography, The Girl on the Dancing Horse: Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro, in 2018. The memoir states about her emotional meltdown because of her breakup with Dean.