“To love someone is nothing, to be loved by someone is something, but t be loved by the one you love is everything.”- Bill Russell

But what if you are being cheated by the person you love and they also show back love to you. We all know that we can’t force someone to love back selflessly. But crying in a corner or fighting every night doesn’t lead you to the solution.

There has also been published a data that 50-60% married men and 45-50% of married women are engaged in extramarital relationships. No, I’m not trying to panic you with these data, in fact giving you alert signs to secure to love life before its too late. So, here we present some tricks to be sure on your intuitions on a cheating partner.


1. Monitoring a partner’s behavior

When you get that little hint of your spouse or lover is cheating on you, it’s time to discover the truth. It is one of the most effective and result-oriented ways to deal with an unfaithful partner. Keep eyes on them over every possible activity they do.

Note down times, places and dates and also the person involved in and his excuses. Cheating partners usually create a new story as an excuse when you question, so it’s better to record things. It’s critical to do so because they are damn smart. And when talking about smartness, don’t forget to observe their sleeping habits.

Also, let’s give them a surprise by visiting their workplace. Check the odometer regularly and record mileage and correlate with where your partner had been. Being their loyal partner, you can act smarter than them, right?

2. Check their cell phone

Okay, we don’t need to teach this one but still, it is a classic trick to list. Human beings are spending their most of the time with their phone. And we know your partner too is obsessed with it, so it time to be vigilant folks!

If your partner is taking more care of their phone, there is going a something lovey-dovey thing. You know when to smash over his/her phone, isn’t it? Check every folder; go through chat history, search history and emails.

Complete the things before they start to panic for phone cause if they got a hunch about yours, it’s going to be more tough game. Don’t lose temper, calm down. Screenshot their conversations and send it to your phone. And yes, don’t miss to check their recycle bin. If you found something worthy, it’s a show time honey.

3. Wall’s has ears too

Technology may give false reports to you but you can always believe your ears and eyes. Go with your precious organ this time. Since you are observing his other behavior from earlier, we guess that you have noticed some smoke. Now, it’s time to locate where that fire is from.

A cheating partner gets on late-night talks and goodnight kisses and rests when you are in cavernous sleep. Or they may stay longer at night with loads of work suddenly, those days are for being an owl, pretend you are in deep sleep but keep your ears wide awake. If they get out of bed for long, what else follow them you lazy laid!

Things will also come like this; spending more time on grooming, all of a sudden they ask for personal space and spend time alone. It these things is on ways, you need to practice next step to collect more evidence.


4. Check-ins and online reviews

Technology is a curse for your love life but it can be advantageous for protecting the love of your life as well. It has become easy for us to track our family, friends and the cheating partner too. So, now it’s your turn to be a location tracker pardon the Google for this time.

Chase the footprints of them very closely through online so you could where they check-in and with whom. Oh, and they might also leave reviews someplace for café, restaurant or hotel where they have spent their time. You can call on those locations for more information like with whom they were there and what name they have registered.

It’s genuine that they are more careful about these things but the next person with him/her may tag them in on check-ins. Thus, you need to be steadily following them online. Look, social media aren’t that worst if you know how to use it accurately.