“To love someone is nothing, to be loved by someone is something, but t be loved by the one you love is everything.”- Bill Russell

But what if you are being cheated by the person you love and they also show back love to you. We all know that we can’t force someone to love back selflessly. But crying in a corner or fighting every night doesn’t lead you to the solution.

There has also been published a data that 50-60% married men and 45-50% of married women are engaged in extramarital relationships. No, I’m not trying to panic you with these data, in fact giving you alert signs to secure to love life before its too late. So, here we present some tricks to be sure on your intuitions on a cheating partner.

When you get that little hint of your spouse or lover is cheating on you, it’s time to discover the truth. It is one of the most effective and result-oriented ways to deal with an unfaithful partner. Keep eyes on them over every possible activity they do.

Note down times, places and dates and also the person involved in and his excuses. Cheating partners usually create a new story as an excuse when you question, so it’s better to record things. It’s critical to do so because they are damn smart. And when talking about smartness, don’t forget to observe their sleeping habits.

Also, let’s give them a surprise by visiting their workplace. Check the odometer regularly and record mileage and correlate with where your partner had been. Being their loyal partner, you can act smarter than them, right?